Campaigning In A Time Of Crisis



Notice how many politicians are swamping the Internet and your mail box with reminders how to wash your hands.

It is good information, but there is a subtext: Remember me when the 2020 Election rolls around. 

Broward Sheriff Greg Tony has become a master using the Coronavirus to raise his profile. 

Believe me, there is nothing wrong with anything Tony is doing. The sheriff should be out there reassuring the public with his firm and focused leadership. But his constant reminders are not going to hurt the election chances of the untested Tony, who was appointed and never ran for office.

The latest Tony piece about the Coronavirus was mailed to homes this week. The cynic in me wonders who it was mailed to and where the mailing addresses were obtained?

But at least the Tony’s mailing had useful and necessary information about preventing the virus.

Not so Broward Circuit Judge Dennis Bailey, who sent a naked appeal for money and support to a group of lawyers mostly sequestered by the virus. 



From: Dennis Bailey <>

Date: Mon, Mar 23, 2020 at 11:41 AM


Long ago, the Doors sang, “Strange days have found us; strange days have tracked us down.” As we all hunker down into our new social-distancing lifestyles, one of the many, many areas affected is how any political campaign is conducted. We hope we can return to normalcy soon, and so we still have an event scheduled for April. However, the current evening news does not support our confidence.

Our website offers you more insights into who Judge Dennis Bailey is both inside and outside the courthouse, and we’d love to share that information with you. Visit our website,, and join us in our effort to retain the incumbent Judge Bailey for his second term. Please support this very important campaign, notwithstanding the current restrictions on meeting candidates personally.

An online campaign imposes greater demands on funding than open speaking opportunities, and so we need your help now more than ever.

Thank you, and please keep yourself and those close to you safe and healthy.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Judge Bailey, non-partisan candidate for Broward County Circuit Court Judge, Group 16

This solicitation for campaign contributions is made by a Committee of Responsible Person to ReElect Judge Bailey for Broward County Circuit Court Judge. The maximum contribution under Florida law is $1,000 per individual and/or corporation.

Please make all checks payable to:

Re-Elect Judge Bailey 2020

3350 SW 148th Avenue, Suite 110


Not only does the appeal seem premature in the timeline of the crisis. It also may violate the Judicial Code of Conduct. 

Cannon 7, C (1) specifically states that: 


“A candidate, including an incumbent judge, for a judicial office that is filled by public election between competing candidates shall not personally solicit campaign funds, or solicit attorneys for publicly stated support…”


The email came from Bailey’s email and the language makes it appear to come from him. 

Bailey said in an email that it is all a mistake. 


Yes, the email is a fundraising effort but no, it did not come from me. The email comes from my committee and is being generated by one of my sons using the mailbox created for this campaign. While he is out of school (a re-scheduled Spring Break), he is available to work on the emails. 

As for my timing, believe me I wish it were different. My first fundraiser was scheduled for February but had to be cancelled because the host of the event had a tragedy in his office and asked that it be rescheduled. Of course, I agreed. When it came to rescheduling the event, a key member of the steering committee was going to be out of the country and asked that it be scheduled after his return. I agreed and the date was set. Before the date arrived, COVID-19 fell upon us. Such is life. While this has been a stumbling block for my committee, our problems pale in comparison to how many others, here and across the globe, are suffering both physically and financially.  Along with the rest of us, my committee will make do. 

As you know, how local political campaigns are conducted has been going through remarkable changes in the last decade. We’ve seen the popularity of early voting pass election day and I suspect the scales will topple even further in that direction this election cycle. While I join the rest of the world in hoping this blight will pass sooner rather than later, and while I understand how these are difficult times, I do not feel sitting back and doing nothing  would be a wise course of action. As my late father always said, “You do what you have to do.”

Bailey has been in trouble before with the Florida Supreme Court over his conduct. Last year he was forced to stand in front of the justices and be publicly reprimanded for “intemperate treatment” of attorneys appearing before him during a criminal trial including  “inviting physical force be visited upon an attorney making an argument during trial, in full view of the jury…Judge Bailey’s misconduct was egregious enough that it harmed the integrity of the judiciary, as well as the public’s confidence in the judicial system,” say documents in the case. 

Broward Circuit Judge Dennis Bailey being reprimanded by Florida Supreme Court

Bailey is the only incumbent judge that has an opponent this year. The challenger is George Odom Jr., who has raised $21,951 and another $6,139 in inkind contributions, compared to Bailey’s $1,450. Maybe it is that huge deficit that prompt Bailey to send the email. 

(After this story was posted, former Judge Matt Destry opened a campaign account against incumbent Broward Circuit Judge Frank Ledee.)

10 Responses to “Campaigning In A Time Of Crisis”

  1. Watching Broward says:

    Only thing we got from Tony so far was some propaganda mailing to Broward residents during a health crisis! It was about his park and walk and talk program which doesn’t even exist in many cities and they can’t do it during COVID-19! Instead he should be worrying about providing PPE’s to BSO deputies or ensuring travelers from hot zones are properly detained/screened at FLL airport to ensure public safety! His job is to keep the community safe!

  2. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    As far as I know NO SHERIFF or other msilings went to my area in South Middle River represented ny Glassma Ryan DuBose Thurston or Hastings.

  3. Plantation Native says:

    Tony has done nothing but campaign all week promoting Take Out Tuesday and using a page from the Israel playbook stopping at a local food bank. He has done nothing to tell the public what he is doing to secure our streets and cities. No doubt crime will rise as more and more people are out of work all while he panders for votes preying on a vulnerable society.

  4. Filly Cheese Steak says:

    BSO pays for that propaganda for Sheriff Tony. Not his campaign. That’s what is not right.

  5. Las Olas Lawyer says:

    Been in Bailey’s courtroom. He has a fixed vision of the law and doesn’t take into account the indivual case’s situation. He has little compassion.

  6. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    We are in s Plague. Everyone should try to contsin it n help others. EVERYTHING ELSE IS BS now

  7. Ironic voter says:

    Again…this is singling out specific candidates rather than calling out every other candidate doing exactly the same thing —directing voters to their websites, posting information, reminders, how-tos, etc.— and banking on that subtext: Remember me when the 2020 Election rolls around.


    Every other candidate is NOT doing this. But too many are.

  8. Ironic Voter says:

    Buddy – I misspoke. You are correct, not every 2020 candidate is doing this. I agree with you, too many are. Unfortunately, there is a negative side of social media that has incentivized a culture of individuals who too often engage in “good deeds” for likes, self promotion, and site traffic. Again, not every candidate is doing this. But in times like these, it is especially disheartening to see. Although I wouldn’t say quite like Count LF, but ultimately, right now everything else should be put on hold.

  9. alex says:

    Bailey is toast. CJ warned him at last reprimand. Just a matter of time

  10. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says: