Campaign Advantage Cancelled For Judges




Administrative Judge Jack Tuter and Clerk of the Courts Howard Forman deserve praise, according to the local courthouse website JAABlog.

Tuter and Forman have cancelled the practice of providing the three judges running for re-election the jury room as a campaign forum.

Judges Lynn Rosenthal, Ian Richards and Steve Feren were given an unfair advantage by being allowed to address and swear-in a captive audience — thousands of jurors.

Then JAABlog and exposed this juror room campaigning.

The duty will now go back to rotating among eight judges through election day, thanks to Tuter and Forman.

Apparently Forman, a veteran politician who has long been an advocate of fair play, and Tuter were reading.

“It seems the practice of challenged judges leading the swearing-in ceremonies should hopefully be kaput starting June 30th,” JAABlog honcho Bill Gelin wrote today.

Read JAABlog’s coverage here.’s May 25th story is here. 


Former list of judges assigned to swear-in jurors:

Old List 1


New of judges assigned to swear-in jurors:

New List 1

2 Responses to “Campaign Advantage Cancelled For Judges”

  1. Judges Never Volunteered says:

    I have heard that previously none of these judges volunteered to do the swearing in of the jury. Specifically Judge Feren……

  2. Honorable Fairness says:

    Great job Buddy ! FAIR is the keyword here.
    @ # 1. That’s a real shocker ( sarcasm) intended.