Builders Throw Fund Raiser For House Candidate



Just to prove I am not picking on Kristin Jacobs and her congressional campaign, below is an invitation to a Florida House campaign being thrown by many players in the construction industry.

I believe the public should know as soon as possible who is funding campaigns.  They shouldn’t have to wait more than three months for the reports to be made public on the Internet.


Katie Edwards

The invitation to Katie Edwards’ House District 97 campaign includes Ron Bergeron and his lobbyist/lawyer girlfriend Aleida “Ali” Waldman, who are also hosts of the Jacobs’ affair.

Others on the invitation are Edwards’ mother Siobhan Edwards. And Harry Venis, the former mayor of Davie.

The fund raiser is being thrown by South Florida asphalt tycoons, Danny Weekley and his family.

Edwards is by far one of the best prepared and qualified young House candidates I ever met during my four decades covering politics. Publishing this list isn’t met as a knock on her.

In fact, one could view the support of all these heavy hitters as a validation of her candidacy, since she is not in office and has no vote to give them.

One other fact:  Construction work is awarded to the low bidder, not the company with the most political pull.  Almost all big construction companies have a lot of clout.

By the way, there is probably tickets available to this one.  Weekley’s digs are something to see.  You can call one of the folks listed or go to Edwards’ website.  


Howell Abrams

Albert Arazzoza

 Bob Behar

Ron Bergeron, Sr.

Tom Brady

Bob Burleson

Siobhan Edwards

Mark Grimaldi

Ignacio Halley

Jim Hurley

Dave Julian

Bill Laystrom

Joe Lawrence

Bonnie J. Rimel

Rachele Rinker-Weber

George Russell, Sr.

Mike Slade

Harry Venis

Ali Waldman

Carrie Jean Weekley

Dan Weekley

invite you to a fundraiser-reception in support of our friend



Candidate for State Representative, District 97


Tuesday, March 6, 2012 from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Weekley Brothers Family Pavilion

Food and drinks provided by Weekley Brothers.



2 Responses to “Builders Throw Fund Raiser For House Candidate”

  1. get real!! says:

    So Buddy, you view the support from “heavy hitters” as positive. You didn’t share that opinion for Kristin Jacobs event as you called them lobbyists and you certainly didn’t share that view on Alston as you made it appear his contributions were questionable. Just be consistent!

    FROM BUDDY: I am consistent. Ms. Edwards does not have a vote to reward directly the contractors, who do mostly road work. I wrote that. Every Tuesday Ms.Jacobs sees some of these same lobbyists promoting their clients. I see a difference.

  2. John Henry says:

    Tom Brady is going to be there?? Wow, he sure is taking that Super Bowl loss hard.

    Maybe he is bringing Gisele Bundchen, his wife. It would be worth attending then. Seriously, I believe Brady is a construction guy in the barricades business.