Update: Bud Chiles Should Quit Campaign Along With Kendrick Meek


Bud Chiles will quit the governor’s race within hours, according to The Miami Herald.

Chiles was under pressure from Democrats to leave the field to their candidate Alex Sink, said the paper.

This is my earlier post on Chiles:

Bud Chiles should join Kendrick Meek as a former candidate.

I want Chiles to drop out just like I wrote yesterday that Meek should drop out.

Note to those who said I was a bigot for asking Meek, an African-American, to quit his campaign for U. S. Senate:  Chiles is white.

Chiles is running for governor as an independent.

His standing in the polls has dropped as voters learned he was not the reincarnation of his father, Lawton Chiles.

Chiles is confusing the election.  He could steal votes from the Democrat’s best shot for governor in two decades Alex Sink.

Right now polls show Chiles taking votes from both Sink and Republican nominee Rick Scott.

But once voters focus on Chiles positions, watch out!  They are decidedly Democratic.

It is a Democratic position to support gay adoption, like Chiles.  It is usually Democrats who want to reduce the impact of PACs and special interests on politics, as Chiles does.

It is a Democratic position to talk about releasing non-violent offenders to community rehabilitation programs. It is a Democratic position to talk about banning oil drilling off our coast with a constitutional amendment.

Yes, Chiles is against gun control.  That’s a universal position in Florida statewide politics.

Most of his positions are far into the Democratic column, maybe even on the left side of the party.

That’s why he will steal votes from the Ds. That’s why elements of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party are leaning towards Chiles.

You know what a Florida progressive is?   A dewy-eyed liberal who puts policy over pragmatism, which is why I can’t think of one progressive who won statewide office in Florida.

Much as I like most of Chiles’ stands, this is about practical politics. 

Chiles can’t win.   Just like Meek won’t win.

Both complicate their races and make it difficult to stop scary Republicans from winning.

Have you ever looked at Rick Scott’s platform?

Cut taxes, mostly corporate taxes, of course. Cut regulations.  Allow businesses to do what they want.  

“Let’s Get To Work Scott says.

In Scott’s mouth, the phrase reminds me of something barked by the overseer on a Southern cotton plantation.

Because if Scott has his way, the rest of us slaves will march off to our low paying jobs in the new corporate plutocracy he creates.  

That’s why it is so important to block Scott.  And that’s why Chiles should drop out and not be a spoiler in the race.


Here is Mike Mayo’s take on the same subject.

11 Responses to “Update: Bud Chiles Should Quit Campaign Along With Kendrick Meek”

  1. Joe says:

    OK, Buddy and Sam. I have an even better idea, why don’t we have you two pick all of our leaders and get rid of this whole Democracy crap…

    You and Sam are obviously much more intelligent than the average voter and you guys know what best of us lowly surfs…

  2. EB White says:

    It’s “serf”.

    But otherwise, I agree with the substance of your comment.

    Yes, third party candidates in our Republocrat system are usually just “spoilers’ for the party candidate with the views most similar to theirs, but to constantly pound the drum that only 2 people should run for office reinforces our deteriorating political system.

    Would Florida be better under Sink than Scott? Probably, and even then, probably marginally.

    Would 4 years of Rick Scott destroy the state? Possibly, but not likely.

    Would 4 years of Rick Scott make it more likely that we’d elect a more progressive person in 2014? Probably.

    Remember, it took 8 years of George Bush to give us Barack Obama.

    Sometimes it takes a step back to move 2 steps forward the next time.

  3. Get It Right says:

    I don’t agree with the following statement:

    “You know what a Florida progressive is? A dewy-eyed liberal who puts policy over pragmatism, which is why I can’t think of one progressive who won statewide office in Florida.”

    There are more conservative Democrats in Florida than liberals, probably about 20 or more of us to every one of them. We are the true progressives in the party.

    Conservate democrats are moderates that believe in strong money management and personal responsibility but also in social freedom from government intrusion and helping the down and out.

    Many others who believe in those values are currently registered as Republicans and Independents. They need to change their party affiliation because where they are now does not offer that.

    You can be a conservative democrat and accepted within the party. There is no such thing as a liberal republican, you are an outcast.

    FROM BUDDY: You may believe conservatives are the real progressives of the party, but they have co-opted the name “progressive.”

    It came into popular use when the GOP made an obscene word out of the term “liberal.”

    They call themselves “progressives.” They are really liberals.

    There is nothing wrong with being liberal. I have many liberal positions. The only problem is that a liberal would have a very, very, very hard time winning statewide office in Florida.

  4. Frank Aboudit says:

    Whatever happened to just running for office and being the voice of the people? All this talk about liberals and conservatives is 3-day old bologna.

    Truth is… people in Florida are hurting and the person that I will vote for will be the person who notices that and is willing to do something about it. And not only that, this person won’t be interested in their own selfish agenda. That person just happens to be Alex Sink.

  5. Floridan says:

    Wouldn’t it be easier to just ask Rubio and Scott to drop out?

  6. Resident says:

    I read that Chiles is pulling out.

    Now the question is about Meek. If you saw The Daily Show, even he commented that the Democratic Primary was a drag out fight between two people fighting over 3rd place.

  7. Let's face it says:

    Meek should drop out. With a 700,000 registration advantage, you’d think he’d at least hit 25% in the polls…but he’s not. It’s a race between Rubio and Crist. Always has been. Meek is the spoiler.

  8. Interesting says:

    Farid Khavari is about to launch an interesting blitz that should get him 2-3%. In a close race he may be in the same position that Chiles was, but it’s less clear which side he draws from.
    Interesting guy. Sounds like an ok advisor for Sink or Scott.

  9. watcher says:

    wingnuts always vote against their own interest, frank…give them a little scare and they vote for rich white guys…this year its immigration…its been flag burning, busing, crime, liberal judges, keeping us safe……ugh

  10. Broward Caribbean American says:

    All smart Florida Independents and Democrats know that Kendrick Meek should not quit. Since he is the only Democrat in the race with clear positions on the issues, the two Conservative Republicans Christ and Rubio will steal votes from each other. That means a vote for Christ will effictively be a vote for Meek and obviously a vote for Meek will be a vote for Meek. Consequently, Meek will win!

  11. People says: