Broward’s Top Union Boss Gets Award


This year’s Emerald Society breakfast Broward’s annual Irish love fest will honor the county’s top union boss and a retiring football coach among others.

The breakfast, this year at Bahia Mar,  is a favorite of the courthouse crowd. Judges can attend because the event is for charity scholarships and is non-political.

The President of the group is Circuit Judge Jack Luzzo.  One of the Board members is County Judge Joseph A. Murphy III.

The Board this year picked as Irish Person of the Year Dan Reynolds. He is the president of the Broward AFL-CIO., essentially Broward’s most visible union leader

Dan Reynolds

Reynolds first got involved with organized labor as a carpenter.  He told me that it was employer abuse on work sites that convinced him to become a union activist.

In the 1980s, Reynolds felt so strongly about workers’ right that he went to Poland to help the Solidarity movement, which at the time was labor-based group trying to win freedom from the communist government.

Today he is head of the umbrella organization comprised of dozens of Broward unions. Because of that role, he is a vital member of Broward’s Democratic machine and is much courted by potential candidates.

Honorary Irish Person of the Year is George Smith, retiring champion St. Thomas Aquinas Head Football Coach.

Smith turned St. Thomas into a nationally-known team. The Raiders won two national titles and six state championships under him.  In just the past four years, the team has a 57-2 record and has won three state titles.

Also being honored are Gabe Carmichael, a Fort Lauderdale police detective, and Gail Butler of AutoNation.

The breakfast is Sunday, March 13 at 9:30 a.m. The $30-per-person tickets can be purchased by calling 954-587-1015

10 Responses to “Broward’s Top Union Boss Gets Award”

  1. Kevin says:

    I can only say this because I am Irish….. will there be alcohol served at this breakfast?


  2. Kevin Tynan says:

    No, but I would not be surprised that a few coffee’s get a little more than cream and sugar. 🙂

  3. Floridan says:

    George Smith is obviously a good coach, but the key to his continuing success is that St. Thomas could recruit attract top-notch football players from throughout the county, and beyond. Thus, he had a leg up on teams that draw from within their boundaries.

  4. I'm Just Beachy says:

    Charlie ‘Mac” Mc Elyea, Dania’s native son and 6 time mayor, deserves to be the Irishman of the Century. His is a unique locaL character and holds his head high, gives from the heart yet makes sure no one treads on him or his.CILONG TIME EMERALD SOIETY SUPPORTER. Wadda guy!

    Where is his story????.

  5. Please says:

    Mac is a relic from the past who made money of hit political ties. If Walter or Lisa Duke were irish they should get the award, they are the ones cleaning up dania.

  6. Howie says:

    Dan Reynolds is getting his award at a non-union establishment.

  7. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    I wouldn’t br proud to say I was mayor of Dania Beach, have your driven down US 1 in Dania or the lovely Dania Beach Boulevard all the way to the beach looks like downtown Detroit, complete rubble. The beach itself is a disgrace compared to Hollywood Beach and Hollywood Boulevard, however, I heard there are great things in the works for Dania Beach and the teaching center and using the Marina (what marine) That’s what I asked and there is one that is not beingused. thank you Walter Duke for getting some things moving in Dania.

  8. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Sorry my glasses were dirty and I misspelled several things.

  9. Broward Politico says:

    Congrats to Dan Reynolds. He’s a good man!

  10. Outed says:

    I have always wondered by her posts if Beth was Lisa Duke, in my opinion I think it is.