Broward’s Only GOP Commissioner Chip LaMarca Rejects Donald Trump





Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca, the nine-member group’s only Republican, won’t support GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

LaMarca’s criticism of Trump has further weight because he is the former Broward GOP chairman.



Chip LaMarca


He told this week:

“I can’t support someone who has changed their positions and political parties by who benefits their financial interests.”

LaMarca sent what he called Trump’s party registration history:

  • Democrat 1964-1987
  • Republican 1987-1999
  • Reform Party 1999-2001
  • Democrat 2009-2011
  • Independent 2011-2012
  • Republican 2012-present


“He is a rudderless showman who attacked our party and our principles. He doesn’t represent the reasons why I registered in 1986 as a Republican coming from an all-Democrat family from MA.”

LaMarca also said Trump was dividing the nation by his attacks on various group.

“How can someone who has taken the positions that he has represent all Americans?” LaMarca said.

The county commissioner originally backing former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush like most of the state’s Republican establishment.

“I was asked about eight seconds after JEB suspended his campaign to join Rubio’s  campaign,” LaMarca said.

He quickly added, “I am just waiting for the senator to call me.”

I would bet LaMarca will get that call now that the March 15 Florida primary is a must win for Marco Rubio.

LaMarca’s rejection of Trump was in contrast to another former Broward Republican Chair, Richard DeNapoli.

DeNapoli told  “It’s time to Make America Great Again.”
XXTrump endorsement form Richard DeNapoli



20 Responses to “Broward’s Only GOP Commissioner Chip LaMarca Rejects Donald Trump”

  1. Hold the phone says:

    Wasn’t it LaMarca as Chairman who did a bullshit straw poll to help out Charlie Crist when he ran against Rubio? That is the only reason it would take this long for Rubio to call him.

    Think about it, if Rubio needs LaMarca to get Republican establishment votes in Broward his campaign is screwed regardless. Ask around BREC, Chip the dilettante has shown little use or care for the day to day Republcians in this County.

    If Marco is smart he will stay away from the Commissioner whose name is dragged around in the Broward Health Scandal.


    Chip has been elected twice to the county commission in Broward County. How many other Republicans can say that?

  2. I applaud Chip Lamarca says:

    Donald Trump is clearly a racist and con artist. This Republican will not be voting within my party.

  3. Former Chairman says:

    It might be good to try to have some of the facts right. When Chip Lamarca was the two-term Broward GOP Chairman he refused to do a straw poll in order to prevent division within the party. Go back and check your records because the Crist people were upset with him for not doing a straw poll and the Rubio people actually accused him of turning up the heat in the room when the Rubio came to speak. The fact was there were twice as many people there for Rubio as there were for Crist so the room was noticeably warmer.
    Lamarca was the best chairman we’ve had in a long time. He didn’t move us to DEM HQ for our meetings and fail at bringing us Lincoln Day speakers and fundraising. This place is a joke now!

  4. rightwing says:

    give him a free pass. he’s a rino. and apparently sitting up there with sharief, holness, Wexler, ryan and ritter has warped his brain.what a sad lot. give me Gerald Thompson anyday,

  5. Former Chairman?!? says:

    Why didn’t you just put your real name Chip! You don’t need to hide behind “Former Chairman” fake name! Trump is a joke, a fraud, a con and even if you are a D or R him becoming the nominee would be a very sad day in American politics. The name comes out STRONG against Mexicans, STRONG against Syrian refugees, STRONG against the wall, but when it comes to repudiating the KKK we dances around it like the hula.. This republican will NOT be voting for Donald “The Fraud” Trump..

  6. Still waiting.... says:

    Senator Rubio,
    Please see through Chip’s narcissism and do not call. Nobody cares who he endorses. This is all just an attempt to make himself look relevant. He and David are just hedging their bets.
    Best wishes,
    Broward Voters

  7. The real story says:

    No matter how it is spun, Chip screwed Marco over for Crist. It explains my Marco is not calling Chip back.

  8. overheard on the wire says:

    LaMarca: Senator, Chip here, thank you for calling me.

    Rubio: Chip who? Someone called me 20 times in a row from this number I didn’t know, I just called back to make sure there wasn’t an emergency.

    LaMarca: Oh what a coincidence, anyway, thanks for calling and I accept your offer to support you.

    Marco: What?

    LaMarca: I am honored to be on your team, just wondering, could you see if the Koch brothers could hire me for a job? It looks like my gig at Zimmerman is about up.

    Rubio: Chip you screwed me as BREC Chair going for Crist.

    LaMarca: Semantics, I am here now and offering my services. What I like to call, a Political Concierge Service, similar to what I do at Zimmerman, I make sure you would be seated next to the right people at dinners, navigate the Broward political landscape.

    Rubio: Seat me at dinners? I thought you were in construction? Are you a maître d?

    LaMraca: Just a bunch of coincidences or semantics or other big words, all that matters is that I can help you win in Broward.

    LaMarca: How are you with the black athlete vote? My wife is very involved with this demographic through the charity she works for. She is very Kardashian like that. You should watch her with them, I like to watch her with them, she really gets things done and goes to town to get them and their friends out to vote.

    Rubio: Chip, that is a lot to take in. I will give it due consideration.

    Chip: If it works out, I would really like to come to Washington with you. I will study up on Zagat’s and the great wine bars in D.C., as Political Concierge, I could be a real asset.

    Rubio: Thanks Chip, I could think of anyone with your level of intelligence who could better serve me as maître d , umm, ah, I mean a Political Concierge.

  9. tell the truth says:

    @3. Former Chairman
    correct . first and only Broward Repub meeting I ever attended and went to specifically hear Marco Rubio as candidate for senate.
    Sept 2009 I recall at Embassy Suites (or whatever it is called now) on Cypress Creek at the Tri-Rail tracks. Place was packed, not enough parking, and Marco’s speech was pretty much the same then as he says now. Funny how things turn out.
    In hindsight Crist probably wishes he would have taken 2nd term as governor, and Rubio waited to run for 2nd senate term.

  10. Howard the Moron says:

    President Trump….a million times better than the azzhole squatting in the WH now.

  11. Former Chairman says:

    This former chairman is not that easy to identify. We have had some good leaders in the BREC, but the well has run dry people. It started with this USMC drop out that attacked Lamarca when he stepped down to run for the county commission. Skinny Richard Denapoli got up there and made his campaign promise to all of the little old ladies supporting him saying “I’m not going to use this position to run for something else.” Then he took to destroying the party by kicking out the Sun-Sentinel reporter (Tony Man) and losing most of the big elections that he was in charge of, never supporting local candidates because they were beneath him. Finally, when the GOP was in ruins and burning down, he picked up and ran to the west coast, first to Venice and when he couldn’t compete in that State House seat, he settled on Sarasota to pick a fight with a successful Cuban-American orthopedic surgeon who served our country as a Naval flight surgeon and looked to serve his community in the legislature. This guy had no use for Broward County, except to constantly run back over here to drain the very he pockets of trusting donors. His demise came when US Sen Marco Rubio endorsed Dr. Julio Gonzalez as “the only true conservative in the race”.
    Well, he’s back, with a brand new combover that is reminiscent of Rudolph W. Giuliani. (Don’t stand next to him in a good wind or yoou might be eating that thing. Come to think of it, it kind of reminds me of the red fox that sits atop Trump’s head.) The fact that he would quote “It’s time to make America great again!” shows the type of copycat leader that he has always been. It’s time to stand up for our party and get some real leadership back in Broward to help Lamarca and Moraitis and the many municipal candidates registered as republicans. Maybe with the right leader we could compete for Sheriff or other constitutional offices again.
    Although I am not Lamarca, thanks for the compliment because he was the last chairman to work to build a bench of republicans at the local level that are ready to run if called upon. He was like Strum, another bench-builder and quality leader.

  12. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Commissioner LaMarca is a traditional conservative Republican who gets elected while his detractors are none of the preceeding but DoKnowing partially racist extreme rightists who are destroying both the Republican Party n harming our Nation with their thinly veiled racism against their fellow citizens such as Muslim AMERICANS Mexican AMERICANS etc.
    Whether Senator Marco Rubio is going to be a future presidential candidate of the Republican Party is for that Party to decide but his anti-Immigrant stand after his sponsorship of the Gang of Eight Proposal n yes change on the Supreme Court Decision on Gay Marriage makes him a phony in my mind

  13. Rico Petrocelli says:

    I am not the “Former Chairman” either. I ALWAYS sign what I write, so that I can call those who don’t sign, yet spew nonsense, vulgarity, and innuendos….Cowards….

    Rico Petrocelli
    Plantation Councilman (2005-2009)

  14. 1,2,3... says:

    @Count – If by “traditional conservative” you mean a little guy who has gamed the system so that he can default on his mortgage for years while keeping his house and take an additional job as a lobbyist, even after the ethics board told him not to, then you are correct. Not bad for a guy with no formal education beyond high school.

  15. Stolen Valor DeNapoli says:

    Is DeNapoli, aka Stolen Valor, USMC Dropout, supporting Donald Trump because:

    a) Senator Rubio thumbed his nose at DeNapoli and endorsed Dr. Julio Gonzalez, MD instead of Hairpiece DeNapoli

    b) He was so irrelevant in the Bush campaign he needed something to give his name a boost

    c) all of the above

  16. Losers for $500 Alex... says:

    That would be ‘C’ for the win Alex!!!!!

  17. Snow White says:

    $150,000,000 couldn’t even make Jeb relevant, let alone the Broward Republican-Dwarfs club. Tryng to over-compensate for something boys?

  18. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    1. “Traditional conservative” is a soley political reference
    2. My experience as an investor in two small business ventures in Broward County was as a County Commissioner he has been small business friendly
    3. Although a Democrat I feel we need a two party system not one party – any party – controlling an area as it leads to corruption.
    4. The issue of Commissioner LaMarcaLaMarca’s mortgage is a PRIVATE MATTER AS IT DOES NOT INVOLVE PUBLIC FUNDS UNETHICAL CONDUCT OR FINANCIAL SHENIGANS and according what Ive read is the subject of negotiations between the bank in question n the borrower.
    As for lobbying, I notice no law is aledged to be broken – or did I miss something.
    It seems attacks on Commissioner LaMarca are lwft wing Democrats n right wing Republicans who both cant stand decent Moderates in any party.

  19. Tired of Cronyism says:

    La Marca is in the second term of 3 (term limits govern). His company posted the Notice of Commencement with his signature as Notary on Terri Papp’s exterior alterations on her LHP home (see Broward Recorder’s docs). She is his sister-in-law. Thats fine.
    Is she his boss at Zimmer Advertising as he acted as ‘sales,am’ for the Broward Hospital District?

  20. 19. is an Idiot says:

    19. Tired of Cronyism:
    Hey anonymous poster, you’re either an a-hole or just stupid. In either case you’re identity is clear: You’re that fat guy who claims to win judicial campaigns and then watches as your “winners” get removed from the bench. You’ve been exposed Mr. Turd.

    Who am I and why didn’t I put my name? I don’t want to jeopardize my company’s work. I worked with Chip LaMarca for ten years at a company in Pompano. I follow his political career so that’s why I know who his very few jealous enemies are (see above). I also love it when people pretend to know anything about the construction industry, an industry that I’ve been in since 1969. So I did some checking on the Broward Records site. Sure enough, he notarized a document for his sister-in-law, completely legal. He signed it as a FL Reg Notary, not as his company. Where is his company listed?

    As for her position at Zimmerman, why don’t you ask him. I did and it turns out she has been there for 17 years and manages the media department. She doesn’t even work with him. It would be great if you nasty trolls would get your facts before you attack a guy that I’m lucky to have as my county commissioner in Pompano Beach.

    Jackasses like you are the reason that good people don’t run for office and we get stuck with lifelong politicians and maniacs like DT! Incidentally, LaMarca is the first republican I’ve ever voted for. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!