Broward’s Demo Bosses Act Like Donald Trump







Broward Democratic Chair Cynthia Busch and her handpicked Executive Director Travis Perron recently threatened a leading Democrat in writing in a way that would make President Donald Trump proud.

Then they pulled a one-eighty and praised this same Democratic, which also may remind some of a certain President.

Here is the story:

Busch and Perron ran a fundraiser last weekend where veteran Democratic activist Barbara Effman was given a Best In Broward Award.

Yet just four months ago in a vile and offensive email, Perron was threatening to shut the club that Effman has run for years.


Cynthia Busch and Travis Perron at last week’s fundraiser. 


Effman is the head of the West Broward Democratic Club. The club is supposed to give a percentage of money it raises to the county party organization. There was a dispute over the local club paying that money to the county.

Effman was ordered to fork over the money right away or else.

Okay to this point.

Then claiming he was acting for Busch, Perron went off the rails…in writing. A little like a certain President we know.

Perron threatened to shut down the club, seize its bank account and call the police if an attempt was made to transfer money.

Perron also attacked another longtime Democratic activist Marty Ireland, although on this point he hid behind his boss Busch: “Cynthia said Marty can go fuck himself. She made me use that language.”

(I abhor people who won’t take responsibility for their own acts, again like a certain President.  I guess Perron was the kid who always told the teacher that the dog ate his homework.)

Perron continued.  He added that “Debbie” has been told about the money dispute. Debbie is U. S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a congresswoman who has her own problems and surely wants no part of a petty party fight.

The Democrat’s executive director did all this in an email. Didn’t anybody tell him that the “e” in email stands for evidence?

Within minutes of Perron pushing “send”, his insulting email was forwarded throughout Broward’s political world.

Flash forward to last weekend.

Everything was kiss-and-make up as Busch and Perron’s Democratic Party organization gave an award to Effman.

County Commissioner Nan Rich – she had absolutely nothing to do with the dispute – handed Effman her award.

Effman deserved the award and probably a hundred others for all the grass roots work she has done for the party over more than a generation.



Nan Rich (on left) and Barbara Effman with the award



But the timing of the award just months after her club was threatened is pure hypocrisy from Busch and Perron.

There are words that come to my mind about the way Busch and Perron handled all this.

No, not clever.  Certainly not shrewd.

Try insincere.  Or maybe two-faced.

Here is some unsolicited advice to Perron:

If you are going to act like Donald Trump and put bitchy thoughts in writing, in the future try tweeting! You’ll reach more people that way.



The memo: 

11 Responses to “Broward’s Demo Bosses Act Like Donald Trump”

  1. Louise Fowler says:

    Cynthia sure does like to use that word. Remember her dropping the f bomb on Facebook about getting a salary and then deleting it?

  2. Pat says:


    This fiasco comes to light after Broward Democrats are giving each other Facebook high fives on election wins in other states!

    Why did the Broward DEC Executive Director email threatening tithing notice to this Dem Club? Didn’t Chairwoman Busch brag to the Sun Sentinel about raising beaucoup bucks (over 100k) during the Unity Dinner last March? Did Deerfield, Wynmoor, Ft. Lauderdale Dem Clubs receive emails to hand over the monies or else? If the leadership of Broward’s DEC is strong arming local clubs for money, something is wrong with DEC finances.


    Despite any money that was earned from the Unity Dinner, the Broward Demo Party ran a deficit of roughly $7,000 for the first three quarters of the year. The fundraiser held last weekend should help, but we won’t know until the party files its report at the end of the year.

    One problem is the party is paying Travis Perron tens of thousands more than the previous executive director. It isn’t easy to pinpoint Perron’s salary because the expenditures under Cynthia Busch have become opaque, which has generated complaints from other members of the party’s management committee without any results.

    The Broward Democratic Party is sliding into irrelevance as fast as the Broward Republican Party. Candidates will increase the management of their own fundraising and turnout without the help of the Broward party organization. Local party organizations in Broward have largely outlived their usefulness.

  3. Not Trump like says:

    More like Goodfellas and Joe Peschi saying FU Pay me

  4. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    …Young people aren’t newspaper readers or joiners who pay dues and go to meetings or read books. You can’t blame Party leaders or bosses when TINY PERCENTAGES of REGISTERED VOTERS VOTE and a HUGE NUMBER DONT EVEN REGISTER.
    It’s a mixure of 40 years of middle class economic stagflation, digitalization and lower cultural standards across the board. Perron may or may not be useless, but the Times he’s working in are pretty unpleasant.

  5. Sober as a Judge says:

    Family spat. No biggie. Moral of the story is pay your bills.

  6. Chaz Stevens says:

    What a fucking fuck … afraid to use the fuck word.

    Jesus Christ people… Can we get at least somewhat partially competent … I’d settle for mostly non-retarded people at the helm?

    Where the hell is Mitch and Seth? Come on fellows, these fuckity fucks are fucking it up.

    Also, ever see a dick nose built for two?

  7. Trust Us says:

    Regarding Buddy’s comment to #2 – How could someone possibly know the local party is running about a $7,00 deficit for the first three quarters when expenditures have “become opaque.”


    The total expenses and contributions are reported. The way they are reported are vague, giving broad categories and no real details.

  8. Reply to Buddy on #7 says:

    Thanks for clarifying Buddy. With only broad categories and no details, who would trust the figures. Try filing a tax return that way and see what happens.

  9. Seth Platt says:

    All transactions are very specifically cqtegorized. If you don’t understqnd something then pick up the phone and give me a call and I will explain the obvious. This article does not accurately reflect the strong financial position Cynthia and Travis have afforded the Broward Dems. They have raised over a half million dollars in the last two years after assuming fundraising.


    Platt says the party raised $500,000 the last two years. Cynthia Busch was elected chair in December 2016. Mitch Ceasar held the post from late August to December 2016. Ceasar was on leave from August 2015 to August 2016, when Busch was “acting” chair.

    The categories used by the party in its state-required filing are legally correct, but not illuminating.

    For instance, a Tampa company was paid $2,929 for “payroll” on July 15. Who are the employees paid from this amount? How many employees?

    Another category states “Mdse Fees” of $165.46. I assume that “Mdse” stands for merchandise, but the question is what merchandise?

    Enough said.

  10. Once A DEC Membrer says:

    Buddy you are right. The local Democratic party is irrelevant and will never regain its influence. Candidates know they are powerless.

  11. Chaz Stevens says:

    @10 Look no further than Ken Evans. Worthless as tits on a bull.