Browardbeat Poll: Voters Like Sheriff Lamberti



Sheriff Al Lamberti is a fixture on the television news.  He is quoted almost daily in the newspaper.  He even has a Facebook page.


And likely voters apparently like what they see, according to a USAPoll done exclusively for

Almost 44 percent of registered voters like Lamberti, a Republican. Only 13 percent have negative feelings about him.

“Things like his alleged connection to (Ponzi scam artist Scott) Rothstein and the talk about morale problems at the sheriff’s department haven’t affected the voters.  None of the criticisms thrown at him appear to have stuck,” USAPoll owner and pollster Jim Kane said.

Significantly, the percent of those registered voters who had favorable views of Lamberti exceeded by over 20 percentage points the percentage of Republicans.  Just over 23 percent of the voters have Republican registration.

“Usually the one thing working against a candidate in Broward is the “R” next to his name. Apparently a large number of Democrats overlook that and view the role of the sheriff as relatively non-partisan,” Kane said.

One finding of the poll could disturb Lamberti supporters:  One out of three likely voters never heard of him.

Kane noted that Lamberti’s had worse name recognition than former Sheriffs Ken Jenne and Nick Navarro.

“Lamberti is a much lower key individual.  His name ID is similar to Ron Cochran, who was another low key sheriff,” Kane said. “He also doesn’t have the long public exposure that Jenne and Navarro had.”

Jenne had a name ID approaching 80 percent in USAPolls when he was sheriff from 1997 to 2007.  He had been a county commissioner and a state senator for more than two decades before first being appointed sheriff.

Navarro had 95 percent name ID during his tenure as sheriff – 1985 to 1993.  He was a gang busting showy undercover cop who took TV crews on raids before becoming sheriff. He remained a flamboyant figure as sheriff.

Cochran, who worked his way up from a Fort Lauderdale officer to chief of police, was sheriff from 1993 to 1997.  His name ID was approximately the same as Lamberti.


Lamberti’s Favorability Rating:


  • Very Favorable                    12 percent
  • Mostly Favorable                  32 percent
  • Mostly Unfavorable                8 percent
  • Very Unfavorable                   5 percent
  • Never Heard Of                    30 percent
  • Recognize/Can’t Rate           14 percent

(figures are rounded)

  (USAPolls conducted this survey of 402 likely Broward County voters from November 7 through November 10 . The sampling error for this sample size is +/-4.9%.)

28 Responses to “Browardbeat Poll: Voters Like Sheriff Lamberti”

  1. The Pendulum Swings says:

    I believe people should look at their candidates very closly. Lamberti is not a truthful person and tries to ride on Sheriff Navarro’s coat tails. Coffee with the Sheriff is a circus sideshow. When it comes to real questions about the budget and salary of Detention and the 1.3 million for the judges parking lot he won’t answer. There is no morale at the Sheriff’s Dept!!! It’s all gone!!!

  2. Wranglr says:

    I bet Lamberti hasn’t heard of Satz either.

  3. All Screwed Up! says:

    Lamberti will win!

  4. Git R Done says:

    Well, he’s much better than the last 2 we’ve had in the past, that’s for sure!

  5. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    “Voters like sheriff Lamberti-“You have got to be kidding me. First his jails are in total chaos from the inmates breaking into the computers, to jeapordizing the County’s take ( 8 bucks a day ring a bell)he don’t care, to his scare tactics at the Podium, incidentially going before a Commission(broward) and all but one(Chip Lamarca)can’t stand him. To his concerns about the deputies exposing their tatoos(I like to expose something to you there “AL”)like its the waldorf.Oh yeah this Sheriff is just wonderful. And lets throw in his “demand letters” to Ft.Lau. And last but certainly not least his Lt.Col”s *(joke) and there all being memorized by that fat,disgraced ponzi scemeer Scott Rothstein(and i have no use for his wife either). I mean this sheriff has failed this community to the utmost extreme. In other words there piezahn-you suck….

  6. Johnny rodz says:

    As soon as stern and john rodstrom get Charlotte reelected, judy has things lined up to run john rodstrom for sheriff

  7. The Pendulum Swings says:

    Did anyone read the Sheriff’s contract with Werder. It states Werder will do anything he wants him to do. What the hell is that!! Is Werder coming back as a BSO employee or a private security firm. As far as the jail. The community needs to know the inmates run that place. The ratio is 1 Deputy per 150 inmates. There is a Technician in the control room who cannot respond to any type of disturbance. The Technicians work at poverty level. Lamberti could care less. He is a total disgrace!!

  8. South Florida Times Poll says:

    Last week the Elgin Jones from the South Florida Times conducted a poll, which asked the viewers who they support for Sheriff in the 2012 election.

    Here are the candidates listed in the polls and the final results. Go to the site www, . The site has over 3 million viewers on a monthly basis.

    Louie Granteed 74.9%
    Scott Israel 23.1%
    Al Lamberti 1.9 %
    John Rothstron .1%

  9. Central Broward says:

    Re: SI You Lost my Vote
    by Liar Scotty Liar » 08/11/11 16:56:58

    Scott Israel should answer all the questions. The problem you have is that he lies to each person with a different answer every time. So good luck getting the truth out of him. I am upset about Israel’s attacks on Wiley Thompson, but everyone around Broward in the black communities all know you can’t trust Israel and he hates blacks. That’s why there were so many complaints on him and how interesting his large IA file with the investigations were missing…..


    Why do you lie to people by telling them you are Jewish when you are NOT?
    Did you get caught shoplifting cologne on duty at the Galleria Mall?
    Do you hate the african american community?
    Did you IA file with complaints from african americans go missing?
    Did you get served with a court order by the mother of the son your had with her, but ignored him?
    Did you have a foreclosure with fired Plantation COP Tom Butts?
    Did you send a letter as a Republican trying to get a Republican Appointment by a Republican Governor and lost to Lamberti?
    Did you switch from Republican to Democrat after not even getting an interview by your own Republican Party Govenor?
    Did you get sued in 2008 and get court ordered to pay your mail person?
    Didn’t Judy Stern drop you like a hot potato because you got her sued too, for not paying vendors in 2008?
    Don’t you have Fired BSO Captain Caccitore working on County time collecting money?
    Don’t you have plans to make Former Indicted BSO Captain Ron Caccitore your Undersheriff?
    Don’t you lie about being the Dade County Police Chief of the Year?
    Didn’t you do the Former North Bay Village Mayor wrong in front of the Commission?
    Didn’t you fail to make the Wilton Manors Chief’s short list?
    Didn’t you leave North Bay Village because you were getting fired anyway?
    Didn’t you and Ira Goldberg flee in your car from the BSO SET Team two months ago at the jail when they were moving in to arrest her? On tape too??
    Didn’t you tell people in Coral Springs you would privatize the jail to help the Road Deputies?
    Didn’t you tell people your main concern is the PBA because of Marano and not the Fire, Detention or Civilians?
    Don’t you try your street COP intimidation tactics to often on people?
    Didn’t you ride around in a limo after the 2008 Primary and threaten that our Deputies are all going to be fired?
    Isn’t it true you have promised Jeff Marano a job at the BSO for his supoprt?
    Big question… Didn’t you lose in 2008?

    Dam, I tired of all of these outstanding character questions…… It will take some time to analyze his answers???? I can answer them all myself. I will never support or vote for Scott Israel. He would be the worse Sheriff in the history of the BSO. I hope Buddy Nevins trys to get answers to these questions… The voters have a right to know!!!

    Say no to Israel!!!
    Liar Scotty Liar

  10. "THE DUKE" says:




  11. Real Deal says:

    I look at those numbers and come out with a different conclusion: Vulnerable to challenge. As to your choice of headline, based on these numbers, sorry but the carpet doesn’t match the drapes.

  12. game on says:

    when Charlotte Rodstrom smokes her primary opponents in January the name recognition of “Rodstrom” will be huge and associated with victory, Judy Stern and John Rodstrom will make thier move having Rodstrom run for Sheriff.

  13. Sunrise McLovin says:

    I will vote for Lamberti. Again.

  14. Broward Activist says:

    I have been in Broward politics for over 25 years. I have watched Lamberti for years and the poll versus the majority in Broward is very different. Lamberti will not get re elected.

    Scott Israel a Republican turned Democrat is not a credable person or candidate and cannot win period.

    Lou Granteed in my travels is very real and highly qualufiec.

  15. Broward Activist says:

    I have been in Broward politics for over 25 years. I have watched Lamberti for years and the poll versus the majority in Broward is very different. Lamberti will not get re elected.

    Scott Israel a Republican turned Democrat is not a credable person or candidate and cannot win period.

    Lou Granteed in my travels is very real and highly qualified. Plus, he is very sharp and has something special that Lamberti and Israel

  16. Broward Activist says:

    I have been in Broward politics for over 25 years. I have watched Lamberti for years and the poll versus the majority in Broward is very different. Lamberti will not get re elected.

    Scott Israel a Republican turned Democrat is not a credable person or candidate and cannot win period.

    Lou Granteed in my travels is very real and highly qualified. Plus, he is very sharp and has something special that Lamberti and Israel doesnt have and you cant buy…..its a positive presence, he appeals to voters of all ages and is a new fresh face in the race that has tons of support snd can do the most important thing WIN!

    John Rodstrom is not a Sheriff and the people had enough Sheriff ‘s that go from one political position to another. It is not what voters are looking for.

  17. Real Deal says:

    Forgive the suggestion but reading these comments is like going to the zoo. The sounds that dominate aren’t even human. Grunts for the most part. There’s really only so much commentary from campaign operatives anybody can stomach. Especially when it’s so childish and thinly disguised. And particularly when we all know it isn’t even about the candidates or what’s good for the community. Oh no. You all are interested in this sheriff race because you want to get or keep a job at BSO. Or because you want a raise, or possibly a contract with them. Meanwhile old ladies are being mugged by crack heads but hey who gives a shit about that. You guys have a campaign to run. Like I said, forgive the suggestion. But that’s fucking disgusting.

  18. Integrity Counts says:

    Facts supporting Scott Rothstein Donations to Scott Israel

    The Daily Pulp – Bob Norman – November 13, 2009

    In an article discussing ponzi schemers Scott Rothstein & Joel Steinger..

    “Both also had ties to numerous local politicians and did wonderful jobs exposing the rampant culture of corruption in Broward County. Rothstein kept close with Sheriff Al Lamberti (though he crossed him when he pumped $170,000 into Scott Israel’s campaign via Stuart Rosenfeldt and David Boden.

    USA Today – December 2, 2009

    Election records show Rothstein took an interest in the 2008 race for Broward County sheriff. He initially backed the winning bid of incumbent Al Lamberti, a Republican appointed by Crist.

    But in the campaign’s closing days, two attorneys from Rothstein’s law firm contributed $160,000 to Scott Israel, the Democratic challenger. Stone argued the money actually came from Rothstein, and potentially violated election laws. The attorneys involved could not be reached for comment.

    The Stone Zone – Roger Stone – November 6, 2009

    “Imagine my shock when days before the election RRA lawyers Stuart Rosenfeldt and David Boden contributed $160,000 to an electioneering campaign supporting Democrat Scott Israel. I am certain the money was a pass through from Rothstein as neither lawyer has that kind of wealth”.

    Scott Israel campaign contributors linked to Scott Rothstein Ponzi Scheme

    George Levin
    According to the Broward Supervisor of Elections, George Levin and his wife Gayla contributed thousands of dollars to Scott Israel’s campaign individually and through several corporations on 10/14/2008. According to Wikipedia, “Levin has a pattern of filing complaints when his unsavory/fraudulent business ventures are exposed. According to federal court documents, from 1985–1996 Levin’s former business GGL Industries, dba Classic Motor Carriages defrauded hundreds of customers, selling kit cars. The federal government filed criminal charges against the company and GGL pleaded guilty to mail fraud in 1999 and agreed to pay $2.5 million in restitution”

    Banyon LLC 1030-32
    According to a Sun-Sentinel article written by Brittney Wallman, One of Fort Lauderdale businessman George Levin’s Banyon funds, tangled deeply with alleged Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein, was hit with a $4.4 million lawsuit Monday.
    Levin’s Banyon companies were soliciting investors for Rothstein…To induce people to loan money to Banyon, Levin promised an 18 percent return, that the legal settlements offered by Rothstein had already been paid and the money was in the bank and that Banyon representatives had control over the bank trust accounts holding the settlements, according to the suit.
    Howard Kusnick
    A former lawyer at Scott Rothstein’s now-defunct law firm and associate to his $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme – disbarred from practicing law by the Florida Supreme Court and sentenced to two years in federal prison.

    Scott Rothstein Law Partners who contributed to Scott Israel’s campaign..
    Shawn Birken
    John Ross
    Harold Bofshever
    Carl H. Linder
    Adam Steinberg
    William Berger

  19. Dave Molofski says:

    I am not a blogger, but do like to read people’s opinions and remarks. I have to write in disagreement with the “Duke” in one regard. I do not know much about Mr. Israel and must say his reputation in very concerning.

    However, I have been associated with the City of Hollywood for many years and have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Granteed on a personal and professional basis many times. He is a wondeful person and very competent to be Sheriff.

    Mr. Granteed has always done an outstanding job in Hollywood and has remarkable credentials. People like him and he is respected. I believe he is more than capable and is definitely highly qualified be run such an agency.

    I know first hand he is good people. I hope everyone votes for him because he will be a terrific Sheriff. He is a professional and cares about people. Good man!

    Please vote for Mr. Louie Granteed to be the next Sheriff. Make your vote count.

  20. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Oh i’m an idiot huh” Duke there.” Again this Sheriff sucks. Take him and his overpaid Lt.COL. out the door yesterday. Some of you got big mouths, period. This Sheriff is the worst broward ha sever seen. Who supports Big Al there- Certainly not the people I talk w/. On the idea of Mayor Rodstrom(john) running for Sheriff, he works in the private sector and would not be able to do both jobs. Although John Rodstrom could beat Lamberti hands down, he ‘s not interested.. “I’m an idiot though. “Tell that to the pervert that pays me what 2500. bucks a month for harrasment(10, 10 again years bitch))but i’m an idiot. This idiot will certainly take your money. Again people no means no. No names confidentality agreement,For their sake. Again Mr.Israel,to the clerk at the bank, anyone could beat this Shaeriff. even w/ Gov.Goober endorsing him(joke). Well its 3oclock, cocktails anyone?….

  21. Who's telling the truth says:

    Lets see what the public thinks of Hollywwods Lou Granteed, when they here about the city of Hollywood having to pay out two hundred thousand dollars in a sexual harassment case. Granteed forced his way into a police officer’s home when he was a sgt, and makes the Penn State football coach look like an angel. Published by Bob Norman. That police officer ended up leaving the department. And Lou Granteed’s famous quote. “there was no corruption in Hollywood until the FBI got here”. That is what this sheriff candadete said after the hollywood police officers were arrested by the FBI. Also published by Bob Norman. Lots and lots more to both stories. Is this the man you want running the sheriff’s office.

  22. Scotty Lies says:

    Get your facts straight Who’s telling the truth..Granteed was sent to an AWOL officers house by his superior to locate her. That’s what a good supervisor does, his JOB!

    I can tell by your proclivity to lie and distort the facts that you are a Scott Israel supporter. I can’t wait until Granteed beats him. Hopefully we will never have to hear from him or the likes of you again!

  23. Truth says:

    The “truth” is Scott Israel and his friends will say anything and everything about people to get their way. Scott Israel has shown for years that he is a liar and constantly makes up false allegation and remarks about many people. I don’t believe a single word about what Israe land his friends write about Lamberti or Granteed. I know both Lamberti and Granteed. I know Scott Israel too and he would never get my vote or anytone else’s I know or have the chance to talk too.

    Don’t believe anything that comes out of Scott Israel’s mouth. He is a scumbag and a liar. This guy makes up more bullshit about people.

    There is so much coming out about Israel. Does he really think we would forget all the dirt and bad character issues he had from teh last election that he lost in 2008.

    I would tell everyone and anyone not to vote for Scott Israel for Sheriff. We do not need another thief, dead beat dad, unethical and individual with a dirty past to be Sheriff. Israel should just have some respect for his famiy alone and get out of the race. He has no shame and will put his family through another one of his shameful campaigns.

    No matter where you go, his reputation is terrible, unless your on his payroll. And that will end soon too, because he is running out of money and the election is still a year away. Everyone knows Scott Israel’s tactics and all of this dirty blogging is nothign new for hi madn his cronies. This type of anger and blogging from Scott Israel and his friends is a sure sign of frustration and lack of support.

    Scott Israel is all about himself and doesn’t care about Broward County, the Broward Sheriff’s Office or his family. It’s only about him and he will screw everyone over again and again just like in 2008. We in Pompano are still waiting to be paid from 2008. He got sued in 2008 for not paying his mail vendor. How good of a money manager is he with a foreclosure and using his campaign contributors money for his personal gain and gas money. Did you not buy gas before the election cycle???? yes you did, but why not do the usual… use everyone else and their money i na second election cycle for his own personal use… I would nto trust Scott Israel with a piggy bank. He is no Sheriff, he is no Chief, he is no one to be trusted with tax payer money, he got caught stealing in uniform at the Galleria Mall and is not someone to be trusted in a police uniform. Just ask the black folk in Fort Lauderdale.

    We are not finished with you Scott. Keep up you same old bullshit with blogging everyone else and we will keep informing people about your horrible past in Broward County.

  24. Hollywood Retires says:

    I worked in Hollywood for 28 years and retired. I worked with Louie Granteed for many years. He is and has always been a wonderful human being. Our COPS all wanted to be on his squads because he always took care of people. Everyone will tell you that Louie was a person that was going places and accomplishing it the right way.. through hard work” and taking care of those that helped him along the way. Louie was sharp beyond his years and i watched him grow in police work. He will be an outstanding Sheriff and someone people will rally around. He has everything it takes and has always surrounded himself with the right people with excellent character. People on this blog canm write all they want, but none of it is true. Louie is well liked and is very real with people. He will win the election. All my fellow Hollywood COPS are all supporting him and will be volunteering for him. He is one of the nicest and hardest working people you will ever meet.

    Good luck Louie. Hollywood is very proud of you and your excellent service and will be backing you all the way. Go gettin kid!!! Just keep doing what you do best, be yourself…

  25. Wow says:

    A federal court ordered the city of Hollywood to pay approx two hundred thousand dollars, that’s right, a federal court. It was reported by the Broward New Times, the author was Bob Norman, not Scott Israel or his friends. Lou Granteed went to this young female officers house and sexually harassed this officer. Is this the man we want as a public servant? I see a lot of finger pointing at Scott Israel, but nothing to back it up. Lou Granteed’s name was all over FBI wire-taps involving Hollywood officers who were arrested by the FBI. Again, as reported by the media, not Scott Israel and his friends. Is this the man we want as a public servant.

  26. kenneth says:

    I find it very peculiar that the ex-officer that filed a hostile work environment complaint against Hollywood PD held a campaign fundraiser for Scott Israel.

    Chief Granteed was vindicated in the trial and the officer was ordered to pay a judgement to Chief Granteed.

    At this point, I am fully aware that the Israel campaign’s only option is to lie, lie, lie. However, the voters will hold him accountable for his lack of ethics.

  27. Wow says:

    Wow, is it not her right and freedom to see justice, where that justice is in the way of seeing a person of her choice run for sheriff. A person who she believes(Scott Israel) will not conduct themselves the way Lou Granteed did in a sexual harassment case. So, is the above poster saying that a victim is wrong for supporting an apposing candidate. Where the opposition is the guilty party. WOW, so now the victim is on trial!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Herman Cain/Lou Granteed says: