Broward Sheriff Scott Israel Strikes Back At “Disrespectful” Endorsement Questionnaire





The Broward County Police Benevolent Association’s insulting questionnaire below is why most endorsements mean very little.

Here’s a little history:

Less than one year ago, the PBA lost its right to represent more than 1,400 road patrol deputies and sergeants at the Broward Sheriff’s Office. An affliliate of the International Union of Police Associations – part of the AFL-CIO, which the PBA is not – beat the group in an election.

Because the sheriff’s office was the biggest portion of the PBA, the result of losing all those BSO members has been less income in dues and less clout in politics and government.

Apparently seeking to strike back at Sheriff Scott Israel, the PBA sent him an endorsement survey that was essentially a diatribe about the way he runs BSO.

Scott fired back.  He took to Facebook to explain to his deputies why he would not participate in the survey.

The PBA is just one of the local unions accused of unfair and prejudiced election endorsements in the past and its current survey validates those complaints.

I’ve often thought that candidates spend much too much time chasing endorsements. They generally have little effect on the outcome of an election.

Numerous research studies indicate that endorsements serve to reinforce a voter’s support rather than sway votes.

“It gives a voter comfort that they are supporting the right person,” according to Jim Kane, who teaches politics at the University of Florida and is’s pollster.

Endorsements have more importance in very low information races when voters know nothing about a candidate, such as campaign for judge.

But the voter in any race should be warned:

The process behind many endorsements is no more legitimate then the PBA’s.

Rather than an honest look at which candidate is better qualified, endorsement are often handed out because of friendships. Or business relationships.  Employee group endorsements are usually handed out on a quid pro quo basis.

Another dirty secret: Endorsements, especially from community leaders, are often for sale in Broward County.

The bottom line is that many endorsements in Broward elections have about as much legitimacy as this famous one:

World Weekly News




A portion of Israel’s letter to his deputies:

“…The only reasonable and respectful response to (Broward PBA President) Mr. (Jeff) Marano’s disrespectful survey is to not answer it. Please don’t see this as any disrespect towards the PBA members who work at BSO — as I respect you and honor your selfless service protecting our community. I want your support, and sincerely ask for your individual votes. But conscience does not let me participate in a rigged endorsement process that disenfranchises – yet again – the individual voices of the hard-working PBA deputies, sergeants and lieutenants at BSO.  

“I won without the PBA’s endorsement in 2012. I intend to do so again. And, like in 2012, I hope to have the support of all the individual members of our BSO family – each and every one of you – regardless of whether you belong to FOPE, IUPA, PBA, FOP or IAFF.  

“Thank you for your consideration.  


Scott Israel”

PBA Letter

6 Responses to “Broward Sheriff Scott Israel Strikes Back At “Disrespectful” Endorsement Questionnaire”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Except for a). Money raising b). Getting volunteers endorsements are worthless except for small religious groups that vote in blocks.
    For someone without money in a local race in a poor or deeply religious area a Minister Pastor or Rabbi’s endirsement can elect you.

  2. Al Redlhammer says:

    This “survey” is no “survey”. This is a fishing excursion for political ammunition conducted by cheap politicians that have absolutely no interest in any claimed result other than using it to further their own interests. Good decision Sheriff Israel !

  3. Crown says:

    The bottom line is Jeff Marano has been an idiot from the day he was born and almost everyone knows it. But, in our corrupt society, very few people ever tried to do anything about it mostly out of fear of the PBA and retaliation.

    Now, as the PBA has progressively weakened under his command, people laugh at him and his stupidity. Those still loyal to him hope that attacks and the Peraza case will help him get back in power. Most others wonder when all the food he eats and cigars he smokes on the PBA’s dime will finally take their toll.

    The first question on the “survey” isn’t even proper English. Even if you don’t like Sheriff Israel, this survey only helps the Sheriff because it’s written by the village idiot.

  4. Eye on Crime says:

    Buddy, you edit your viewers comments and do not report factual information unless it somehow benefits you and your personal stories. Scott Israel is among the other corrupt politicians and yet to fail to post viewed factual posts about him. Isn’t it freedom of speech. You are not permitted to pick and choose who you want to publish and not publish. Scott Israel and his cronies are so corrupt it disgraceful. Why don’t you ever write those stories.


    Dear Hide Behind An Anonymous Name:

    I am permitted to choose anything I desire to publish. The cover page of states this website is “politics, news and views.” The views are mine.

    If “Israel and his cronies are so corrupt it is disgraceful,” prove it. Better yet, take your allegations and your proof to the FBI.

  5. Sober As a Judge says:

    I work with BSO deputies every single day. PBA was voted out by deputies because they were fed up with Jeff Marano and his hand picked strong men. They chose instead to be represented by a different union and so far they are very pleased with their choice.

    Their decision had been brewing for years, long before Scott Israel was elected. It had nothing to do with the Sheriff.

    But Jeff Marano felt disgraced by the deputy’s rejection and as PBA president felt he needed someone else to blame for his own failure. So he falsely blames Israel hoping people will forget what actually took place. But everybody knows the deputies voted the PBA out because of Marano.

    Jeff Marano was once a very powerful political mover and shaker. Today he is a sad figure who has nearly ruined the once proud PBA. It’s unlikely they can regain any of their prior strength so long as he remains in charge there.

  6. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Please explain how it makes sense to attack Mr Nevins on HIS own blog?
    I dont understand the mindset of people who accuse blog editors of EDITING. That’s what an editor DOES!
    What am I missing?