Broward Sheriff Candidate Jim Fondo’s Hate Speech








Does Broward Sheriff’s candidate Jim Fondo knows he is running in the Democratic primary?

His ad in the August 10 issue of the Jewish Journal quotes FrontPage, which can only be described as part of the loony right wing of the Republican Party.


Fondo -- Use this one


The publication is rabidly anti-Muslim.  It is also rabidly pro-Donald Trump, which should be a red flags for most Democratic voters.

Fondo’s ad is a pathetic attempt to appeal to Jews. Hence The Jewish Journal.

Note that the ad features another misrepresentation by Fondo: The man pictured is not a deputy sheriff as suggested by the ad.  He is Muslim cleric that was meeting with sheriff.

Let’s hope most Jews can see the ad for what it really is: Anti-Muslim hate speech, the kind Trump has perfected.

An example of the type of “journalism” featured in Fondo’s source, FrontPage: “Donald Trump’s Lincolneque Moment, A landmark In The Emergence of a New Republican Party” about the GOP candidate’s speech to African American’s last week.

Trump is a lot of things, but Lincolneque???

Hey, Jim Fondo. Trump is about as popular among Democrats voting in the primary as Zeka.

Why quote Frontpage, a mouthpiece for Trump and hate?   Embracing such a dubious source in a campaign ad will lead Democrats to question your loyalty to Democratic principles…and reality.


16 Responses to “Broward Sheriff Candidate Jim Fondo’s Hate Speech”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    ….Targeting any “group” is abhorrent in our OR ANY DEMOCRACY.

  2. Hmmm says:

    You’re right about Fondo being tied to Trump supporters. The people working for the Fondo campaign at early voting in Pembroke Pines today were some Trump Republicans. The tall guy wearing the Fondo shirt kept talking about “Crooked Hillary” and how Trump will build the wall, protect gun owners. Not sure what this had to do with Sheriff race, but these Fondo people hated the Democrats.

  3. Jeff Dillard says:

    Buddy, when did you and Israel get engaged? The article is about a Muslim deputy who’s teaching other Muslims to shoot on the tax payers dime! He goes from mosque to mosque teaching Muslims how to shoot various weapons! Is that what we want from our Sheriffs Office in Broward County? If you ask me, your post and BSO sounds not anti-Muslim but more anti-Jewish!


    BSO says this comment is a mischaracterization of what the Muslim deputy is doing. The Muslim deputy is conducting classes as a volunteer, using toy guns, giving instruction on how worshippers can survive an active shooter terrorist attack aimed at a mosque, according to a BSO spokesman.

  4. Native says:

    Buddy, this is your blog so you are entitled to say whatever you want. It’s pretty clear Scott Israel is your candidate of choice so save all the tap dancing and go ahead and issue your endorsement. It seems you missed the bigger issue here, that being the former Director of CAIR is now an armed deputy sheriff serving the residents of Broward. Maybe you don’t get out and talk with the community enough, but I’ve heard many residents express concern over this fact.


    Would you complain if the deputy was a supporter of Koch, the right wing group of Israeli extremists from the West Bank banned by the Israeli government?

    Anybody hired by the Broward Sheriff’s Office is trained and vetted, which includes a background FBI check.

  5. Sam The Sham says:

    Most people have never heard of Frontpage and most readers of the Jewish Journal would miss the small “FrontPage” reference in the picture.

    Buddy, instead of shooting the messenger, have you considered vetting some of the claims that Nezar Hamze is indeed thoroughly connected to radical Islam? With those radical connections, wouldn’t that make Sheriff Israel look a little stupid for hiring him?

  6. Duddley Do Right says:

    Buddy you turned this into an anti-muslim thing! This has nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with the fact that your friend Sheriff Scott Israel ignored recommdations from members of his own command staff NOT to hire Nezar Hamze former director of CAIR Florida! Many red flags went up including a failed polygraph! Get real Buddy! There is nothing wrong with airing on the safe side! Ask yourself this what would some of the real Sheriff’s like Grady Judd and David Clarke do?

  7. Rhonda says:

    By hiring Hamze, Sheriff Israel has compromised not only the Broward Sheriff’s Office, but the security of Broward County – and perhaps our Nation. The public must know that Sheriff Israel has willingingly consented to giving a gun and a badge to a man who has spent years as a leader of a fanatic Muslim organization CAIR, one of which has its foundation in the terrorist organization Hamas. Thank you Jim Fondo. You have my vote.

  8. Native says:

    Buddy, BSO command staff recommended AGAINST hiring of Hamze. Scott Israel chose to ignore the recommendations of his command staff and proceeded to hire Hamze!


    Your information is incomplete like most of the information being spread by about this issue.

    In 2013, the Majors which serves as the final interview panel recommended he not be hired. They said he was not yet ready to be a deputy.

    In 2014, he reapplied. The majors then recommended his hiring.

    In both instances, Sheriff Scott Israel followed their recommendations.

  9. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    While I personally have my beliefs within the Jewish population there are MANY VIEWS and There is a HUGE GENERATIONAL DIVIDE.

  10. David Rosenthal says:

    If Buddy Nevins is a journalist, then I am a cocker spaniel. But the truth is that (a BSO deputy) is a terrorist, hired by outlaw Sheriff Scott Israel. This is a non-partisan issue. Terrorists cannot be deputies.

  11. Scott Redlhammer says:

    Number one, we are not a democracy. We are a constitutional republic. I democracy is a mob rule and doesn’t work. Number two, when the head of CAIR in Florida Becomes a deputy sheriff, and that organization as a terrorist organization, then ipso facto there is a terrorist sheriff officer. The hatred and the racism inherent in the Democratic Party is disgusting.


    I noticed in a previous post someone blasting a Republican. Did you know that Sheriff Israel was endorsed early in his election campaign by a top Florida Republican who was considered to be Trumps VP? That’s right! Governor Rick Scott. I don’t hear anyone blasting him! What to know why? Rick Scott owns a company called Armor who has over a $300,000,000.00 (300 million) contract with the Sheriff’s Office to provide medical services to jails and more! In fact, the President of Armor, who is also the Campaign Treasurer for Rick Scott, Billy Rubin, is a employee for BSO. He’s a paid consultant for the Sheriffs Office. That’s right! This Sheriff is the most corrupt Sheriff Broward County has ever had!!! Now go blast that Republican along with the Sheriff!


    This comment is filled with misinformation.

    (1) Gov. Rick Scott never endorsed Scott Israel.

    (2) Rick Scott does not own Armor Correctional Health Services. It is owned by Jose Armas.

    (3) William “Billy” Rubin was not the campaign treasurer for Rick Scott. Two Tallahassee CPAs filled that role.

    (4) Armor Correctional Health Services does have a contract with the Broward Sheriff’s Office, but the firm was not hired by Sheriff Scott Israel. Former Sheriff Ken Jenne hired them 12 years ago.

    (5) William “Billy” Rubin is one of four lobbyists hired by BSO in Tallahassee. Another is Brian Ballard, a former Chief of Staff for Republican Gov. Bob Martinez, a top GOP fund raiser and one of the most effective lobbyists in Tallahassee.

    Rubin of Fort Lauderdale has long been involved local politics, supporting many Broward Democrats. He also supported Gov. Rick Scott.

    The BSO lobbying team is responsible for $6 million and other funding increases for the agency during Israel’s tenure over the past 4 years, according to a BSO spokesman.

  13. Honesty Is Important says:

    I take exception to the comment by Hmmm on August 22nd. I was at the Pembroke Pines voting location on Tuesday for pretty much all day and what was posted about the Fondo people is not true. I’m a Democrat and a very observant person and I remember the tall guy campaigning for Fondo and passing out the controversial Blue Card. Although he was an aggressive campaigner, he never said the things that were post about him. None of what was posted about him is true. He did not have a Fondo shirt on. I never heard him say anything about Trump or Hilary or any of the things posted. That post is nothing more than an attempt to smear the name of James Fondo who is a Democrat, and from what I have heard did not need to change parties to run as a Democrat because he has always been a Democrat. These types of comments reak of Sheriff Israel’s campaigners lying to spread propaganda about his opponent. As much as I hate to say it, that comment is nothing more than dirty politics by Sheriff Israel’s campaign or supporters!

  14. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:


  15. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    To #12, after reading all of Buddy’s comments directed to you; I and everyone here expect you to apologize for the vile filth you wrote. Though we all know you won’t. Could it be that your parents are GOP brother and sister?

  16. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    @15 allegations of incest in a supposed political debate on a blog by someone with a fake name like you waste all of Mr Nevins’ readers’ time n as usual cause people to skip everything you blog in future.