Update: Broward School Super Robert Runcie Supporters Want Blacks To Mob School Board




Something ugly is going on at the Broward School Board and it stems from the office of Superintendent Robert Runcie.


Robert Runcie

Robert Runcie


Under intense criticism over numerous management failures, Runcie has called for African Americans to mob the School Board meeting next Tuesday, according to numerous school sources.

His story to the African American leaders who are rounding up the troops: All the criticism of him is because he is black.

Bobby Henry Sr. wrote today in his Westside Gazette, Broward County’s oldest and largest African American owned newspaper:

“I have received an invitation to come out and support Broward County School Board Superintendent Robert Runcie and if God allows I will be there.

“We are being requested along with members of our communities to appear at the May 17 Broward County School Board meeting from noon – 2 p.m. at the KC Wright Administrative Building, 600 S.E. Third Street, Fort Lauderdale.

“Latest newspaper articles, discussions throughout school board meetings and workshops make it essential that the Black community is represented on May 17.

“Our attendance will represent our voice and our support for Mr. Runcie’s efforts to continue making improvements in low performing schools and working to increase MINORITY-OWNED BUSINESS ENTERPRISE (MBE) and/or WOMAN-OWNED BUSINESS ENTERPRISE (M/WBE) participation in the business aspect of the School District.”



School Board Chair Rosalind Osgood is also part of this call for African Americans to pressure the School Board to back down from criticizing Runcie, sources say.  Osgood’s biggest re-election campaign expense beyond paying for a fundraiser is $1,000 on Feb. 28 to the Westside Gazette. It is a huge hunk of the $9,050 she raised. 


Westside Ad


Runcie and Osgood are  doing what is called  “Mau Mauing,” which is defined by Merriam Webster as “to intimidate (as an official) by hostile confrontation or threats.” It is further defined in politics as  intimidating whites by labeling them biased against blacks.

His action is aimed at his three most vocal critics – member Heather Brinkworth, Robin Bartleman and Nora Rupert.

How do they answer such a charge? With the truth and with a backbone.

The truth is that almost two years after the bond referendum passed, no meaningful work has been done.  That includes the poster children for the bond referendum campaign — crumbling Northeast High or Stranahan High Schools. Stranahan is two-thirds black enrollment, while Northeast is roughly 40 percent black.  Both schools along with many others continue to wait for all the many repairs.

The truth is that Runcie has treated teachers and staff, many who are African American, with distain.

The truth is that Runcie’s hiring decisions have been disasters. His transportation, building chief and others were dismal failures.

The truth is that Runcie lied publicly and repeatedly to his own bosses on the School Board.  He denied that his new chief of building had a poor record when he hired him. Then he lied about the taxpayers possibly having to pay back $23 million of improperly uses federal dollars earmarked for low-income students, some of whom were African American.

Runcie’s management team even misplaced $2.5 million from the school police budget.

The list goes on and on. Runcie can’t do the job so he hides behind his race.

What Runcie is doing is wrong. Someone has to call him on it.

Need more evidence. Read the complete Westside Gazette linked here and see how race is being injected into the debate concerning the school system’s management under Runcie.

Then you decide.





59 Responses to “Update: Broward School Super Robert Runcie Supporters Want Blacks To Mob School Board”

  1. Sto says:

    Runcie has to be terminated for this and other actions

  2. A reader says:

    Sounds like a lot of blame shifting, the favorite game of incompetent people. What Runcie does not see is that when he points the finger at others, three fingers are pointing back at him.
    Confess, Runcie, you have a job for which you are not qualified. Chicago is calling you home.

  3. WestDavieResident says:

    Nothing like Runcie falling back on a time tested Chicago tactic. Reminds me of Occupy Wall Street and BlackLivesMatter.

    Next Runcie will be busing his protesters to the front lawns of his critics as happened to Wall Street big shots during the Occupy protests.

    Buddy, let us know if Loretta Lynch or Al Sharpton are in attendance to complete the circuit.

    Sad, very sad. Race has nothing to do with the criticism. In fact it is mostly Runcie’s failure to maintain and repair minority schools that has caused the biggest rifts with the Board.

    Also reminds me that African Americans have fared among the worst in the Obama economy but he blames his critics for not fully implementing his disastrous plans without accepting any blame.

    Bottom line is elected officials should be accountable for their results regardless of their race. Why do you think Bush Senior was not re-elected or Carter a decade before him. They never used a race card to try and save their political careers.

  4. Old Timer says:

    The School Board members should act quickly … time will not heal the wounds.

  5. Robin Rothman says:

    There has been rumor of Mr Runcie’s racism for a very long time. I brushed it off because a man in his position did not need to judge on race. But now he as asked others to judge and be judged by race. A very sad day for all Floridians, no matter what race or any other dividing factor he may use. We need to be united and so those who pull us apart should resign and be ashamed. His color is not the cause of the mess we are in, it is all him.

  6. Disappointed Teacher says:

    I was so excited with Mr Runcie first came to Broward. A background in business, experience in education and african american. That seemed to be exactly what Broward needed.
    To see him resort to tactics like using the race card shows how far he desperate me must be. Desperate men do can dangerous and stupid things.

  7. Mia says:

    After reading both articles I felt a need to comment. My 3 children are products of Title One eastern schools. They are multiracial. My husband is Jamaican. I’m appalled at this so called BS from Mr.Runcie and Dr. Osgood’s supporters. Dr. Osgood has someone running against her that is multiracial. Why is this an issue? Sorry but divide and conquer will not work this time. The School Board ladies are sick of the incompetence and lies. This is NOT racism! Wake up people!!

  8. Chris F. says:

    As a African American young man, when Mr. Runcie came in as superintendent I was very proud to have a leader that looked like me, that I could other young men in our schools “hey you can make look at our superintendent”. Unfortunately that statement has come back to bite me in the butt. One of those young men I told that we had someone to look up to as our role model, told me on the other day “there is no hope for me” look at the role model you said we had “MR. RUNCIE”. “I refused to be like him he is a disgrace to the black community, he’s a compulsive liar, a thief, and cannot be trusted.” So mr Runcie as a young African American man you have failed our culture and our young generation.

    Secondly, mr Runcie to call have your partner in crime Dr. Osgood to use her influence within the black churches, and black ministerial alliance to come and show support because he is being attached because of his skin color is just another sad case of “shame on you” and how dare you runcie.

    Please mr runcie and dr Osgood correct the lies and let the community know that The problem is the leadership of Mr. Robert Runcie and his arrogant chair Dr Osgood and co chair Abby Freedman.

    Shame on the joint partnership of Runcie, Osgood,Freedman.

  9. Sam The Sham says:

    With apologies to Samuel Johnson, Racial victimization is the last refuge of scoundrels.

    Let us hope that scales fall from the eyes of the public and the Skool Bored soon and we finally rid ourselves of this particular scoundrel.

  10. Magnum says:

    In my opinion…..SO professional of Mr. Runcie to organize this next fiasco! Like the article has stated, it’s about gross mis-management and unaccountability, not race! It’s time for Runcie to say good-bye to BCSB, enough damage has been done, staff and taxpayers have had enough. At least his sidekick, Jillian is gone. Her letter that she was “bullied” made many smile. She was the “Cruella de Ville” of the School Board. Yelled and screamed at staff, to the point some resigned. Karma! NO one seems to really know why Runcie gave her “carte blanche” to have 2 offices, a school board car (which taxpayers paid for) and all the overtime she raked in during her 2 year “task assignment”…working Christmas and New Years Day..really? And her “experience” to conduct investigations was an ESE teacher! Smells fishy to me. At least he won’t be sneaking her on the org chart for another year of her reign. I think she is related to Leona Helmsley.

  11. Tell the truth says:

    Might be nice if you learn your facts before spewing lies.
    Jillian was the person who brought forward the budget hole and other problems in the department and there are those of us who are sad to see her go.
    She did not have an office in 2 places.. did not have a car.. did not even earn overtime….she did not yell at staff..as a matter of fact some of the staff sent letters of support of Jillian to the board but ofcourse that doesnt get media because it doesnt fit the headline and rumor mill…all of those lies are told by people whose horrible work ethic was being exposed by her and other leadership attempts to clean up a department which if you do your research has been a mess for years well before Jillian got there.
    The truth will come out and those pepole who participated in the attacks on Jillian and other leadership will be shown for what they are.. liers.

  12. Chicago Bound says:

    Runcie is an example of the Peter Principal. He is miles over his head. The people he has hired are horrible. The bond program is millions over the budget his “experts” created without bothering to account for inflation. It won’t be long before Runcie asks for more money to complete the projects he already promised. Send him back to Chicago.

  13. Stranahan says:

    The link above states Stranahan was promised to get fixed in 2012. It is now 2016. How does Runcie account for this betrayal of the African American children?

  14. Anne Cerrat says:

    I am a firm believer that EVERYONE should have a voice, and that everyone, particularly those in Broward County should be concerned about what is happening at the helm of the school board.

    That being said – to turn this into a race issue, is simply unthinkable and completely irresponsible.

    The fact is – the Broward school board is a business, and if the financial resources are depleted irresponsibly or questionably – raising those questions is a BUSINESS issue.

    I commend the School Board members that have a backbone and are asking the difficult questions, despite all of the backlash, and the diversionary tactics being used to deflect attention from the primary issue at hand – Mr. Runcie’s mismanagement of resources.

    At the end of the day – you can point a finger in many directions, but this community has compensated Mr. Runcie generously to oversee the management, development, and improvement of the public educational system for this county. Like any other employee, he too should be accountable for any misappropriation of funds, whether personally associated with questionable activity, or for failing to recognize and address an issue of this magnitude, under his watch. Either way, there simply is NO EXCUSE for this flagrant violation of community trust.

  15. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    The state needs to get involved. He’s gone way over the line this time.

  16. You want Truth? says:

    Buddy can you please put a way to upload photos here?
    Lets prove to the ones above that Jillian received overtime daily and overtime on holidays when she was “NOT” allowed to being “task assigned”. Who will pay back all that money she has earned? That’s considered stealing to me?
    Lets post who signed off on the overtime for her also …hmmmm
    Lets post Jillian driving her issued SBBC car. I guess photos of her driving to work and home means she didn’t get a car right #10?
    Two offices.. I guess we can’t count she had one at KCW on 2nd floor which she had to have a special lock ordered and installed so no one could get in her office (fire hazard?) Then she wanted a office at SIU but that’s right Chief wanted her no where near him. She got a cubicle area to work there.
    She currently was in the process of moving her offices to the 14th floor which was quite disturbing to many. So your right #10 let’s let the truth come out .. Let’s also post the photos of Jillian changing dates on SIU investigations and removing Chief Williams name with hers. Let’s post pictures of the cases she has closed that were criminal and not suppose to be. I can name them for you. Lets ask about why she has hidden Runcies Bodyguards investigation file as we all know she is close with him to.
    It’s no secret now we all know Runcie instructed no case # on the bodyguards file so you still wonder why Chief lost being in control of his department and instructed to turn the file over to Jillian.I’d resign to rather than losing my certification in law enforcement. Why was Major Pollock not moved up and Fred Davenport was ? Major Pollock was not corrupt either she wouldnt risk her integrity and certification to falsify investigations either better off putting her far away and back in a school then right?
    Fred Davenport has and will continue to lie. I hope the FDLE looks into his certification Being suspended.
    And #10 are you serious jilliandidn’t yell at and harass staff members ? Lets just stop here for now and wait to see if Buddy will let photos be uploaded …


    Send anything you have to Browardbeat@hotmail.com or Browardbeat on Facebook. The Hotmail acct is probably the best way to go.

  17. Inthesystem says:

    Wondering how he will spin this to the media…
    I’m giving him style points-pulling the race card drops his credibility to ZERO

  18. David Thomas says:

    As one of the SBBC members involved in the search for then Superintendent Notter’s replacement, I had serious concerns about Runcie. Certainly NOT because he was black but because there were too many unanswered (or unanswerable) questions about managerial practices in previous positions prior to coming to Broward. Since retiring I see that things in the district and with the board have not improved one iota.

  19. Time to "DIPSET" says:


  20. Charles King says:

    Is this for real? When I first read this last night I didn’t believe it. If this is really true? Of all people Superintendent Robert Runcie, a Harvard educated man that seems intelligent, experienced and well qualified for this position is after 5 years of mediocre results and mounting recent incidents of undeniable gross mismanagement now playing the “race card” and calling out to the usual suspects in the parasitic race baiting community to come out to try and intimidate the School Board Members that are asking embarrassing questions about why the mostly black Fort Lauderdale school of Stranahan High has not been replaced like the brand new gleaming facilities out in Parkland? Heather Brinkworth, Robin Bartleman and Nora Rupert are by far the best school board members on the School Board and are leading this just fight. If you want to know who the dimmest, most incompetent, selfish and most comfortable with the current arrangement school board members we currently have serving that could use some pressure and righteous indignation from a cross section of the entire community, they would be Abby Friedman, Ann Murray, and Dr. Rosalind Osgood. If you think this tactic detailed below is beneath the dignity of a Broward County Superintendent regardless of their race as I do, please turn out like I plan to Tuesday at high noon at the School Board for the forces of right against the forces of wrong. PS I was all in favor of the hiring of Superintendent Robert Runcie 5 years ago because I saw him as disruptor who would bring needed and radical change and competent management over his predecessor Jim Notter, an incompetent white man that was by all account a common imbecile.

  21. Broward Voter says:

    My favorite part of Mr. Henry’s editorial is:

    “If we were to ask the question: “How is it that Dr. Osgood is the only Board Member who has an opponent? Is it because Dr. Osgood has been championing the cause to get more minority /Black participation in getting contracts from the School Board or should I say “trying to get more contracts”? Or, could it be that Dr. Osgood does not mind asking for her District to be the in line at the top when that $800 million is being spent?”

    The answer is simple. Osgood is not the only board member who has an opponent. Patricia Good and Robin Bartleman both have opponents.

    This begs the question as to why Mr. Henry, and experienced newspaperman, would write such an obvious falsehood. It took me less than two minutes to debunk this claim.

    Did he know that was untrue and wrote it anyway? Or did he simply parrot something that was told to him by Osgood or Runcie without checking the facts? Either way, it is poor journalism.

  22. TransitionRuncieOut says:

    Runcie was on a radio show this morning and said that 13% of the school district population was lgbt. Wonder why Ms. Osgood did not bring that up at the church?
    She did mention in her talk that a bunch of principals were “transitioned out”.


    This begs the question:

    What are the source of those statistics?

  23. Neighborhood batman says:

    As far as runcie goes what’s done in the dark comes to light man you have to do better. These politicans think getting the job and not doing your job is okay, ITS NOT! you seemed to have forgotten all the promises and grounds you rambled about that you would fix.

    Secondly, I’d like to address the comment by “tel the truth” lmao! For an article that had not even the slightest thing to do with Jillian and didn’t even mention her name ijs correct me if I’m wrong you seem like you are Jillian and you seem to be feeling guilty for anything that you did I mean why address and inform us on a matter that had squat to do with you lol. This article is about runcie trying to scare board members and not doing his job, yet you just let loose about what is your business but hey who am i to judge lol good luck with your situation next time just a heads up try to stay on course with the article then it wouldn’t seem as obvious lol good day folks!

    -neighborhood batman will return soon

  24. Calcetines says:

    Is this his way of taking the 5th on the screw ups?

  25. Sounds Desperate says:

    The only silver lining I see in this latest scheme is that Bob is getting desperate! When all else fails, throw the race card. I think its about time to do a piece summarizing his time in office. The number of staff that he has brought in to corrupt facilities, transportation, technology, HR, School Board Police… The same staff that coincidentally leaves just before a problem is exposed. His “go to” response to the Board whenever he is questioned is that the staff responsible no longer works for the district. Look out Moquin, you’re next! You thought you were his boy didn’t you? I think a timeline with names of his award winning hires, promises he’s made, minuscule accomplishments, failed endeavors and names of his award winning fires/resignations, should be laid out for his “mobs.”
    No one saw this coming when Runcie cut the audit department in half?
    Missing Capital dollars to repair deteriorating schools, endangering the safety of students and employees. Misuse of Title 1 funds allocated to support low socioeconomic schools. Guess what folks, his corruption has had a direct impact on the “mobs” and their children! The schools out west are getting their money. How could any minority support a man that would intentionally neglect their community and then call on them when he has exhausted all other avenues?
    Believe me when I say, the criticism has NOTHING to do with the color of your skin and EVERYTHING to do with your destruction of our school district! You are a disgrace to any community that aligns itself to you. You are incapable of running any school district let alone the sixth largest school district in the nation. In fact, the only thing you have been capable of doing is passing the buck onto everyone else. I’m sure some of the Board members still believe that all of this mismanagement comes from your staff, the staff that you hire and LEAD. I will tell you this Bob, there is actually evidence that ties mismanagement directly to YOUR office! I look forward to the day that I get to see you in handcuffs.

  26. #10 Defender of Evil says:

    From “mob” to Jillian Haring, the puppet that Bob hired to harass and intimidate employees. Are we supposed to be surprised that she submitted her letter of resignation as if she were the one being bullied? As if Bob would actually hire someone to shed light on his corruption. This actually makes me gloat. Someone willing to expose any truths about this district wouldn’t survive 2 minutes working for Runcie, let alone two years. Watch out Bob, that resignation sounds like someone is setting up a case against you. I have to admit that I actually chuckled when I read about how the past few months have taken a toll on her and her family. What about the people she has targeted? All I have to say to Jillian is, get in line behind all of his other victims honey. Some that were targeted with information that YOU provided. You CHOSE to work for someone knowing his evil intent and you agreed to do his dirty work. There are countless employees who have had their reputations and careers ruined for shedding light on injustices within this district. I can promise you, a good majority of those people would never sell their soul and work for the Devil for 2 years. However, you do deserve your 15 minutes of fame. You should forever be remembered as an accomplished member of Robert Runcie’s notorious mafia! Chester Tindall, Derek Messier, Desmond Blackburn, Amanda Bailey, Tony Hunter, Jeff Moquin, Maurice Woods, Tracy Clarke, Jillian Haring… Your family should be proud that your work “ethic” and “integrity” has provided you the opportunity to be associated with some of Runcie’s finest.

  27. Misinformed Bobby says:

    I think you said it best when you said, “I may not be the smartest person on earth nor am I the most inept, however I do believe that if we follow the money trail, we will find out the true reason for all of this hoopla.”
    I don’t know what went on in that closed door meeting but you should probably do your research before you rally your troops to support the Superintendent. As an employee, parent and member of the community, I would like to know what “significant improvements” he has made.

  28. FACTS! says:

    #10 You must be Jillian! Everything you said is completely false and slightly hilarious…. I know 1st hand that she was not only unqualified for the position but vindictive, unprofessional, and pure b*tch! She made working in that Department a nightmare overnight. Its extremely unfortunate that the Chief Williams, Major Pollock and evenClerical employees felt the need to quit their career because of Jillian’s actions! So many employees in that Deapartment resigned under her 1 year wing that they currently are working with several TEMPS just to handle day to day work function! You have no idea what you’re talking about #10 because everything that was stated by #9 is absolutely correct. The only question is what does Jillian have on Runcie for him to place a school teacher over a Chief of Police?

  29. Juliet Hibbs says:

    Of course he is going to play the race card! I am racist against him because I speak the truth.

    I and other like me are racist because we are white. Like, I am a racist for protecting my students, mant of whom are African-American. I stepped out to support an African-American Assistant principal that was being demoted…case too. We all….several races represented to expose Jon Marlow principal of DBHS a bully. Race has nothing to do with ANY OF IT! Sad that he is so willing to divide a people coming together. I guess that is the point.

    Now, what about all the African-American drivers that have been speaking out? Are they racists too? Any African American that spoke our against Bush a racist? Of course not this is a last ditch plan to divide the people!

  30. Magnum says:

    I think #10 YOU need to get your facts straight.
    1) Jillian H DID have a school board vehicle which she was seen in driving and parking between her TWO offices, in fact, it was her buddy’s (former bldg mgr under investigation) car, tinted windows and all. Check with Dist. Maintenance, it was signed out to HER.
    #2 She also had 2 offices, one in SIU at the TSSC building (check the swipe card) as well as the 3rd floor of KCW with an anticipated move to the former lawyers office on the 14ht floor..yeah right like that would happen!
    3# NO overtime..really? Check the additional hours she received on a daily basis, anywhere from 1-5, racks up to about a $20k increase in pay..that buys plenty of cowboy boots! Those records can easily be verified by a public record request, oh wait, they already have!
    #4 She did go into tryants with the staff at the TSSC building, an elderly woman being refused a chair for one of Puss n Boots’ “stand up” meetings, the secretary being moved, anyone in that office can verify the FACTS! The only tears I saw in staff’s eyes were tears of joy when they heard about her resignation.
    And…you need to learn how to spell LIAR…

  31. Remember says:

    Mr Runcie is FLORIDA SUPER.OF THE YEAR. Please back off and go easy on his Resume for a new job !!!

  32. Tamarac Voter says:

    Buddy do you happen to know the racial demographic breakout of Broward County’s public school students? I can’t seem to find it on their website and since we’re talking about race issues I thought it might be worth knowing. Thanks if you can provide it.

  33. just saying says:

    I recall that runcie’s contract is to 2019 courtesy of board members at his last review.
    three years is a long time.

  34. Juliet Hibbs says:

    Anyone notice his call to action is during the PUBLIC SPEAKING portion of the meeting and lunch. Who is he really trying to intimidate? This is a last ditch effort to silence people. I am sure they will do speakers and committee reports too! Mr. Runcie and Dr Osgood can claim that I am racist, but I am not. This is ALL HIS FAULT. He refuses to protect children and provide decent schools for the children. I am prepared for Tuesday and expect to be a target! If saying someone of a different race is doing a lousy jib….what about all that complained about Bush! Since I was one of the I suppose I am racist against whites too

  35. Baloney says:

    Who is the racist? When Williams, the former Northeast High principal was being investigated…Runcie did not listen, moved him out of the school to an easy job, that pays more! He did not want to fire a black man.there are many other examples.

  36. carolina says:

    Just saying – you are correct regarding the extension of Runcie’s contract to 2019 – but this was not with the approval of all board members – please excuse Nora, Heather, & Robin from this miscarriage of justice. They appear to be the only board members who have any consideration for our teachers, our students, & our schools. They don’t hesitate to speak out! I don’t think we need to even think about three years being a long time for Runcie. He will be long gone by then, back to Chicago, along with a huge buy out – compliments of the board members that extended his contract. Hopefully we will be able to recover from the damage done during his reign & be the great school system we once were. Thank you Nora, Heather, & Robin. Don’t give up on us – we desperately need you.

  37. Susan Sullivan says:

    I do hope the voters of Broward County which closely watch and monitor actions of all Board members, especially those running for re-election. Those that continue to tolerate this nonsense going on at the School Board headquarters need to be returned to their previous career, as they are not looking out for the welfare of the students of Broward County. Mr. Runcie has disappointed us and is not the Superintendent that is benefiting the district. His arrogance and deals behind the scenes will no longer be tolerated. The district is in shambles and I hope they find someone who can get it back to where it use to be.

  38. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The County School Board has one Black member and therefore its the White members INCLUDING NAN RICH’s DAUGHTER who ENCOURAGE THE ANTICS of the faux newspaper the Church conglomerate based on Tax Dollars to help the Gellers Richs Ritters in office or otherwise life off the public dime. Remember why their isnt more oversight on the Board – Nan Richs daughter got Mommy to exempt it. Lets not dumb Blacks when Whites run the Board.

  39. laughing stock says:

    When the board extended Runcies contract, I knew right then it would end in ANOTHER huge buyout. He has made more non classroom positions than Notter, and has been big on promoting African Americans,which is great if they are qualified. Many are not.

    The schools are falling apart,physically and mentally. Blackburn,along with Runcie started this no suspending of black boys movement. As a result the middle and high schools with a high number of blacks are out of control. Most principals under report incidents on campus,so everything looks good on paper. Runciecshould visit these schools unannounced,he would be shocked..

    So sick of the race and now LGBT card being played. In reality ,if you are under either of these categories, you get away with so much,whether you are a student or employee. If you are both, you have struck gold.

  40. tell the truth says:

    @Tamarac Voter
    here is your demographics, etc.

    Buddy thank you for the firum for the discussion. This is a very serious matter and Runcie will regret he resorted to this.

  41. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Isn’t it wonderful this faux newspaper has given us Dr. Rosalind Osbood and that tower of management honesty, the Panthers’ Princess Mrs. Bertha Henry????? But, again, it was a Board of White Liberals that created the situations we are stuck in!

  42. Shamira Watkins says:

    It’s amusing that Osgood, with her past…history, can even be a board member…but our School Board members do not have to pass a background check..BIG MISTAKE. If it was a prospective employee…they would not get through the door. But only in Broward can school board members with a questionable past, be in charge of a multi million dollar budget and thousands of students. Those that support this mayhem tomorrow will be voted out. They should walk off the dias in a silent protest of this idiotic scheme. Shame on Runcie and Osgood for putting blacks against whites…it’s 2016, not the 50s…get with the program you two! Runcie, do the students/parents/staff of BCSB a favor and resign tomorrow. What a cluster!!

  43. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Count, you are spot on.

  44. SimpleMan says:

    I really wonder what would have happened had his opponents called for the white community to come out and show their opposition to his reign? Which makes me think just how reckless and irresponsible his call out to the black community was. He really has lost his compass.

  45. Juliet Hibbs says:

    Wasn’t much of a mob!!! You MUST watch….mics turned off and escorted out one speaker. Another mentions he is tuning in his city for office, osgood’s friend threatens a African American man. He was called a fool following a fool! But this person gets special privilege to speak NOT to the issue but others cNt speak without interruption or she shuts off the mic. Freedom of speech is lost on her

  46. Mia says:

    Can someone explain comment 42? There aren’t background checks on board members??

  47. Dr. Who says:

    let’s all move along, the witch-hunt is postponed. This “news report” and the 40 plus opinions was all about nothing.

    i always ask, what is the difference between bloggers and journalists? Bloggers generally will write their opinion of a news stories or perceived stories. While professional journalist will gather and report facts and opinion from expert sources.

    The experts;
    An “Old Timer” still upset he lost his job a Facilities years ago. A disgruntled teacher that was fired, and a staffer at SIU that hijacks every post to talk about “Puss in Boots”. Even the “Count” says the the information comes from a faux newspaper.

    maybe the next story will be better, have more substance, until then i will be watching the BBC.


    I guess the Sun-Sentinel is not filled with anyone who can be labeled “professional journalist” because Robert Runcie has done nothing but complain about their coverage and claim it is full of opinions and errors.

    BTW, I have been a professional journalist since the late 1960s. During much of this time, I wrote an opinion column. I got paid for my work then and I still get paid for my writing/reporting, which is a definition of professional. My stories continue to run in the so-called Ol’ Media, i.e., major newspapers and magazines.

    Let’s face the facts. Robert Runcie and his acolytes are thin-skinned. They do not like any one in the media who does not buy into their spin. This includes folks at the Sun-Sentinel, myself and others.

    Robert Runcie is very convincing until you parse what he is saying and weigh it against the facts. He is all hat and no cattle. All grits and no gravy. Sadly this Chicago schools veteran has improved little, or maybe nothing, at the school system.

    Dr. Who is the name of a time-traveling TV character used by the person who wrote this comment. Maybe he can check out what I’m saying for himself. Journey back 10 years and see exactly how much hasn’t changed.

    Dr. Who, that’s my opinion….and the opinion of many, many others including several outspoken, strong School Board members.

  48. Juliet Hibbs says:

    Today was remarkable!!! It did not work! Back fired and many people saw the truth. Africa American broke policy…allowed.Mr. Henry went after me for my correction of all his SHOTTY reporting!! DD-1 to watch him lose it about me NOT understanding ANY of the issue he was supposed to be speaking too. Osgood…to prove..again..her discriminatory views…allowed him to go one for 2 minutes and SILENCED…INCLUDING REMOVING SOMEONE BY ESCORT…not.African Amrita of couse. One African Arian even promoted his running for office…but Osgood wouldn’t even underatns this…SHE is campaigning on BUS LOTS Across Broward.

    Was a great day for change!!!!

  49. Juliet Hibbs says:

    I forgot…buddy being reported that a WHITE PRIVILEGE course is being taught…course for staff….one report has Mrs. Runcie there..claiming she has experienced that MOST abuse…irony is at lunch…she cut in front of everyone explaining she had things to do! Now reported by 2 there to me!! I 5hought leadership served….sorry not in the world of Robert w. Runcie…word on the street…this geoup..one teaching class….WILL take over human resources when he can make the move. So much being teported….now her church people are sending me info. Hoping for a bright Broward for EVERYONE!

  50. Dr. Who says:

    #48 and #49

    Please tell me that you weren’t a teacher with that sentence structure.
    Although I see it was 2:30 in the morning, maybe you should get some sleep and move on with your life.

  51. Circus continues says:

    Just in … Jillian Haring recinds her resignation.. Can’t wait to see these headlines or what she was now promised ?

  52. PoorDetectives says:




  53. Dr. Who says:

    Buddy, this was not a personal attack.

    But it is interesting, are you now going to provide which server the blog comment originates from for all commentators, or just the ones you want to censor.


    If I wanted to censor you, I wouldn’t post the comment. I allow folks to criticize me, but I always reserve the right to answer.

  54. Dr. Who says:

    Buddy, i agree, it’s your sandbox, you reserve the right to answer.

    Maybe censor was a poor choice of words on my part.

    Let me ask, is it professional to try and bully or intimidate someone….


    Dr. Who, I agree with your comment on my mentioning what server your comment came from. I have eliminated my comment and all others on that matter. As a longtime Dr. Who fan, I would be curious on how you came up with that name?

  55. Backfired because... says:

    The only reason Osgood and Runcie’s plan backfired was because you, Buddy, exposed their lies and desperation. As soon as the community members were made aware of this nonsense, they began posting on social media and making phone calls. Osgood continues to deny much needed repairs and funds that were previously approved, to Stranahan High School. I don’t care what color you are or what church you attend, if you are a member of the Dragon community, you don’t back the people who have neglected our kids. Freedman and Murray are just as much of a disgrace as Osgood and Runcie and they are white. If you spend more time making back door deals than you do supporting the children in these deteriorating schools, you deserve what’s coming to you.
    Of course Jillian is back! Runcie realized that resignation letter was a set up for a lawsuit. Maybe every employee that has been attacked by the Chicago mafia should write a letter about how they were victimized. Maybe it only works for the employees that have information to spill.
    Again, I can’t wait for this to blow up.
    #47… Which puppet are you? Moquin who is about to go down? Izzy who is in hiding at the bus depot until his leader gets him out of his sexual harassment scandal? Jillian who just got a big offer? Back of the bus Annie? Pay for votes Freedman? Your one comment doesn’t negate the big picture. The truth is coming out and the honeymoon is over. Runcie is more desperate than he’s ever been. We see you Serpent of Broward County Schools. I haven’t seen you fix ANYTHING in the 5 painful years you’ve been here! I’m looking forward to the day that the Board wakes up and realizes that they are your boss!

  56. Dr. Who says:

    Buddy, thank you.

    I will admit, most likely I haven’t been a fan for as long as you have.

    I have only been watching the last five years or so, I found the show through a reference on an episode of Big Bang.

    As You suggested, around here you need a TARDIS and I am always wondering Who’s Who.

  57. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I hate to return to the same points.
    1. Dr Rosalind Osgood is involved in every social service activity in a poor Black neighbirhood including Federal State County n City Programs thru the most significant Black Protestant Church.
    2. There is NO taxpayers association either Countywide or in Fort Lauderdale to actively monitor government finances or programs or conflicts of interest such as Dr Rosalind Osgood seems to have.
    3. The parents who in middle class or upper class places dominate Boards of Education are effectively absent in Broward County.
    4. Despite colleges n other educational n cultural institutions Broward County from Wikipedia to scholarly conferences is called a cultural waste land n there is no intelligensa like south or north of us to care about education.

  58. Internal Circus Observer says:

    So, this past week at KCW has been very interesting. So, much of what the media (and real blog sites lol) have been reporting are becoming more clear. So, indirect attempts to stop staff and the public from voicing their displeasure with certain personal performances have not worked. So, it’s backfiring even more. So, the public records request in several departments at KCW are about to explode even more So, the future or our kids will continue to put on the back burner with all the nonsense. So, embarrassing behaviors will continue unchecked because so many of them will not take responsibility. So, true that KCW birds of many breeds, have no problem dropping more seed. So, embarrassing that an Inspector General inquiry would even have to be discussed by the Board but I believe it’s the only way to start to restore accountability and focus. So, I hope I didn’t offend the Chair or violate the “3 minute” rule. If I did, I’ll be back…why because I actually care, regardless of whether or not it’s on topic or not!

  59. juliet hibbs says:

    I know I have done around 20 public records requests this last week. I am sure I am not the only one. We shall see, I believe people are becoming more and more aware of what is really going on. Change comes with exposure.