Broward School Board’s Problem With Transparency





The lack of transparency has become a mammoth issue in the presidential election, but it’s long been a problem at the Broward School Board.

Board members were at it again last week, holding an unadvertised meeting out of the Sunshine.

Two members – Robin Bartleman and Heather Brinkworth – refused to attend because the public wasn’t notified.

Billed as a team building session with the help of Nova Southeastern University, the meeting was the idea of School Board Chair Rosalind Osgood.



Rosalind Osgood


Osgood isn’t discussing why she held the meeting without the customary public notice.  School Board Attorney Barbara Myrick told Osgood the Board could hold an unadvertised meeting,  warning, “…if you don’t advertise it is imperative that board members do not speak to each other about issues that might at a later date be on one of their agendas.”

Osgood suggested the retreat as a way to build trust and respect among members, who are sharply divided into two factions – devotees of Superintendent Robert Runcie and skeptics of some of his policies.

An earlier attempt by the Board to hold a training session was called off after a stinging editorial in the Sun-Sentinel and a post on disclosed it was quietly planned for the Ritz Carlton in Naples.

Osgood’s desires to unite the Board would be more believable if she didn’t begin an earlier meeting last week, held separately from the team building session, with an attack on unnamed board members, the staff or volunteers. Criticizing those involved in education is not a way to build trust and respect.

Certain unnamed people were spreading “dishonest…vindictive communications” against “members of our team…It is wrong to divide team members,” Osgood charged.

Although Osgood didn’t name who she was referencing, it was clear to some School Board observers that the targets were Robin Bartleman, Heather Brinkworth and Nora Rubert.    

Bartleman, Brinkworth and Rubert are the three members most critical of Runcie’s policies. Oswald and her clique of Runcie acolytes have repeatedly demeaned them, both publicly and privately.

Given her bashing of Runcie critics, it appears Osgood wants to build a team that speaks with one voice….hers and Runcie’s.

That’s a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of the School Board.

Board members are supposed to be independent, thinking representatives of residents, not Runcie’s flock of sheep all bleating the same note.

Members need to examine, question and scrutinize every proposal from Superintendent Runcie and his staff. They should debate differences openly and not cover them up behind closed doors.

The first step towards a better Board:

Don’t waste time and money on a pointless team building session.

The best School Boards are not a team.  They are a cauldron of ideas working for a common goal — improving education.

The second step for a better Board:

Don’t just talk about transparency and open government. Prove it.

Always, always, always advertise meetings.

That’s real transparency. Not just rhetoric.



15 Responses to “Broward School Board’s Problem With Transparency”

  1. Talks like a politician says:

    I guess if it is true that you get what you pay for, it is also true that you get what you vote for.

    So few honest people who practice transparency when elected, so many game players with their own agendas!

  2. Saul T. L. says:

    The Broward School Board is The Basket of Deplorables

  3. Train's a Comin....... says:

    My Magical 8 Ball is telling me the train’s a comin…….train’s a comin…..

    and it’s gonna take Runcie with it, straight outta Broward. Before this time next year, Runcie and several of his high-up flunkies are gonna be #StraightOuttaBroward.

    And like always, there will be finger-pointing, blame, recriminations, and another search for someone to lead this motley crew.

    Even as a life-long D, I’m praying for another Grand Jury investigation, more indictments, and the Governor putting the District under State Control.

    There are qualified and good members on our board — sadly outnumbered by the crooked and incompetent and prevented from actually getting things done.

    All while our kids and teachers suffer.

  4. Coral says:

    What a shame that there was such a light turn out in the Aug. election. Osgood should have never been reelected! The status quo at the SB is not acceptable.

  5. Nostradamus says:

    I see a scandal in procurement on the horizon. I see Runcie’s chauffeur getting his job back with a pay raise and a big coverup happening. I see the bond projects never being completed, which won’t be discovered until Runcie is long gone. I see more unqualified administrators hired. Soon you will see, too.

  6. dontmissit says:

    Look at the school board meeting last week. Osgood clearly was not talking about Board members. Osgood was talking about volunteers who call staff names. Osgood is so off. She really think there is a team. Stay tune

  7. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The School Board is ELECTED.

    IF the msjority of voters would agree with this Blog there would be a different Board.

    They obviously dont.

    Neither obviously does the ELECTED State Attorney.

    Case closed

  8. Payattention says:

    Osgood’s public speech at the last meeting was not about Board Members. I know a few of them are so self absorbed they would think so. Buddie go watch the last board meeting. My source says that Osgood was talking about someone who had written something about her that she felt misstated something she said. Osgood really believe that there is some team. She is so brained washed. I probably should send her some of the emails that they others have written about her.


    I not only watched the video before writing the post. I transcribed the relevant portion of the video to understand it better.

  9. NW Broward MODC says:

    Deplorable School Board Quotes:

    ” Yeah, they had us up there in nigger heaven.”
    “I know that some of you are just sensitive, but I have been called whitey and honkey. I just brushed it off.”

    Hey, when all else fails, blame it on your upbringing.

    Must be wicked awkward during team building these days….


    Those remarks, I believe, were from Ann Murray. She is one of Runcie’s strongest supporters. The story about Murray is here for those that forget.

  10. Same old song says:

    Buddy what is your take on the new tax initive on the ballot for transportation? I read their website, just like the bond, big on concepts short on specifics.

    Also, I hear Young at Art Museum is looking to have their debt to the County restructured and will be on the Agenda soon. Another situation that lacks transparency.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Buddy for keeping the light shining on the Broward School Board. I totally agree about the split on the board, but I am hoping when Runcie’s evaluation comes out. the public might be surprised. In the Sun Sentinel article for re-election, Osgood said she felt Runcie was performing at a “C” or lower. Let’s see if she does that? I doubt it, but the voters did re-elect her. If you did not see the discussion at Board Workshop on Tuesday, Sept. 12 on the Bond Oversite, then go back and watch it. There were so many questions and most could not be answered as usual. It was interesting to watch Runcie get irritated. When he faces criticism he is now showing his temper. Now is the time for Runcie to go and so many of his appointments need to go with him.

  12. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:



    Because the Sun Sentinel has little local news and fewer n fewer reporters or readers the Bloggers here do not

    1. Run for office
    2. Contribute & Raise Money for good candidates
    3. Use Direct TV without listening to broadcasts of public meetings
    4. Write n meet with elected officials to voice their opinions but blog under fake names.
    It’s the Voters who elect our officials.
    The voters not readers of blogs decide elections


    I don’t know whether Young At Art deserves government support. I will say that the programs and exhibits at the facility are terrific, fun and educational experience for young children.

  13. carolina says:

    As I have predicted in my former posts regarding Runcie – Way before his contract runs out in 2019 he will be “heading north” with his back pocked filled with big bucks – made possible by the uninformed voters who voted in favor of the 800 million dollar bond. Hope he takes all his school board members with him, with the exception of Nora, Heather, & Robyn. They are the smart ones – we need them.

  14. moreofthesamecrap says:

    The last board meeting was a complete embarrassment. Osgood is the most negative school board chair I have seen in my years. Her board meetings are filled with constant conflict, childish antics and she frequently berates her constituents. Students are evening speaking up. Her board meetings are a circus.

    The workshop on Tuesday was an abomination. Certain School Board members step up frequently to the soap box only to turn a blind eye to the incompetent staff which consistently fails them. Name one senior level staff member who has been held accountable.

  15. watchful says:

    Osgood was talking to the 3 ladies, she’s always talking to them so stop trying to cover for her. I can’t understand how a board that is in charge of a person allows the superintendent to just do what he wants. The world says follow the money and tell me WHERE IS THE BOND MONEY!!! or the interest from it, check the deposits.