Broward Republicans Open Door To Wacko





There was a time just a few years ago when the Broward County Republican Party was relevant.

BREC was part of the debate on key issues in Broward.  BREC was treated seriously in the political world.

That was before the leadership of BREC opened its podium to wackadoo conspiracy theorists.

On Monday June 23, one of the featured speakers at the BREC meeting is Trevor Loudon.

Loudon is a New Zealand “author, speaker and political activist” who has fulminated for years about hidden Communists he sees everywhere. Apparently this has become a good way for the guy to make a buck.

Lately Loudon has been promoting the idea that Gov. Jerry Brown is in favor of sharia law and that the “Red Chinese” are colonizing the U. S.

His views mirror that of the bizarro John Birch Society. He is a self-decribed “student” of Zenith Applied Philosophy, an offshoot of Scientology, which makes me wonder why some conservative Christians embrace him.

Loudon’s ideas are so twisted they sound like something out of “The Matrix”.  There is a word for people who see hidden forces plotting everywhere — paranoid.

Why does the Broward County Republican Party needs a New Zealand fruitcake to speak about the United States?

Maybe because the party has apparently been co-opted by the black helicopter crowd.

This kind of stuff goes over among the hayseeds and angry whites of rural North Florida. Guys like Trevor Loudon are laughed at by the majority of the voters in South Florida…or by anybody with a real grasp on reality.

It’s an election year.  It is a year when Republicans have offered almost no viable candidates to challenge the vast majority of the Broward Democratic candidates.

Perhaps the Broward Republican Party party should get back to its stated goal of winning elections instead of wasting time looking for Communists in every corner.


11 Responses to “Broward Republicans Open Door To Wacko”

  1. Barack Obama says:

    Anyone who decries communists or socialism is laughed off by 95% of anyone under 30

  2. John Henry says:

    With the recent current events this country is going through Loudon doesn’t sound so loony after all.

  3. Broward Dem says:

    I hear they will be passing out tin foil and giving a lesson on hat making.

  4. Chaz Stevens says:

    Ever meet a real live Communist living in America?

    I’m nearly 50 years old, have lived all across the US, and have only run into a single person who proclaims to be a Communist.

    And the dude makes no bones about it.

    Friends, Chinese Communists are our friends. They helped the GOP fund those $5T wars and a raft of other GWB ideas.

    So don’t go pissing off the real commies. They just might call in those IOUs.

  5. calfloridia says:

    I understand from the BREC newsletter this individual spoke at Calvary Chapel on Friday, the Tea Party on Saturday, now BREC on Monday: Gee, not at all sorry that I missed it. I guess Mr. Truex doesn’t know how to vet a speaker? Heck I’d rather hang with Chaz Stevens any day! #fail

  6. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    EUntNew zealand for those of us who actually have lived tjere, have relatuves there and or know about it has no conservatives in the political not social sense. There is a social conservative group that is unhapoy about chinese immigration as in australia and of all places in italy but none of these three countries have anything in the purely political realm to counter the more or less lightly socialist politics of all three. Look the republican party has become the no nothing party of old bigoted whites who are joined by the most cynical on the make members of religious or racial minorities. It is no accident the only republican jews in congress all converted to the christian churches of the largest voting blocks of their congressional or state.

  7. Chaz Stevens says:

    @calfloridia says:

    The court order keeping you 2,500 feet away from schools and kids might make dating you an issue.

  8. Sam The Sham says:

    This Kiwi might have a couple of loose screws, but a lot of what he says is dead on. He is no wackier than a lot of the loony left in this country. Can anyone say “Al Gore”?

    Count Chocula, interesting line about Republican Jews converting to Christianity, presumably for votes. Can you name a few?

  9. Ron Mills says:

    They Also passed out a flier condemning their own 2 elected officials for Attending the Wilton Manors Stonewall Festival. This after going after Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Bruce Roberts, for being the only Republican, on the commission, and for voting for marriage equality. They have gone way off the rails.
    Her is the flier

  10. Kevin Hill says:

    I assume next month BREC will be giving a seminar on water fluoridation.

  11. too bad so sad says:

    I always enjoy the Right’s need to attempt to compare Al Gore to the crazies that populate their end of the political spectrum. Mr. Gore was a respected Senator brought to the VP by Clinton who wanted to add an air of respectability to his campaign because of Gore’s unimpeachable, (no pun), character. His inability to beat a an empty suit like W is regrettable but I don’t see him ducking the Black Helicopters, looking for pinkos under his bed, and fearing the “New World Order” and the Trilateral Commission like the nutsos