Broward Politics: Mayor Gives Home To Town Employee





Davie Mayor Judy Paul says she loves her town and its employees.

She loves the police and the planners, the sewer guys and Town Hall clerks, EMS and IT.


But Mayor Paul loves one Davie supervisor a little more than any other city employee.

Paul has signed a legal document giving town public works supervisor Franklin Todd Evans and his wife Donna De Main Evans the mayor’s home when she dies.

“Franklin (Todd) and Donna Evans are akin to my own family and I love them dearly,” Paul e-mailed in response to questions from


Judy Paul


Both Evans are active in preserving Davie’s rural past and have been appointed to town advisory boards. Both are part of a group working to get the stalled 84-acre Gov. Leroy Collins Park and its multi-million dollar agricultural center off the ground.

The park and agriculture center, which the Sun-Sentinel says has already cost Davie at least $18 million, is a major goal of Paul.

Evans is obviously very special to Judy Paul.  How does that relationship affect other town employees? probably should put that question to the other Davie employees. Obviously somebody not happy with the situation leaked the document to us.



8 Responses to “Broward Politics: Mayor Gives Home To Town Employee”

  1. Susan Pignato says:

    The Mayor has no children and stated that she feels as though Evens are her children. What a beautiful gesture. It’s a shame that people have to be so petty and jealous. Last time I checked, this is still a free country and one can name anyone they want as an heir.

  2. Frankie O says:

    You don’t address the real problem which is that Judy Paul has been there too long. The town has doubled in size since she joined the council and we need new blood who understand our community now.

  3. West Davie Resident says:

    I agree with Susan P. It is Judy’s property and last time I checked we are still a free country and can do with, and gift, our property as we so desire. A very generous decision on her part.

    As for the Mayor’s imprint on the Town of Davie, she and the Town Council along with a dedicated staff are doing a great job except for the occasional left leaning proclamations the Mayor pushes through the Council in coordination with other Democratic leaning councils and commissions.

  4. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I don’t think she can do this legally. I don’t think city employees can take gifts what was it in the county charter that they changed a few yrs. ago. No gifts etc. over a hundred dollars. Again, I don’t think a city employee can receive gifts etc. from the residents etc. Maybe because they are not city/county elected officals. Maybe. If I were these employees that are getting her house that she is leaving them say in her will etc. I would check. What she should do if its all kosher is to do a living revocable trust. This way say a distant cousin ,family member can’t contest it by going to probate. Others wise a will could be challenged in court. I don’t know .Trend cautiously w/ your big gift there to these beneficiaries.

  5. Floridan says:

    Re: Frankie O.

    There is a solution to your complaint: it happens every four years (in Davie) and is called an elelction.

  6. Bob Adams says:

    This is a beautiful gesture between Judy Paul (which has nothing to do with her title of Mayor) and a couple that she considers family. As for ethics, this would not be classified as a gift. Under the terms of the above Life Estate, Judy Paul retains full ownership of the property for her lifetime to do with as she wishes. That includes the power to change the beneficiary. Todd and Donna Evans have no ownership interest in the property as long as Ms. Paul is alive.
    As for a challenge to her bequest, there would be no probate. That is the primary purpose of a life estate. The property passes immediately to the beneficiary, regardless of a will.

  7. P. Yew says:

    Has this been reviewed by the Broward Inspector General?

  8. Michele Diamond says:

    Why is this news? Even public figures are allowed to will property to whomever they chose. This is a private matter. I would like to shine a light on the head of the persn who decided this would be of any benefit to them.