Broward Politics: Losers That Need To Turn Into Winners





Nothing is more yesterday than a losing campaign.

That’s unfortunate because in Broward County’s just ended elections voters had some great choices that were turned down.

Those listed below are three candidates and one idea that should resurface. We need them.

They include:



Chris Smith



Chris Smith speaking to the media outside of the Florida House


The former Senate Democratic leader and veteran Broward office holder was a solid voice for his community in Tallahassee. He waged a campaign for tougher gun control laws, needed increases in social services and brought home tens of millions of dollars from the state during 15 years in the House and Senate.

Ending up on the losing end of a tough race against County Commissioner Dale Holness should not mean the end of Smith’s fine public career.


Maxine Streeter


Maxine Streeter


In a field of too many underwhelming, inexperienced judicial candidates, Streeter stood out. No one had better preparation to be a judge and still lost.

Streeter worked for Florida Attorney General Bob Butterworth battling scams and frauds in court. Now she works in super lawyer Bill Scherer’s downtown Fort Lauderdale firm handling civil cases involving fraud, civil theft, negligence and other matters.

The good news: She’s still in her early 50’s, still young enough to seek an appointment by the governor or run again.



Jim Waldman



Jim Waldman (center with blue tie) with Republican, Democratic lawmakers on the Florida House floor


Waldman’s crushing loss in a bitter state Senate race was perhaps the toughest to fathom.

His resume is sterling: An effective longtime mayor and Florida House member, plus a respected attorney.

A proven mediator who could work with Republicans and Democrats, Waldman had a solid record of success in Tallahassee. Among his achievements were nudging through the Legislature a tax hike on cigarettes, convincing skeptical GOP lawmakers it was needed. He was also the House Democratic floor leader, forcing Republicans to pay attention to opposing views.

There remains a place for Waldman in the public life of this community.



Tax For Transportation



Voters again turned down a tax hike for transportation improvements, despite the acute need.

The reason for the rejection is clear:

The campaign – What campaign? – was too rushed. The plan was crippled from the start by feuding between city and county officials. Voters were presented with a confusing wish list without a realistic budget that was cobbled together by ill-prepared, over-reaching politicians.

This tax needs to return to the ballot, but this time with an actual plan that explains to Broward residents why it is needed. The plan must offer something tangible to every Broward resident and not pour the vast majority of the money into a streetcar in downtown Fort Lauderdale that few voters will use.

Despite downtown business interests and planners obsession with the central business district of Fort Lauderdale, more people live, work and visit places like Cypress Creek/Executive Airport, Sunrise and Davie’s higher education campuses.

Supporters must actually have a well-planned campaign that should start now. The failure to do so condemns Broward as backwater wedged between two progressive counties — Miami-Dade and Palm Beach — that have taken necessary steps to improve their roads and other transportation.






24 Responses to “Broward Politics: Losers That Need To Turn Into Winners”

  1. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Chris Smith could run for comm, and go up against Comm.Mckenzie….As far as Waldman, people owe him so many favors, he could run for just about anything and give them a run for their money. Me, I cut hair, and watch from the sidelines…

  2. Bertha's Bust says:

    On the Sales Tax, the fact that we just spent 300 million for a new Court house because the old one is full of mold, and now we learn that the new one is full of mold is a good reason why it failed.
    Will the builder be held accountable?
    Was he held accountable at the Airport?
    Will he get the contract to build the new Garage? And will Bertha survive all of this?

  3. Maxine Streeter says:

    Dear Buddy: Thank you for your kind words.

  4. Cricket Canet says:

    Well said Buddy, and you should have included Abbe Rifkin for Judge too.

  5. ftlaudresident says:

    Streeter for Ft. Lauderdale City Commission! Her family has deep roots in the community and she understands the issues. She’d be a welcome addition to a lobbyist beholden city commission.

  6. Aturd is Aturd says:

    If Streeter wants to win next time she should hire a professional campaign consultant rather than a hack attorney who moonlights as an internet troll.

  7. New Leadership says:

    Chris ego is hurt bad. He thought he and the 6th street mafia (as they call themselves) had it in the bad. This was a long time coming for many in the black community. Chris was all show, all talk and an undercover deal maker with Republicans. It caught up with him! Next is do nothing Perry, rubber stamp Osgood and scandal plagued McKenzie.

  8. Of course says:

    When you have someone of color in a high profile position they will always survive unless they are totally incompetent. Any attempt to remove them will label you a racist…

  9. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The vicious false comments by fake name bloggers are tasteless but @6 ‘s fake name is about as low as they come

  10. Oh says:

    Chris Smith is fake Democrat who is a Republican. Maybe Rick Scott or Trump will
    appoint him.

  11. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Chris Smith is a Democrat. To say otherwise is to lie.

  12. city activist robert walsh says:

    #5, really. What district?. She looks like Wonder-Woman,. She could fit right in. Run against Trantalis…..

  13. Jackie Waldman says:

    JIM WALDMAN for President 2020!
    #1 Lawyer
    #1 Politician
    but most importantly, #1 Dad!!!!

    District 34’s loss!

    Great article Buddy!

  14. Recall Dale Holness says:

    Chris Smith is not the loser. District 9 is the big loser by re-electing Dale Holness. He’s the weakest link on the board. International Trade and Economic Development is not in his district. By the way he’s on his way to Nigeria in February. Let’s get together to recall his vote. #recalldaleholness

  15. loosers that want to be winners says:

    the electeds want to stay electeds and get re-elected because they actually get a Pension. And the size/monthly amount of the pension is determined by how many years in elected office.
    So rather than look for a job in the private sector, or hang out their ‘attorney-at-law’ shingle or whatever they may know how to do and drum up clients, they keep running for office.
    Clearly Mr. Waldman does not fit the bill here, but the bobbie debose, chris smith, chip lamarcas, lois wexlers, kristin jacobs, diane wasserman shultz, diane wasserman rubins, etc., etc. all fall into this group.
    And to the attorneys in practice that are elected, that just brings more ‘Clients’ to their practice, or referrals from others in the profession as the ‘paybacks’ will be coming down the road.

  16. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Jeremy Ring likely to run for CFO


    I had this on my Twitter feed earlier. Readers can view the Twitter feed on the right side of the page.

  17. city activist robert walsh says:

    So I think we can see what the election cycle will look like in 2018. Maxine Streeter runs for Comm. Bruce Roberts district(easy win). You have Mr.Smith running against Mcenzie.You Have “The duke” running for Rogers seat. For mayor you have two outstanding people, Charlotte rodstrom, Bruce Roberts and possibly myself(yes, fill out paper work, sue (go ahead its what I want u to do). I go before judge(I waited long enough-put me in jail, no biggie, been there, done that-think discrimination, no different if u deny me because of race, sexuality ,etc-i will prevail). Also #13, that is nice , I like to see support from family members. So that covers it….

  18. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    1. Chris Smith is Not running against MMcKenzie
    2. Maxine Streeter has little chance to win Roberts seat niw

  19. city activist robert walsh says:

    #18 says u. This Maxine has the”grand wizard” backin her. Mr.Smith if desired could easily take that seat. Furthermore, I don’t care how much you”brown-nose” the who’s who like me more than u(because i.m real,also next time u decide to upstage Lois Wexler, think twice(she put Alzheimers awareness on the map in Broward-also to note even though she is retired now ,she could run for any elected office she chooses(local,state federal-I say US Senate-she could easily beat Scott).. So there sir. Govern yourself accordingly……

  20. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    As someone who is in Commissioner McKinzie’s District I know damn well Mc Kinzie is solid in his District.

  21. City activist robert walsh says:

    #20, First Comm.)(for now)McKenzie doesn’t even live in the district…Solid in his district for now… Thank the Count for the legal fees that you are going to occur(and the City, this time is not payin your legal fees). U know darn well you don’t live in the district. Its not right. He is not palyin by the rules while everyone has to do . Atty. Tim Donnely this is an easy one.Again Comm.Mckenzie u blame the Count when u are disqualified…..

  22. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Commissioner Robert McKenzie is the salt of the Earth our Fort Lauderdale soil where he and Mayor were born bred n achieved great things.

  23. ftlaudresident says:

    Maxine Streeter has lived in District IV for almost 15 years, unlike another candidate that moved into the city a few months ago.

  24. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Voters seem NOT to care in Florida or New York a la Robert Kennedy n Hilliary Clinton