Broward Politics: Lawyer Reappointed To Florida Elections Commission





A Cooper City code enforcement and land use lawyer has been reappointed to the Florida Elections Commission.

Kymberlee Curry Smith, 36, is the owner of the solo-law practice Kymberlee Curry Smith, P.A. Legal and Title Services in Pembroke Pines.  She has a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and graduated Boston College Law School in 2005.


Kymberlee Curry Smith


Smith was the Senate Democratic Leader’s pick for a vacant seat in 2016 on the seven-member commission that enforces state election laws.  She has now been reappointed for a term from June 22 through December 31, 2020.

According to a profile in Attorney At Law, Smith originally wanted to be a pediatrician.  But her lack of math skills and love of a good argument led her instead to the law.

After a short stint at Adorno & Yoss when she graduated law school, Smith became an assistant city attorney for the City of Miami. Her job focused on land use.

Around 2012, Smith stuck out on her own.

Smith is one of two Broward attorneys on the commission. Barbra Stern, a Fort Lauderdale litigation attorney with the Dwyer Law Group, has been a member since 2012.

14 Responses to “Broward Politics: Lawyer Reappointed To Florida Elections Commission”

  1. Baby Babs Stern says:

    Wow … Baby Babs Stern on the election commission ???????? Old news I guess but I’d love to know the inside dope on how that happened. Good grief and good luck to us all !

  2. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Seeing Barbra Stern as on this comm. I would like to express to her as much as I like her mother please tell your mom to play fair(and she will know exactly what I’m talking about Bob Kelley ring a bell-your name came up this week to Jack in regards to Atty .Kelley(although sharper than a razor I don’t think running for mayor would be like to many chefs in the kitchen(w/ Judy and jack as the head matre dee’s.) Keeping it fair. No cheap shots-Bruce releas eyour pension benefits-get it out there and bee done(I’m not putting up w/ cheap shots.) Now Barbra hop to it……

  3. Hey Walsh says:

    Who is Bob Kelley? What are you talking about?


    Robert W. Kelley of the Kelley/Uustall Law Firm is said to be considering a run for Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, according to sources.

    Kelley is considered by many one of the top civil trial attorneys in the nation, winning $100 millions in awards from companies such as General Motors and Philip Morris.

    He won a 300 million dollar verdict against Philip Morris USA, Inc., for the late Lucinda Naugle, the sister of former Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle, who suffered from emphysema as a result of smoking. The amount was eventually reduced to $11.65 million.

    Kelley is the son of the former head of the Fort Lauderdale Housing Authority, Robert P. Kelley. A donor to many local charities, attorney Kelley is also a licensed U. S. Coast Guard captain and worked his way through law school working on commercial fishing boats.

  4. Kelly for Mayor? says:

    A political outsider who has built a successful business is something Fort Lauderdale needs in its next Mayor.

    Thank you to Commissioners Roberts and Rodstrom for your service but it is time to give others with new ideas and a non government background a chance to serve.

  5. A new Fort Lauderdale says:

    Fort Lauderdale is an up and coming city that has grown to be more than a college spring break destination and a layover for people waiting to get on a cruiseship.

    At this juncture Fort Lauderdale needs a Mayor with vision. The face of Fort Lauderdale as its next Mayor needs to reflect the new direction the city is heading. Roberts as a 70 year old lifetime govt employee does not convey the future of Fort Lauderdale. Roberts has been a great public servant, but it is time for new generation to lead.

  6. Lane diet says:

    You forgot that Kelly himself is a Fort Lauderdale Housing Commisior.And Commisioner Kelly’s Law partner is grandson of former Mayor Bob Cox.
    His dad was assistant Broward County Administrator.

  7. Vote Rodstrom says:

    Fort Lauderdale needs to get out of the stone ages and elect a woman for Mayor. Charlotte has seen the good and bad of this Commission and is not afraid to call out its short comings.

  8. What about Gary Farmer? says:

    Lots of whispers things aren’t so good at the ye olde law shoppe these days. Gary is up next year. Is it true Stern is using the info to push Bob Kelly to run for Senate to keep him out of the Mayor’s race?

    Woukd Judy really sell out one elected friend she doesn’t get to lobby very much (FL Senate) for another where she could potentially do more lobbying i.e Mayor of Fort Lauderdale…you make the call….

  9. Bob Kelley for Mayor says:

    Yes, we need new ideas. Less gov’t and less runaway development.
    Given his reputation, he would work hard and not just let the city manager control the city. And he doesnt need the job to boost his business like the other lawyers on there now.

  10. Where is Walsh says:

    Did Judy put a muzzle on that puppy due to his comments above? Typical reckless Walsh, making it looks like Babs Stern will be involved in something untoward In regards to Bob Kelley despite being on the FL Elections Commission.

  11. Really? says:

    Gary Farmer lives in the boonies of Parkland or Coral Springs. He is an ultra liberal personal injury lawyer, nice guy but not for Fort Lauderdale.

  12. sick of politics says:

    Careful Mr Walsh Judy Stern will sit on you, she needs get her new Mayor Boy Roberts elected so the scams can continue, she stands to lose hold of the city if Charlotte wins, please expose Stern for the con man she is.

  13. New Blood says:

    Have Meet this Ms Smith, lovely young lady a few times, very well educated, and mindful best of Luck be strong on your beliefs.

  14. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    #10 and 12. No need for name calling and insults towards her. I can duel w/ her any day of the week. This whole campaign business is what she does(I respect that)however, I will not put up w/ any cheap shots towards the other mayoral canidates. If she and others don’t play fair I have my own “October surprises”.