Broward Politics: Judge John Contini Praised For Treating Transgender With Dignity





Broward Circuit Judge John Contini was a tough prosecutor and an uncompromising criminal defense lawyer before winning his seat in 2014.

But Contini is a softy when it concerns transgender folks seeking a name change.


John Contini


Contini has been praised by a local social service organization for treating transgender individuals with dignity when they appear before him seeking to change their names. The judge even asks for the privilege to be the first to address them by their new names.

“We have never seen that before from a judge. It is touching,” says Mark Ketcham, executive director of SunServe.

SunServe is a non-profit group that concentrates on helping the LGBTQ community. One of the functions SunServe offers is assisting transgender people seeking a legal name change. Contini’s sensitivity is why they try to steer the cases to his courtroom.

Name change cases are strictly routine. SunServe, however, believes Contini is far from routine.

“He understands,” Ketcham says.

An assistant state attorney for five years before running his own criminal defense practice for 27 years, Contini beat former Judge Steve Feren in the 2014 primary.

In March, SunServe sent Contini the following letter, which was forwarded to




9 Responses to “Broward Politics: Judge John Contini Praised For Treating Transgender With Dignity”

  1. Felix Jemimyer says:

    He is a mench

  2. Not John Contini says:

    While many of you are under the belief that the Honorable John Patrick Contini will run for re-election to the Circuit Court bench, or even for Broward State Attorney against Mike Satz, an ace campaign team is being assembled on a run for Public Defender.

    Remember where you heard it from first. With Howard Finkelstein retiring, the Brass Ring (or Brass Cojones) goes to John Patrick Contini.

  3. Jey says:


  4. After dark says:

    One day, ages and ages hence, John’s epitaph will read “He was a man of faith and a good one at that.”

  5. Jeffrey Levy says:

    Never a doubt in my mind that Judge Contini would treat all individuals with dignity and respect.

  6. Fan of John Contini says:

    Judge Contini is really a genuinely good person. I have known him for many years and even tried cases with him when he was in private practice, I supported his election bid knowing that he would take the responsibility of the bench seriously and serve our community well. I am gratified that the public’s faith in him has been so well justified. Keep up the good work Your Honor. I am proud to consider you my friend. Thank you, Buddy, for reporting this story.

  7. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    This is what i’ll do change my name. Hows Johnny Fontaine sound. Or maybe Dorothy Micheals,yes good old Tootsie(go tootsie go). By the story here its that easy. Although I guess I’m Robert Walsh forever.(God knows I earned it)….

  8. Fan of John Contini says:

    @7 City Activist Robert Walsh: I’ll assume that your comment was an attempt at humor … It wasn’t funny or witty or whatever it was you thought it was. Your comments never are.

  9. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    #8 says you……