Broward Politics: Election Winners and Losers






Democratic activist and contributor Sam Fields tells this story:

Living in Washington D.C. in 1972, he was shocked to wake up to the news that George McGovern had lost the election, crushed by the bête noir of Democrats Richard Nixon.

“I was shocked. Everybody I know voted for McGovern,” Fields says.

Fields was living in an establishment bubble, just like the media and professional political class who underestimated Donald Trump.

The establishment has little understanding or empathy with those Whites less fortunate and left behind by the changing times.

Take the media.

When I broke into the news business, writers from White working class backgrounds who lacked a college education were the norm. They knew what it was like to work with their hands because their Dads did it.

Now it is almost impossible to get a job in the media without a college and preferably a graduate degree. The requirement for a college degree – Yes, I have one. — professionalized the business but meant that the writers had little in common with less educated working folks.

In this past election the media frequently demeaned Trump supporters without a college education, calling them “uneducated.”

They are not uneducated. They lack a college education, but most went to high school. Some of the smartest people I know, including very successful politicians and business types, never went to college.

There is another aspect to this media bubble. Media folks are largely Democrats.

Reporters socialize with other Democratic reporters. Most believe passionately in Democratic principals.

That said, every reporter I know tries to be fair and produce unbiased reports. Yet their beliefs and the bubble they live in can’t help but color their work.

So it is no surprise most of the Main Street media missed the Trump story. Newsweek even prematurely printed and sent to stores an issue with a cover proclaiming Clinton as “Madam President.” The media was clearly among the biggest losers last night.





Reporters and editors I know are beyond apoplectic today. My phone and social media is filled with their laments.

Like Fields after McGovern’s loss, my reporter friends are shocked. Shocked.

After all, everybody they knew voted for Hillary.


Other losers include:


  • Ashley Walker, the former Barack Obama political wiz from Fort Lauderdale and now a political consultant. She lost two big well-funded local races – Jim Waldman’s state Senate campaign in the primary and Lea Krauss’ race for judge yesterday.
  • Mayor Joy Cooper of Hallandale Beach. The mayor lost her attempt to pack the Hallandale Beach commission despite her vicious and often childish campaign against her opponents. Cooper’s loss may be a blow to political consultant Judy Stern, who observers claim helped the mayor plan strategy.
  • Cynthia Busch, the Democratic leader. Despite taking an unprecedented public stand supporting Eleanor Sobel for Hollywood mayor, Sobel lost. Badly. Busch even included Sobel on the Democrat’s endorsement list handed out at the polls.
  • County Commissioners Lois Wexler and Tim Ryan, along with Mayors Mike Ryan of Sunrise and Dan Stermer of Weston. These out-of-touch pols tried to shove a sales tax increase down the public’s throat. Voters didn’t buy their ill-conceived plan. Voters agreed with the Sun-Sentinel, which called the tax a new slush fund for politicians.
  • Jewish names. Once the ticket to victory in Broward, all three candidates for judge with Jewish-sounding names lost – Lea Krauss, Abbe Rifkin and Rhoda Sokoloff.
  • Joseph “Joe” Kauffman. Broward’ GOP’s answer to perennial candidate Harold Stassen once again lost. Does this right-wing loon do anything else but run for office?





  • Brenda Snipes. Skeptics and critics, including me, must concede today that she did a good job. Largely staffed with temps on Election Day, her office handled 834,401 votes with few mistakes.
  • Mark Douglas. This Jamaican American easily beat two other candidates to finally put some color on the Sunrise City Commission. White commissioners continued to dominate this commission long after the city became significantly diverse…until yesterday.


Mark Douglas

  • Josh Levy. His victory over the doyenne of Broward politics Eleanor Sobel brings badly needed new blood to the local Democratic party.



Josh Levy and Jackie Levy on Election Day

  • Mike Ahearn. This controversial political consultant again quietly won a number of campaigns for judge, including Barbara Duffy’s surprise victory over the heavily favored Abbe Rifkin yesterday.
  • Roger Stone.  The bad boy of politics and a Broward resident was an early influential adviser to Trump. He should have clout in the new administration.


39 Responses to “Broward Politics: Election Winners and Losers”

  1. handyssc says:

    And let’s not forget Debbie Wasserman Schultz who failed to deliver FL for Clinton…

  2. Dr. Who says:

    Couldn’t agree more.

    The media is still demeaning any Trump supporters without a college education, by calling them “uneducated.” it was the norm on every network last night and even more so this morning.

    The elitist are looking to blame anyone, rather than looking in the mirror.

    Socially the position of most people is that they are entitled. Entitlement and their elitist mentality believe they are better because they have a degree.

    I am not uneducated, however I do lack a college education but am smarter than many of those same people that don’t understand want happened last night.

  3. ron williams says:

    In Broward County this morning the stock market is up and people are busy planting their pot fields in anticipation of a new booming industry.

  4. Daddy D says:

    The Democratic Party is dead and buried in Florida. The only thing it had a chance with is the presidency and now it can’t even win that. Broward is an outlier. It is the last of Democrats in a state that is deep red and getting redder.

  5. NW Broward MODC says:

    ” every reporter I know tries to be fair and produce unbiased reports. Yet their beliefs and the bubble they live in can’t help but color their work.”

    .. the bubble they live in..

    Yes, Buddy ! Absolutely 100% TRUE.

  6. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I am not convinced my former client Donald Trump’s victory means more that normally after a two term President the people vote for a change

  7. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    #1 you are right. Wassserman played dirty w/ her antics crappin all over Bernie Sanders. Also played CNN Donna(they fired u) Brazil. Imagine giving Hillary Clinton basicly the play book etc. to the CNN debate-that was wrong. Also Clinton rallies in Broward(three in one week-u knew u had Broward should have went to towns that where on the fence). Also th emails, husbands indiscretions(many). To Trump hitting a nerve w/ people. I did not support trump. He won fair and square. Now they all have to work w/ him so their is not total chaos. His kids put him over th edge. Sharp, sharp,kids. Congrats, now lets see what Trump can do. They say all politics is local. Next year here in Ft. Lau w/ our mayors race. Here if i was in th emix. First i would give all cops their cola raise. All cops get 5% raise. No more shittin on them Charlie(get that report on the 14g and 8g). Strong mayor form of gov’t (Lee Feldman-get packin u pissed off these beach residents to no end). Also no more taking from sewer acc. and water. We fix these aging pipes. Bridges stay down during rush hours.All advisory bds. -history) Would be my platform As far as Mrs.Clinton-right a book(again) and spend time w/ the grandkids. As far as Trump-good luck we all will be watchin….

  8. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Well said, Buddy. They sit in a circle holding hands and think they have the pulse of the electorate

  9. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    And Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is still a popular re-elected Congressmember n her position in the Party Had nothing ti do with the FLORIDA VOTE CAMPAIGN

  10. zigy says:

    buddy when u were employed there were many rporters and many more papers how few exist now, it seems the news is a thing of the past, public radio is still giving trump and his supporters shots, I guess things never change.. lol


    The cutbacks in the news industry are a factor in the media misreading this past election. News organizations closed bureaus throughout the Heartland, thus were unable to gauge first hand on the feelings of people in these communities. Reporters who dip in for a visit never understand a community and its people like someone who lives and works there full time.

    The Sun-Sentinel (Earlier the Fort Lauderdale News, now defunct.) has less than half the reporters/editors (In one modern term: News content providers.) than the high point.

  11. More losers says:

    Seiler pushed that penny tax also
    Wasserman-Shultz: need i say more
    Megyn Kelly

  12. WestDavieResident says:

    Although Trump was trounced in most precincts in Broward, he won in my West Davie precinct. To those who have insulted me and my neighbors in the past for our conservative beliefs, it looks like you are the ones out of touch with America today.

    But you are welcome with open arms to join us as the new Republican President, Republican US House, Republican US Senate and a continuing majority of Republican Governors and State Legislatures make government accountable again and let the free market take our country to the future with less onerous regulations.

    I am most thankful that my children will now live in a country with a likely Supreme Court majority for the decades to come which relies of the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and not looking to the world’s courts for popularity, acceptance, and advice.

    Hopefully my healthcare insurance which has skyrocketed 46% since Obamacare was forced on me can drop again to a reasonable amount with the coming interstate competition proposed by Trump.

    And I feel safer knowing that our country will again have enforceable borders and while continuing to welcome legal immigrants who have built this country to be envy of the world (or at least used to be and will be again!)

    As to Buddy’s comments about the media, it was worth the price of admission to watch the sour faces on most of the commentators on Morning Joe this morning. I can’t wait for the next 8 years!

  13. Cities Killed the County says:

    Can you name one elected official at the county or city level that stood against this penny surtax nonsense? If ever there was a champion for our tax dollars, this was the time for them to show their face.



    Will a dog refuse a steak? The rare one. Officer holders saw a pile of money that they could dip into without taxing their constituents. Essentially a free meal.

  14. Truthiness says:

    Another big winner: Sheriff Scott Israel. Sure he was expected to win, but he won by the biggest general election margin of any Broward Sheriff since 1936. He even ran 18,000 votes ahead of Hillary in Broward.

    PS: I didn’t know these stats from memory … it was posted on the Sheriff’s facebook page.

  15. Stormwatch says:

    I can’t wait to see who runs for president in 2020. Jesse Ventura, Mark Cuban, Ted Nugent, Kurt Schilling, Michael Bloomberg, Rachel Maddow, Rush Limbaugh, Bret Favre, MiKim Kardashian, Joe Walsh, Bobby Jindal, Nick Saban, Frank Caliendo, and the drummer for the Doobie Brothers. It could be anyone. There’s no amount of baggage too heavy, no lack of credentials or experience too light. Tact, couth, and temperament not a concern. Main requirement is ability to bullshit better than a politician.

  16. Robby says:

    It is such a mind-boggling premise that working class whites swayed the election. I know many such “white” people having been been into the lower middle class in the 50’s. Having climbed (without government assistance)from a factory job to grasp an Engineering Degree while self-funding my education, I embraced the American Dream. But then I saw the essence of it crumble through biased eyes that wanted a certain “color of success”. Most of my fellow graduates and friends disown the liberal mandate that “success must reflect demographics”. Einstein, Tesla etc… learned via a slide rule. I’m sure most reading this post have no idea what that is. That my friends encapsulates the essence of the vote.


    There is no doubt that Trump’s support stretched beyond the boundaries of the working class White group. Millions of Hispanics and women, supposedly Hillary Clinton’s base, voted for him, too.

    The media and Democratic machine, living and talking almost solely in an echo chamber of like minded people, missed that, too.

    Maybe now the national media will put down their kale salads and vitamin water long enough to realize the rest of the United States can’t be seen from Brooklyn Heights.

  17. Michael G, Ahearn, Esq says:

    Thank you for the mention on your winners list. I have been blessed to work with incredible candidates and hard working people in the community. Without them, I could not be successful.

  18. Barack Obama says:

    Ignorance shouldn’t be celebrated as a virtue. Those manufacturing jobs aren’t coming back. There’s no virtue in having a high school degree only. Yes. In today’s day and age that is UNEDUCATED. sorry if you don’t like it.

    Also lets not forget Hillary won the popular vote. Low turnout is what did Hillary in among her base. Blacks and Hispanics did not turn out. Rural whites turned out in big numbers.

    The gops plan worked to attack Hillary from the left in the primary. And the left is still too dumb to figure it out claiming “Bernie would have won!”

  19. More Losers says:

    Commissioner Chip LaMarca. His District came out strong for President Trump, while he denounced him early on. Despite turning on Trump, the Dems on the County Commission will never let him be Mayor.

    Alain Jean

    He ran the Judge Di Pietro and State Attorney Satz campaigns barely winning against weak opponents and having roughly a three to one advantage in money.

    Di Pietro raised 334k and put in 100k of her own money. Her opponents put in 100k combined. Despite this advantage, Di Pietro had a weak showing in the primary and barely won by 1.5 percent in the General. The General Election win was troubling because Judge Molica only beat her male opponent 60/40 and Dipietto only beat her male opponent by 1.5 percent.

    State Attorney Mike Satz raised $284,000, 95k his own money to only win against a no name, underfunded ($45k) candidate, by 1.5 points. This leaves Satz very vulnerable for 2020.

    Looking at the reports the real winners appear to be Jean and the companies owned by his pals, they made the lion share of the money raised and put in by the candidates.

    As well, for the second cycle in a row, a white candidate run by Jean benefitted from an ECO hit piece smear against their black opponent. Of course there is no connection between Jean or Di Pietro to the smear piece

  20. NW Broward MODC says:

    Hope and pray that this latest political turn will have some impact on Broward County and result in BSO presenting itself as a law ENFORCEMENT agency; once again.
    The discretionary coddling of juvenile offenders in Broward County has resulted in the victimization of disabled children; without consequence. The crime statistics do go down when juvenile crime is reclassified as “misbehavior” when cases are not thoroughly investigated when potential evidence has been disregarded.
    Many of us, who initially supported second chances for juvenile offenders(for petty crime), are horrified by where it has led.

    The passing of the hot potato of accountability and jurisdiction between BSO and the administration of Broward County Public Schools, following incidents of sexual victimization of disabled children, certainly appears to be a sickening, shameful and calculated strategy to avoid criminal charges for the “management” of statistics. Is that the case ? I hope that I am wrong.

    CPIS is overwhelmed with their caseloads and cannot manage the tracking of the many alleged sexual perps in the public schools.
    Our special needs kids do not need to sit on the BSO helicopters, firetrucks etc,. at the annual photo opp. They need protection from sexual predators in our public schools who are not tracked or managed appropriately.

    The SRO’s need to know which inclusion students are vulnerable; and which students are a potential threat. It’s unbelievable that this needs to be pointed out.

    The triangulation of the funding and oversight for the SRO positions allows BSO, BCPS and the contracted cities to point the finger at each other; or elsewhere, when there is an incident reported. Check for yourself.

    BCPS District 4
    BSO District 17
    Parkland Commissioner

    Contact any of the three with an inquiry about this concern. You will be sent into orbit because someone else “handles that.”
    In fact, if you are very persistent, a ‘liaison” handles “that.”

    Let’s hold off on labeling a city “the safest city for families” when it is only safe for some.

    Can we do better ?

  21. Oh the irony says:

    The Sheriff would have never have been able to stump for Hillary had Roger Stone not helped him get elected in the first place.

  22. Buddy, you're so slanted says:

    Are you kidding Buddy? The only pol in Broward that was against this “boondoggle” was Lamarca. I know you don’t like to give him credit for anything, but I watch those meetings and that dude stuck by his guns and said NO MORE TAXES! For that I’d like to thank him. Unfortunately, I live in Timmy Ryan’s district and that POS raises my taxes every chance he gets and gets no opposition. We need to vote that jerk out in 2020 (unless he does it himself with the bottle.)

  23. Ha Ha Ha says:

    National election results were correctly predicted in February 2016:

  24. Knows for Sure says:

    I would hardly consider Eleanor Sobel a “doyenne” by any stretch of the imagination.

    She ran a dull and nasty campaign against Hollywood Mayor-Elect Josh Levy.

    Sobel was so desperate, she put out several negative mailers touting Levy as “criminal”, “reckless” and “destructive”. His crime? Peeing outside on a bush about 20 years ago when he was a college student and speeding in a Manatee zone!

    Those negative mailers sure backfired, didn’t they?

    Evidently, Eleanor did not have enough of a positive record to run on after decades on the School Board, Florida House & Florida Senate.

    Really Eleanor? Sobel deserved to lose. Hollywood deserves better than a bought and paid for career politician, so Sobel dug up those horrible “crimes” committed by Josh Levy.

    You are fortunate that you ran against a complete gentleman who chose not to out your very significant baggage.

    Topping the list would have been your “relationship” with convicted former unregistered lobbyist/powerbroker/fundraiser Alan Mendelsohn.

    That relationship got you some big bucks from the FMA PAC didn’t it Eleanor? Bucks that Mendelsohn raised for them. Former State Senator Mandy Dawson did get caught up in that scandal and did some Federal jail time as well.

    How you managed to escape that snare is anybody’s guess.

    How’s that stack up against peeing on a bush or speeding in a Manatee zone Eleanor?

    Your political career is thankfully over. Enjoy your retirement.

  25. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Biggest losers fake name bloggers who overwhelmingly backed candidates who LOST

  26. Tinker Bell says:

    Buddy The whole town of Southwest ranches were against the tax increase especially their elected officials if I recall correctly.

  27. Gary Stein says:

    Zigy … Buddy, Cry me a river for the Sun-Sentinel. The paper you remember, I think … I’m not here in Fl. long enough to judge fully …. no longer exists half staffed, full staffed or whatever. The editorial dept is run by a smug, arrogant woman. That’s my takeaway as someone who worked his butt off to get on the election ballot so there’d be a choice and not just an unopposed incumbent. I’m suing the libelous elitists.

  28. Another Winner says:

    The arts community and the children of Broward County.

    The YAA settlement appears to be on the Agenda for Tuesday. It appears the County knew better than to have protracted litigation on this issue and most likely worked out a deal that will ensure Mindy Shrago and Young at Art will be around for a very long time.

  29. Stormwatch says:

    In my lifetime there’s been 6 republicans and 4 democrats elected president. These things go in cycles. That’s part of the beauty of it all. You need both wings, the left and the right. Otherwise the eagle crashes. I can handle the fact that my candidate lost. Though I’ll admit this one really stings. I had joped to be part of history. But what really makes this one such a bitter pill to swallow is not that my candidate lost, but how we as a nation, or at least half of us, have really lowered our standards on who we feel is fit to have our life in their hands.

  30. rightwing says:

    can’t have it both ways.plenty of incompetence on both sides of the aisle.and it seems we’ve been lowering our standards for some time now, e,g, McCain vs Obama in 08.

  31. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Kids go to private schools then out of State Colleges. Minor art activities exist in Key West Miami Sarasota Palm Beach. Sleazy political deals like the Settlement are a ripoff by conartists the only kind of artists in the county.

  32. Number 22 aka Chip says:

    Chippy, your tells are many but always obvious. Cheap shot at Tim Ryan was a sure giveaway. Surprised it is not Bogen, he seems to be the latest recipient of you digs around town.

    No one cares about your view of the sales tax. What voters in your District care about is not supporting the President and in that regard, you are a turncoat. Not supporting Trump was the same or worse than supporting Clinton. Weren’t you supposed to speak at a dem GOTV event the first Sunday of early voting and got bumped for Hillary?

    Heather Moriatis or another strong female republican, like McCartney or Gineen Breeso could wipe the floor with you in 18.


    I am an attendee and member of the Broward Workshop and I was on the same side as the majority of the workshop on the penny tax, until I spoke to Commissioner Lamarca. He was the only one speaking out about the massive money grab that was being proposed as a penny tax. He spoke positively about why it was bad and did not trash the supporters. He is a guy that doesn’t let his detractors bother him one bit and I like that about him. I live in his district and vote for him, so anyone thinking that someone else can beat him needs to think hard about it. He has broad support across the isle because I’m one of them living on the beach and grateful that he came through with the beach project. Keep taking shots at this guy, because it seems to make him work harder. As for the people you think could beat him, if they’re all republicans, I doubt they would run against him.

  34. Chaz Stevens, Retired says:


    When I worked at NASA, and then later on at JPL, I ran into folks who either just graduated or dropped out of high school.

    They were the cleaning crew.

    For every Bill Gates, there are 20 million barbers.

    The United States just elected Nero. Let’s all clap with joy as we watch Rome Burns v2.0.

    PS Dear GOP … you have it all, local, state, and Federal. No one else to blame, this is ALL on you.

  35. Chales King says:

    So how did “Crooked” Jack Seiler not make the list of losers from the election? Given the strong Trump vote from around the state, the chances of a statewide political office for a Democrat phony baloney plastic banana good time rock’in roller like Jack Seiler has got to be slim to none. “Crooked” Jack would have to switch political parties and erase his 8 year record in Fort Lauderdale of all the corruption and mismanagement.

  36. An Observation says:

    Left off the list is Commissioner Holness. Outside of now Mayor Rodgers and Commission Thurston (neither of which needed his help), he lost all of the other races he was involved in, including Pompano Beach, Lauderdale Lakes and Lauderhill, besides others.


    He lost all the races except for the race that counted: His own.

  37. An Observation says:

    Yes, but that was in the primary, and barely. In the General, and a load of other elections, he consistently loses.

    Not saying much for him building a dynasty as he has tried numerous times. Just ask Commissioner Sharief. Maybe he should just stick with doing his job and stop trying to run everyone else’s.


    Holness also helped on a victorious race in Sunrise, I am told.

  38. city activist robert walsh says:

    Be careful w/ your wording Charlie. You don’t want th e mayor to sue u for slander etc. You say he is corrupt. Can u prove that. Do u have documentation to support your testimonial or assessment of th e mayor. see w/ me I would be more than happy to go up against anyone in court. I can prove my statements. Records, statements, etc. I could put their friends on the stand. Yes, little old me. The one man show.. Be careful again, to say Seiler is corrupt,back it up/ Prove your statements and I would be more than happy to go to the OIG….

  39. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Public Figures effectively are prohibited from suing for libel n slander since Sullivan vs The New York Times.


    You’ve got it backwards, Count.

    Most libel lawsuits against public figures are covered by the Supreme Court decision Sullivan v. New York Times. The justices found that the First Amendment protects almost all statements about public figures except those made with actual malice. i.e. the knowledge that they were false or in reckless disregard of the truth.

    However, those who believed they were wronged by the media sometimes can sue under other statutes. Hulk Hogan successfully sued for invasion of privacy, a law not covered by the Supreme Court decision.