Broward Politics: Demo Boss Cynthia Busch’s Vulgar Facebook Post




Broward Democratic chair Cynthia Busch wants to be paid for her party work?

Overnight a strange vulgar post was placed on Busch’s Facebook page:

The post was quickly widely distributed.

Many local Democrats believed Busch’s page was hacked.  Others were shocked by the profanity, stating Busch doesn’t use such language.

There was also comments from Democrats who appeared ready to bleed the party’s scant resources to pay Busch.

Busch couldn’t be reached for comment.

Whether she was hacked or not, there are two unquestionable facts:

  • Democrats need every dime they can raise next year to defend U. S. Sen. Bill Nelson and perhaps win seats new in Florida.
  • Former Democratic Chair Mitch Ceasar did not receive a salary from the party.




14 Responses to “Broward Politics: Demo Boss Cynthia Busch’s Vulgar Facebook Post”

  1. thomasman says:

    Facebook after imbibing?

  2. Guccifer says:

    Check to see if Ken Evans met with any Russians recently?

  3. Broward Voter says:

    Ceasar didn’t need a salary.

    As party chairman, he helped elect a lot of local elected officials.

    Those elected officials owed him.

    Then he made a nice living either being paid to lobby those elected officials or actually being paid to lobby by the cities themselves.

  4. Sam The Sham says:

    Oh my! Does she kiss her mother with that mouth?

    Considering how much ink and attention that it gets, I always assumed it was a paid position. I guess the Dem muckety mucks care less about her (and Mitch) than I thought.

    I am more impressed with Mitch Sleazer now that I know he did all his groping on his own dime. Paul Kruger is right. Cindy should start soliciting bribes, er, I mean “donations”.

  5. Show me the money says:

    In real news. Where are the Broward Republican Party’s 2nd Quarter Financial Reports???
    They are not posted to the SOE website. Could they be late? Most likely as they have filed amended returns every month in 2017. Obviously they are bungling their finances with their poor leadership. Expect fines to be issued if they did not turn them in on time.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It would require the BDEC to raise an extra $100,000 minimum just to pay her salary, taxes and benefits until the next election. That is a lot of money to raise — one hundred people would have to give $1,000 or some special interests (unions, Debbie Wasserman Schultz) could give more.

  7. A reader says:

    What will Democrats whine about next? No solutions ever offered, just complaints. And money is always the root of their beings, especially other peoples’ funds and how to get those dollars into their pockets.

  8. sick of politics says:

    A great role model for younger people, Broward county full of pigs like this disgusting.

  9. Ha Ha Ha says:

    The post isn’t there any more. This was probably an opportunistic middle-of-the-night hack by an insider who might have earlier found her Facebook password taped to her computer…

  10. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I think when woman cuss like demonstrated by her own admission(written) makes them look cheap.

  11. Total Whine says:

    Must have been a five bottle Chardonnay (Bare Foot) night.

    Mitch Ceasar,”Knott a CPA” the books were certified by high school math class dropout.

    CPA Exam | NASBA

  12. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    I’m sure when you got your Barber’s Degree, English Lit wasn’t on the menu.

    With this, I’m sure you’ve never read any Erica Jong or Sonia Sanchez.

    Writers don’t use expletives to shock or out of laziness. It just … sometimes the four-letter word is the best one.

    Fucking A.

  13. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Listen to the Hethen(#12). Again making fun of my profession. Oh your sooo smart chubby w/ you reading Erica Jong and Sonia Sanchez. And your right never heard of either of them. I personally like Post -page 6. Now go and make your beer sculpture as you are known acroos this county as a Jack-ass. Me say what you want. save dthe city of Ft>lau over 300g per year,every year (discover of 401a-Huh Mr.Herbst). At least when they throw me the ball Chaz ,people know I can catch that ball and land it on the front page. Well done. It sabout team work. together me an dmy supporters (sources are very effective-WATCH a lot of us in action during the Mayoral race this coming Feb. In ft>alu. You are not the only one playing to win Judy Stern(LOL)…..

  14. Trudi says:

    Find a better place to wash our dirty information.