Broward Politics: County Commission Candidate’s Misleading Ad






Broward County Commission candidate Chuck Lanza is a Republican.

U. S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is Democrat and the former chair of the Democratic National Committee.

So it was strange to see Wasserman Schultz praising Lanza in the candidate’s recent advertising that arrived in mail boxes over the weekend.

The ad features a speech she made on the floor of the House commending Lanza on his retirement as Broward’s emergency management director.

The speech took place more than two years ago, long before Lanza was running for the commission.

The piece doesn’t say the congresswoman is endorsing Lanza.  However, it is clearly designed to create that impression.

Let’s be clear:  Wasserman Schultz has not endorsed Broward County Commission candidate Lanza.  She isn’t even supporting him.

She is in Broward County Commission candidate Steve Geller’s corner.  Geller, the Democratic candidate, is a long-time Democratic office holder and activist.

The congresswoman could not be reached for comment. She is said by a source to be “irate” about the misleading ad. believes the source for one key reason:  The flyer supplied to us was the one mailed to Wasserman Schultz’s Weston home.

Lanza and Geller are vying for the open County Commission District 5 in Southwest Broward.



5 Responses to “Broward Politics: County Commission Candidate’s Misleading Ad”

  1. Kevin says:

    I don’t see anything misleading unless he misquoted her speech. He gave the date of her speech and apparently what she said.

  2. Joe Morguess says:

    Lanza’s reference to DebWass’ comments about him a few years ago suggests he endorses what she thinks. I wonder what he has said about her in private. Or maybe DebWass should reference Lanza’s unintentional “endorsement ” of her in her own ad. Don’t think so. Regarding endorsements, I scarcely pay attention. I think and evaluate for myself . I don’t live in district 1, I’m in district 3 and I support Mike Udine for county commissioner-Not because somebody told me to, but because I’ve taken the time to observe, and I’ve thought and evaluated for myself. That said, DebWass did say those positive things about Lanza , altho not “endorsing” him . I am not familiar with Geller or Lanza.

  3. Dave Erdman says:

    Instead of being “irate”, shouldn’t Lil’ Debbie be spending her time trying to figure out why she’s not the DNC chair anymore?

  4. Ron Williams says:

    My, my, my, Debbie irate at someone who rigged a political flyer. How gauche of him.

  5. dadofthree says:

    As far as political ads go, at least it’s accurate and factual, much more than I can say for many others cluttering my mailbox.
    As for DWS, I actually changed parties before the primary so I could vote against her. Very disturbing to have her represent me.
    As for S Geller, in my direct dealings with him as my State Senator I found him arrogant, ineffectual and dismissive. I don’t need a County Commissioner who will look down on me. Hoping Chuck can win this.