Broward Politics: Commissioner Sinks To New Low





Deerfield Beach Commissioner Bernie Parness may have sunk to a new low even for him today.

The self-styled Democratic Party boss of Deerfield Beach today on Facebook seemed to belittle an expression of sympathy for victims of the Las Vegas shooting.


Bernie Parness



The 81-year-old commissioner’s comment was an answer to a Facebook post from Democratic activist Barry Harris.   “Sending Prayers for the 50 Dead & 200 injured in Las Vegas Shooting!” Harris wrote.

“Why ? They are dead and you did nothing to prevent it,” Parness snapped back.

Really!  Really!

He was quickly admonished by another activist Beth Lerner:  “What could Barry have done to prevent this. And prayers are a nice gesture. Why be an ass about it?”

No answer from Parness.

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.

When my kids were young and did something stupid, they were sent to the Time Out Chair to think about it.

The chair has been empty for awhile, so there is room on it for you, Bernie.

And Bernie, you really need to think twice before posting on Facebook.




10 Responses to “Broward Politics: Commissioner Sinks To New Low”

  1. NewsMan says:

    Who would have thought today would apparently be the Slowest. News. Day. Ever. for this to be what is being written about.

  2. Christina Disbrow says:

    Bernie should be ashamed. What a horrible, horrible thing to say. Innocent people were murdered. I’m glad there are people like Beth to call him out like this.

  3. Richard J Kaplan says:

    You know that earlier this morning was again another concerning day. Thank you Barry, and I’ll ignore the response.

    My sister-in-law was working in the Mandalay Bay and was on lock down. Fortunately we heard from her that she was safe since the first thing we heard was a shooting at Mandalay Bay.

    Then my brother is a GP Doctor that does some work in Sunrise Hospital. One of the two large hospitals in Las Vegas that were handling a large number of the cases. He was handling his patients while others could help the more serious ones. The hospital was extremely busy. He was fine.

    So I am glad for them, and feel for the families that have suffered.

  4. Louise Fowler says:

    Why did Chaz Stevens decide to stop publishing? He definitely needs a penis face!

  5. Richard J Kaplan says:

    Update: One of the co-workers with my ex- sister-in-law who works for the city of Las Vegas is one of those who died in the gun fire.

  6. Floridan says:

    Parness’ comment was not artful, but his point was correct. “Sending Prayers” on social media is, if not meaningless, a lot easier than advocating sensible gun laws that might help curb this national blight.

    The Las Vegas massacre was hardly the first mass shooting in the United States, and expressions of sympathy after the fact are not going to solve this uniquely American problem.


    You are right that prayers on social media are not going to solve the problem. Prayers comfort many people and that’s a good thing.

  7. Chaz Stevens says:

    A few things about the “Mostly-retired From Local Activism” Chaz Stevens.

    1. Two days after Sylvia Poitier was arrested, my family dog was poisoned. My fucking beloved yellow Labrador was poisoned. Who would harm a defenseless dog?

    2. In the hallways of the Broward County Court house, Terry Scott told me if I ever wrote another story about him, he’d “cut my head off and hand it to my mother on a silver platter like John the Baptist.” I offered to kick Scott’s ass right there … he rightly demurred. For the next week, MAOS wrote story after story about Scott.

    3. I’ve been shot at, threatened, lost business, libeled, defamed, sued, threatened to be sued … Bob Norman’s WPLG lawyer has sent me numerous Cease and Desist letters.

    4. In the decade MAOS ran, I raised a total of $400 in donations — all which was regifted to Woman in Distress.


    During Bernie’s campaign (which ran 2+ years), he offered to pay me $100 to file a complaint against his opponent (Caryl Berner). Not only illegal but fucking cheap as hell.

    So, to those that still think somewhat warmly about the changes I helped make in our community, this Bernie Dick Nose is for you!



  8. Count GFYS Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz Jr says:

    Barry the political snitch calling out Bernie the political thug, LOL. Soggy Subway sandwich for your signed absentee ballot?

  9. Zowie says:

    I don’t know Mr. Parness from Adam or Eve, but is there a hollower or more insincere statement from a politician than “my heart goes out” or assuring us of his/her “thoughts and prayers”?
    Too often it’s a pious, phony cloak from the powerful for doing nothing while faking concern. If that was what Mr. Parness meant, I second his emotion.

  10. Sober As a Judge says:

    I find the Perness comment to be 100% on the mark and in every way appropriate.