Broward Politics: Candidate Loses Appeal To Change Her Position On Ballot





A candidate has lost her appeal to be listed first on the ballot in the Broward Circuit Court Group 38 race.

Melissa Minsk Donoho wanted to block opponent Jason Allen Rosner from appearing on the ballot as Jason Allen-Rosner. By using the hyphen, Rosen was placed in the first position among the candidates running for Group 38 instead of Donoho.

Candidates are listed alphabetically. There is a belief that a candidate has a slight advantage when listed first on the ballot, especially in low-visibility, down-ballot races like those for judge.



Jason Allen-Rosner


Since early and mail voting is already underway, a ruling in favor of Donoho would have played havoc with next week’s primary.

Circuit Court Judge Mily Rodriguez Powell earlier turned down Donoho’s request for an injunction.


Mily Rodriguez Powell


The Fourth District Court of Appeal said on Friday that they agreed with Powell.

Donoho’s “argument is premised on the speculative belief that the first name listed on the ballot receives an advantage. The trial court found that any harm to (Donoho) is speculative,” the court wrote.

Justices agreed with Judge Powell “that (Rosner’s) use of the hyphenated name did not make his name ‘unrecognizable'” or create confusion.

In addition, justices found that Rosner’s use of a hyphen fell within the law.

Rosner “did not employ ‘a stratagem clearly intended to deceive and confuse voters,’ (as Donoho alleged)……our election laws provide candidates great latitude in how they will be listed on the ballot…,” the justices wrote.

The ballot will continue to list Circuit Court Group 38 candidates like this:

  • Jason Allen-Rosner
  • Melissa Minsk Donoho
  • Linda Marie Leali
  • Stefanie Camille Moon

2 Responses to “Broward Politics: Candidate Loses Appeal To Change Her Position On Ballot”

  1. A reader says:

    In honor of Mr. Rosner:

    What do you call an honest lawyer?

    An oxymoron.

  2. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Ps.Id let u go first Millie..