Broward PBA Members Spurn Union Bosses: Support Sheriff Scott Israel




Sometimes endorsement are not what they seem.

Case in point, the Broward County Police Benevolent Association endorsement earlier this month of Sheriff’s candidate James “Jim” Fondo earlier this month.  Apparently no-one asked the PBA members who actually worked for the Broward Sheriff’s Office before making the endorsement.

Members of the only Broward Sheriff’s Office bargaining unit represented by the PBA — roughly 40 lieutenants — broke with their union bosses this week.  The Lieutenants backed incumbent Sheriff Scott Israel.

In a May 23rd letter to Israel, BSO bargaining unit representative Lt. Jeffrey Morse said the Fondo endorsement was made without “the knowledge, input or consent of the bargaining unit members.”

So the only PBA members who work at the sheriff’s office back Israel, not the choice of their bosses.  What does that say about the validity of the union endorsement?

You decide.

Fondo, a retired district BOS chief,  is challenging Israel in the August Democratic primary.

The background on the dispute between the PBA bosses and Israel can be found in post linked here. 

Below is the letter from the PBA bargaining unit at the sheriff’s office announcing they support Israel.


PBA Letter

16 Responses to “Broward PBA Members Spurn Union Bosses: Support Sheriff Scott Israel”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Leaders need followers or they aren’t leaders.

  2. Dissapointed says:

    Mr. Nevins,I am perplexed by the endorsement letter from the BSO Lieutenants. I would assume that to become a Lieutenant in such a large organization, it would require a bit of knowledge and leadership quality in order to become successful. How is it that the 40 plus Lieutenants who are tasked with great responsibility claim not to know how their own organization works? The bylaws of the Broward County PBA clearly state under article 10 that all local endorsements will come from the executive board of the Broward County PBA. The executive board “may” listen and take input from the membership but are not required to do so. Do you mean to tell me that the entire group of middle management at the Broward Sheriffs Office is unaware of how their union, bylaws, constitution and legal protection work? What also raises an eyebrow to me is that this endorsement letter is on BSO letterhead. Would the head leader of the Lieutenants not know that you can not use BSO letterhead for union business. I would have to assume that this letter was emailed too. In Florida, it is actually a crime to use a government computer to send political literature which this clearly is. Maybe the bigger problem is what the PBA has been teaching its members over the years.

  3. Native says:

    Bullying and intimidation is the new credo, and here is a perfect example. Hopefully the voters in Broward will educate themselves and choose wisely. I’ve done my homework, and will be voting for Jim Fondo.

  4. PBAMember says:

    This isnt the first time the BCPBA endorsed a candidate without consulting with the barging unit members that endorsement effects….not a good practice…Thats gotta stop guys….

  5. Haha haha Marano Morono says:

    Oh Jeff, you Moron. You just lost any chance of regaining credibility at BSO. Pretty soon Pembroke Pines, and then your precious Hollywood will also fall through your fat fingers. Hahahahahaha.

  6. Clarke Anthony says:

    An incompetent sheriff and a gun nut challenger… God help Broward County! This lifelong Democrat will be voting Republican in this race!

  7. Not Surprised says:

    The Broward PBA political endorsement process is the definition of oxymoron. The PBA wants to put their 2 cents in when it comes to handing over an endorsement. However, when it comes to their own organization, NO member has ever been able to cast a single vote on who the President of the organization is. The PBA likes the democratic system for others, but not within their own organization.

  8. Sam The Sham says:

    Unions in general and the PBA in particular have a history of endorsing candidates without the knowledge or consent of their members.

    The PBA represents more than just Lieutenants. This Lieutenant should not have used BSO letterhead and normally would get in trouble for it, but won’t because the Sheriff will now protect him. The lieutenants cannot be fired by Israel for not supporting him(like captains and above can) but he can make their lives miserable by putting them on the midnight shift in the ghetto or some other equally unwanted position. If the Sheriff still had horses, he would probably make them shovel manure until they cried “Uncle”.

    The Lieutenants either saw that Fondo has no hope of getting elected or just want to kiss Israel’s ass to get (or keep) a promotion. Israel is notorious for punishing his non-supporters of any rank. Nobody wants to end up in Lauderdale Lakes or West Pompano on midnight shift.

  9. MORON-O says:

    Jeff, Jeff, Jeff,
    Your time has come and your poor choices and corrupt ways have caught up with you. You went against your DLE men/women when you picked bail bondsmen darling Keechl (again) and then there was Gibbons. Your picks ain’t winning! Then you jeopardized the people of Hollywood’s public safety for your own personal gain. Then you lost the support of just about everyone to IUPA. Now this?

    When are you gonna learn Jeffrey? Your time has passed, along with that drunk (live from the bar at McGuire’s Hill) Patty Hanrahan and his gang of corrupt cronies.

  10. An Observation says:

    Gee, this endorsement is on Sheriff Letterhead. So they used taxpayers dollars to do a political endorsement. Something isn’t right about this.

    Maybe the Inspector General should look into this?

  11. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    So … am I missing something here?

    Is this fellow using public time, public equipment, and the public brand to further his political agenda?

  12. SMH says:

    The PBA has NEVER asked any member of any police department who they would like to endorse in their city elections. This organization is a joke. When they tried to have a “unity” rally before BSO left the PBA, what did they do? Marano and Rivera went to the Downtown Cigar Bar in Ft Lauderdale and posed for photos in front of a cigar locker for the PBA. The thing is, no member can take anything from that locker, just Marano. The leadership of the PBA in Broward has always been in it for them, not the guys. Mr. Nevins, maybe for your next story, you should contact recently retired Vice President Reggio and ask her why she retained legal counsel just prior to leaving and submitting a report to the State PBA. Even bigger story there.

  13. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:



    Call the KGB Retired Officers Club?
    Call in a drone strike on the office where the letter was typped?
    Call in an ISS hit squad?
    Call in the Iranian Kuds Force?
    Call in to the bar at Msguires 16 to see if any retired Provisional IRA members were available?

  14. What??? says:

    And this same guy who used BSO letterhead is the same person who is negotiating the Lieutenants next contract?

  15. Knows For Sure says:

    I live in Hollywood and I have known Jeff Marano for 30+ years. He is a less-than-honest punk union thug with his own personal agenda. He bullies and intimidates people all the time.

    How DARE he issue a BCPBA endorsement without a clear consensus from his members.

    He acts on his own all the time throwing his weight around while claiming he “represents his members”. He thinks he is above the law. I REALLY think the BCPBA needs new leadership, but I’ve thought this for decades. SHAME on you Jeff.

  16. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I think Union members are intelligent enough to make their own choices, and Sheriff Deputies and Officers don’t need third parties to advise them. Let the Union membership decide who their officers are.