Broward Needs Atwater As Senate President


Pinocchio is back.

I don’t know how many times I have seen an ad illustrated with a photo of a politician doctored to appear to have an abnormally long nose.

Just like Pinocchio, the character from literature and movies whose nose grows if he lies.  Get it?

This political cliché is back, courtesy of the Florida Democratic Party.  This time the target in flyers is state Sen. Jeff Atwater, the Republican who represents a big hunk of northeast Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

His Democratic opponent Linda Bird is a political unknown. She has an interesting platform which the freshman Democrat will never get passed.   Any other year, Bird’s candidacy would be a non-starter. 

But this is the Democrats’ year. 

Bird has a shot against Atwater and that is unfortunate.  She has absolutely no meaningful Tallahassee experience, which might sound good to the uneducated voter.

Voters should understand that you can’t accomplish anything in the state Senate unless you know something about politics and how things work in Tallahassee. 

It is also unfortunate because Atwater is scheduled to be the Senate President.  Because of this, Broward will be on the front burner in Tallahassee for the first time in years.

I believe the last House leader representing Broward was Tom Gustafson, who was Speaker 1988-90.

Interstate 595 and a wider Interstate 95, the Tri-Rail commuter system, the current Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International configuration, the downtown state college campus.   They all got an initial nudge from Speaker Gustafson, which included a generous infusion of state cash.    

Jim Scott, the former county commissioner, was Senate president in 1994-96.  All types of goodies were thrown to Broward. Scott also allowed a number of Democratic senators to get what they wanted.


Get the picture?

In Tallahassee, the Senate president and the House speaker rule the roost.  That’s the way it has been under Republicans and Democrats.  That’s the way it is today.

Senate Jeff President Atwater would be a great benefit to South Florida.  Money and programs would flow here.

A vote for Bird just because she’s a Democrat is bad politics.  It is saying that South Florida doesn’t want to be in the legislative catbird seat.

A vote for Bird because of blind partisanship is a disservice to South Florida.

A vote for Bird is like saying, “Tallahassee, keep your money.

The Florida Democratic Party is the real Pinocchio.  They are the ones lying if they tell voters that Broward will be better off with Linda Bird. 

4 Responses to “Broward Needs Atwater As Senate President”

  1. bryon cole says:

    Jeff Atwater has proved to be a savvy Senator and is a valuable member of the Legislative Delegation. You points in the posting make a lot of sense.

  2. russ says:

    I actually think Jim Scott was the last presiding officer from Broward County.

    FROM BUDDY: Absolutely correct so I corrected the language.

  3. karin says:

    Linda Bird is a bit of a whack job and has taken the low road in her campaign literature. She brings nothing to the table.

  4. Maggie Davidson says:

    Linda Bird’s campaign literature is mild compared to the tall tales being spun by Atwater and the Republican machine. Linda Bird brings ethics and common sense to the table.
    Atwater has one term left. He will use it to redistrict a Congressional seat for himself and get rid of perhaps three excellent members of Congress. Broward needs a Democrat in Tallahassee for new direction in Florida after the Republicans have done everything they can to destroy our state.
    Atwater is against a woman’s right to choose. A vote for Atwater will undermine whatever women’s rights are left in this state after Republican right-wing domination.
    Having Linda Bird as State Senator will only help Broward and Florida. Linda is a smart businesswoman. She is sharp and knows what is needed to help Broward and Florida. She will know her way around Tallahassee in no time at all.