Broward Men Fight For $$$$ In Haiti


I look at pictures of Haiti and see collapsed buildings, crushed cars and toppled trees.

Broward County entrepreneurs J. R. Bergeron and Randy Perkins look at Haiti and see dollars in the debris.

JR Bergeron and Ronnie

J.R. Bergeron (left) and his father, Ron Bergeron

The two men’s firms have fought all over Florida for hurricane debris contracts, which are worth millions if a storm hits.

They have battled in every Broward city hall.

The Brawl in Broward has morphed into the Clash in the Caribbean.

Bergeron and Perkins companies AshBritt of Pompano Beach and Bergeron Emergency Services of Pembroke Pines are wrestling for pieces of the Haitian earthquake recovery, according to the Institute of Southern Studies.

J. R. Bergeron is the son of Ron Bergeron — the road, real estate and rock pit tycoon.  Although both are officers of Bergeron Emergency Services, it is J. R. who is handling the move into Haiti.

Both Perkins and the elder Bergeron have houses in Parkland.  Both have done extensive work for government in Broward AshBritt removing debris and Bergeron building roads and parks and cleaning up after emergencies.

And both dislike one another.

They publicly clashed in the wake of Hurricane Wilma, when Perkins baited Bergeron at a Davie Town Hall meeting.  Perkins made fun of Bergeron by appearing in Bergeron’s signature cowboy clothes, complete with fancy  boots.

The institute’s online magazine quoted The Miami Herald as saying Perkins has already met with Haitian President René Préval to lobby for a cleanup contract.

WPEC-Channel 12 in West Palm Beach quoted J. R. Bergeron as saying he is already trying to hire workers for Haiti.

“I think we’ve taken in 3000 applications since we put the ad in,” said J. R. Bergeron, who operates the debris business and is Ron’s son.

J. R.’ sister has done missionary work in Haiti and has extensive contacts on the island.

AshBritt is in the middle of a scandal at the Broward School Board for allegedly overbilling by $765,000 for Hurricane Wilma cleanup work. The firm is also accused of mishandling the debris removal on the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina.

5 Responses to “Broward Men Fight For $$$$ In Haiti”

  1. Davie Dave says:

    The rich get richer. At least some of that money we are giving to Haiti will come back to us.

  2. Pond Scum says:

    Bergeron Sr is pond scum…ashbritt more entreprenurial but doesnt sound like ethical based on the accidental overbilling. You can judge folks by the fact that they dont accidentally underbill its always overbilling (doesnt matter who it is…Comcast…At&t…Walgreens they all do itl…Oops ?). But make no mistakes Perkins developed this business and produced a product…very entreprenurial…Bergeron Sr couldnt stand to see an outsider make so much $. Now said Pond Scum has exclusive contracts due to Political Influence Peddling…its very tough for these politicians these days, they dont know if its Austin or Ronnie at the back door with a bag of vegetables wink wink 🙂

  3. Robert Lewis says:

    Pond Scum is just jealous like so many others who don’t have the skill or gumption to make it.
    Ron Bergeron is a self-made man who worked hard every day of his life for everything he has.
    I agree that he is highly eccentric with his cowboy look and he is also very, very smart. Nobody gave him anything. He earned it all, including the political influence you say he has. How do you explain that there were a lot of shit-kicking farmers out west in the 1960s and today there is only one who became a billionaire? Yes, I worked for him once and admire him. He taught me a lot.

  4. pond scum says:

    @ Robert Lewis

    Fair Enough…dont know the man personally so should retract my statement. But there is an “exclusive” contract in Broward County to clean up after Hurricanes. There is going to be a scandalous amount of money made off of the taxpayer trough, no accountability. Then the politicians are all going to say “duh…!” It happens over and over again. And whats with the FTZ 25 miles from the port. You try and get one for your property…the only response from the pol’s will be laughter !!

  5. pond scum cleaner says:

    Actually, the broward county contract is not “exclusive” as you say. There are multiple contractors under contract with the county to assist in cleanup. You really shouldn’t speak on things you know nothing about!