Broward Mayor To Struggling Businesses: Give Me Money





Broward Mayor Dale Holness’ timing is way off.

Way, way off.

Why else send a fund raising email last week to businesses when so many are struggling just to stay alive? 

It is not like Holness needs the money now.  The primary isn’t until August.

And it is not like his campaign is broke. Far from it.  

Holness raised $139,092 through the end of March for his reelection.

But he also spent $65,618 through March. That is an amazing amount already spent considering he has no opponent and he probably won’t get a viable one.


Dale Holness


Holness apparently does not believe in spending all that money to help Broward businesses.  More than $23,000 of  campaign cash was spent on three West Palm Beach consultants.

Aren’t there any consultants in Broward?

West Palm Beach-based S. A. Nelson run by Sophia Nelson received $6,000. She is a public relations consultant.

West Palm Beach-based Mosaic Group run by Ann Marie Sorrell got $3,700. She is also a public relations consultant.

And at least $13,550 went to West Palm Beach firms associated with Omar Smith, who has worked with Holness on campaigns in the past.

Two years ago Smith and Holness were tied to an ad by judicial candidates that appeared to violate state ethics rules.  A story I wrote about that ad linked here. 

This time around Holness’ email appears to be sent to a list of county vendors. I am told one business owner received an email for each of his two businesses listed with the county.

In the email Holness says he needs more money for his non-campaign. 

We all need more money, especially now.

Hey, Dale. Get a grip!

Few have extra money lying around to support your consultants in West Palm Beach. 


16 Responses to “Broward Mayor To Struggling Businesses: Give Me Money”

  1. tiny says:

    Mike Satz are you reading?

  2. K Michelle Perez says:

    I cant believe the audacity of this man. No college degree and he’s the mayor of Broward County. Surely our district can do better. It’s sad that we don’t vote for qualified we vote color.

  3. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Coukd it be Holness uses Palm Beach Cpunty consultants BECAUSE HE WANTS TO SUCCEED ALCEE HASTINGS N MOST OF THE VOTERS ARE IN PALM BEACH COUNTY? No one in my (Hastings’) Congressional District why Hastings hates the local Ft Lauderdale Black electeds but is tied to Holness.


    Interesting point.

  4. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Nothing against Dale Holeness and his 30 kids( kidding) but it’s a touchy subject right now with so many residents out of work.Then it’s reported Florida of all the states is last,last in dispersing these stimulus checks.

    So to here Me.Holeness is taking in money,so noted here ,while residents don’t t know if they r going to have enough money to pay the rent.

    He is not the only one.In Ft.lau Comm.Glassman has only been getting significant amount of cpaign monies as well.If that’s not enough what u report here it also has been reported to me that non-essential workers at city hall who were sent home for the last 6 weeks have been getting paid their normal salaries.To boot management that comes into their offices some r getting overtime.

    So with elected officials taking in all this cash,w/ city employees taking their normal checks to basically sit home,to managers etc going into their offices to petition for overtime.Whats wrong w/ this picture…U get it.

  5. Not Ben and Jerry says:

    Maybe Dale’s political role model is Nancy Peolsi who shows off stocking her exorbitantly priced freezer with ice cream only the elite can afford. Meanwhile, thousands of people are waiting in line at food banks. “Let them eat cake!”?

    It seems Dale is afflicted with the same condition as Nancy: totally oblivious to the reality of the times.

  6. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #3 As far Mayor Holeness eying Hastings congressional seat hold on there many,many would and will compete for that seat.Could he pull it off- maybe and that is a big maybe.Although u make a valid point in regards to Holeness hiring consultant in that Palm Beach area.Sure as long as they get their checks($) from him ,Hell they will tell him to run for President.My point judge an elected official on their performance ,rather than how much money they can raise.Crefit do very observant rational on your part..

  7. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Also to #3.U want names that would be eying that seat.State rep Bobby Dubose,Current ft.lau cy.comm.Robert Mckinzie,former State Senator Chirs Smith( if u can get him away from that chicken wing business)State sen( current) Percy Thurston.So there u go…

  8. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Nancy Pelosi has a successful husband like her Father n doesnt need campaign contribtions to pay for ice cream. Comment attacking Speaker Pelosi is TYPICAL TRUMPER IGNORANCE

  9. Not Ben and Jerry says:

    Even though you missed the whole point of my remarks about Nancy and Dale, keep ranting. It is amusing and even enlightening every so often. Particularly, on point was your remark about Holness maybe running for Hastings’ seat.

  10. Floridan says:

    Also, why is it significant that one of his consultants is “Jamaican-born”?


    Ann Marie Sorrell, the consultant you refer to, mentions her roots in her own discussions with the media. Maybe that is because she specializes in public relations and event management targeting the Caribbean community, among others.

    But you make a fair point. I removed that mention.

  11. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    How many people vote based on a candidate’s ‘kinship’ with them? As for Mayor Holness – he comes from one of the most prominent Leftwing ‘populist’ families in Jamaica where his cousin (who looks like him) is Prime Minister. Mayor Holness has built his career on Jamaican emigrsnts n their children west of Ft Lauderdale vs native Southern Black candidates from here in Ft Lauderdale.

  12. Vivian Allen says:

    This man is out of his mind to be asking for money at this time, are you a Trump like with no Empathy?
    Small businesses are closing their doors in record time throughout the county.
    Have you no decency Sir?

  13. Señor Ēl Censor says:

    #2 How shameful of you to attack an individual for their success in the political game because he is lacking a formal education, yet you have numerous politicians with multiple degrees that could not compete with his life’s experiences.

    Where is the criticism of Dean “the Messiah” Trantalis (because he cares) and his cabal of Ben “Phony” Sorensen, Steven “Cashman” Glassman, Heather “Pick Pocket” Moraitis, all these hacks are squeezing vendors and business’s for campaign funds…

  14. Ironic voter says:

    Where’s the criticism for any of the other candidates promoting themselves via “good deeds” and sending out multiple requests for campaign donations during this time?

  15. Clarke Anthony says:

    No surprise here! It’s rare that the words “integrity… ethical… intelligent” are attributed to Dale Holness.

  16. Phony Tony says:

    Holness is just a cheap crook.