Broward Mayor’s $1,000-a-Person Fundraiser






Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief is taking her re-election campaign to a new level.

She is holding a $1,000-a-ticket reception in downtown Fort Lauderdale and is using professional Miami-Dade Democratic fundraiser Brian Goldmeier to fill the room.

The event is being thrown by the Broward Workshop.  My guess is that most Broward Workshop members seldom if ever have been to Sharief’s Southwest Broward District 8.

Broward Workshop  members throw money at the campaigns of friendly office holders identified as “business friendly.” The group consists of the “chief decision makers representing 100 of Broward County’s major businesses and professions,” according to its website.

“In addition to serving on the County Commission, Barbara is a successful, self-made businesswoman. Her Broward based business employs over 500 South Floridians. Barbara is well aware of the challenges business owners face,” Goldmeier wrote business types in his solicitation e-mail.

It is not like Sharief is desperate for money.  Her campaign had raised $178,108 as of the end of April, compared to $67,068 raised by her opponent Commissioner Alexandra Davis of Miramar.

Sharief is battling Davis in the Democratic primary.

Sharief fund raiser


District 8:

Map of District 8

6 Responses to “Broward Mayor’s $1,000-a-Person Fundraiser”

  1. Birds of a feather says:

    You forgot to mention her business is so successful in she over charged Medicare and had to pay them just like Rick scott did with his company.

  2. Just sayin' says:

    Isn’t this the same group that Buddy called a bunch of “republican hacks” just a few months ago when they did an event for a republican? What’s changed? Is Broward’s mayor that desperate that she needs to go home to her old republican friends to win here? Just sayin…


    I can’t find where I called them “republican hacks.” What I wrote is:

    “Broward Workshop, the 100 CEOs of the top businesses, have a long record of misreading the public. Thus, the group can’t achieve most of what they want locally.

    Their two major pushes in recent years have both been roundly rejected at the polls — a strong mayor for Broward County and a transit tax…”

    I noted that their “politics is fundamentally at odds with the voters” and that the group has been “a glittery afterthought in Broward politics” that talks a lot but doesn’t step up the plate with real money or plans to accomplish anything.

  3. Just Do Right says:

    I thought she ran initially NOT accepting money from lobbyists and those doing business at the county. Voters wanted her because she was “clean” and not tainted. Now she is. This may be the perfect campaign point for Davis!

  4. city activist robert walsh says:

    She ain’t foolin around huh. $1000 bucks. She better be able to sing like the ‘Pointer Sisters’ for that kind of money….

  5. Alice McGill says:

    Wow! $1000 a ticket. This makes the June 22 shindig to raise money for Bobbie Grace’s campaign in Dania Beach look like chump change, only $35.00 a pop. Unless one wants to fork over $250. There appears to be a growing alliance between the politicos in West Park and Dania Beach. Maybe Grace should up the ante.

  6. just sayin' says:

    the mayor crown she was allowed to wear for a year as literally gone to her head