Broward Judge Seeks Same Job In Jacksonville






Don’t you love us in Broward County anymore, Charlie?

Charles M.”Charlie” Greene wants to move to the Jacksonville area so he has applied to be appointed to the Circuit Court in Northeast Florida.

Greene is one of 18 attorneys who applied to the Fourth Judicial Nominating Commission to fill a vacancy created by a resignation. The judicial district includes Duval (Jacksonville) and two neighboring counties — Clay and Nassau (Amelia Island).


Duval County Courthouse in downtown Jacksonville, where Broward Circuit Judge Charles “Charlie” Greene wants to work. 



“We have had a part time residence in the Fourth (Judicial District) for years….my wife would love to live there. She’s been pulling at my coat strings for a long time,” Greene told

There are family reasons to move.

One married son who is a physician who lives in Northeast Florida. “Hopefully we will have grandchildren one day,” he said.

A daughter goes to school in Jacksonville. A third son is an airline pilot, living in another part of the country.

“I don’t think its a secret to know I have the wherewithal  to retire,” Greene said.  “…(But)I have many more years, since I’m 61….I can’t give up my job.  It’s a job I love. I love helping people.”

Florida judges currently must retire at 70, but a proposed amendment in November would that to 75 years old if it passes.

“It’s not that I’m looking for a new job. It’s just I’m looking to transfer…There is no one that brings 27 1/2 years to judicial experience with them,” Greene said.

Greene said it wasn’t the first time a judge had sought a transfer. He said Broward Circuit Judge John Moore in the 1970s wanted to transfer, but instead was promoted to the Court of Appeals in 1977 in West Palm Beach. Then was appointed in 1981 by President Ronald Reagan to federal court in Jacksonville.

Greene was a prosecutor and then in private practice before being elected.  He beat Carlos Rodriquez by 66-34 percent after controversially spending $100,000 of his own money, a huge amount at the time.

He is the husband of heiress to the John Hay Whitney communications fortune, according to Sun-Sentinel writer Larry Keller. They met as youths at a New York City’s private preparatory Dalton School, once used as a location in Woody Allen’s film Manhattan.  “We have been best friends ever since,” Greene said.

Greene listed his net worth during the 1990 election at more than $4 million.

Greene is currently is a probate and guardianship judge.

Interviews for the appointment is set for June 11 at the Duval County Courthouse.  Competiting with Greene are a Duval County judge, two magistrates and 14 Jacksonville-area attorneys.


3 Responses to “Broward Judge Seeks Same Job In Jacksonville”

  1. Las Olas Lawyer says:

    Judge Greene departure would be a loss for Broward. He is one of the best we have.

  2. Question Time says:

    If he leaves, would the job be appointed here?

    FROM BUDDY: It appears the new judge for the Broward job Judge Greene would be leaving if he gets the job would be appointed.

  3. Play ball says:

    Can he be traded to Jacksonville for their Clerk and a Judge to be named later?