Broward Judge Matt Destry’s Cut-Rate Fund Raiser




I was always told about campaign fund raisers that if you shoot low, you get low.

So I was surprised to see Circuit Judge Matt Destry asking for $25 minimum at tonight’s fund raiser. The $25 buys a free drink.

Since drinks in East Fort Lauderdale taverns can easily cost more than $10 apiece, the fund raiser is a real bargain.

One can look at this two ways:

  • Destry is a Man of The People and his re-election campaign wants anybody to be able to afford to attend the reception.
  • Destry is a hard sell and his campaign has had a hard time getting well-heeled donors to attend, so they dropped the price.

You can decide which of my theories is correct.

Destry has two opponents — Brian Greenwald, a veteran criminal defense attorney, and Abbe Rifkin, a long-time prosecutor.



Destry Fund Raiser



9 Responses to “Broward Judge Matt Destry’s Cut-Rate Fund Raiser”

  1. Christopher Boyce says:

    Given that three 2 judges lost their jobs to DUIS you think he would consider how this comes off to the public. Just make sure you take away his keys beforehand as we all know how the Broward County Judges like to party and put the word fun back into dysfunction

  2. Question says:

    Buddy,any idea who his campaign team is? Isn’t mike Ahearn running his race?

  3. Knows For Sure says:

    Update: Destry will soon have THREE opponents by the end of this month. That’s what happens when you’re arrogant, inconsiderate, rude and over-sentence people. Now all of a sudden he’s a nice guy because he’s running for re-election? Typical.

  4. Esq says:

    Twenty five. That’s the number of years this heartless prick gives for parking violations.

  5. C'mon Buddy says:

    Buddy, when you post stories about this race, your readers may want to know that 1) your wife donated to Greenwald’s campaign, and 2) your son is employed by Howard Finkelstein, an outspoken critic of Judge Destry.

  6. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Buddy, it looks like your wife made the right call. Unless this mysterious 3rd opponent is a very strong candidate, I’ll probably be matching or exceeding the $50 your wife contributed. Here’s a great quote:

    Greenwald stresses that it’s important to be fair and consistent to all people before the court: “It’s not a judge’s job to assist the police or law enforcement or even the defense, for that matter. You have to be neutral and impartial to all litigants.”

  7. Vote Anyone but Destry says:

    The fundraising letter calls Destry “hard working, even-handed, fair and compassionate.” Having spent a good amount of time in his courtroom, I can assure you he is the exact opposite.

    Don’t take my word for it, do a search of how many times he was reversed by the 4th DCA (appellate court) where his actions were called “arbitrary and capricious.”

    Destry is one of the worst judges in the courthouse. I wish his opponents all the luck to rid us of this horrible man.

  8. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    @5 people who have ever met the members of the Nevins family know except for intellectual honesty n financial intregrity they all operate as independent citizens with their OWN political beliefs.
    After decades proving he’s intellectually honest its depressing people take cheap n dishonest shots at Mr Nevins n his family.

  9. Nina says:

    “Judge” is not compassionate, does not follow the law, is mean and spiteful and over sentences people, he’d give anyone prison for jay walking or a red light ticket. He is a arrogant, disrespectful and mean. He threatens everyone with prison and gives out harsh sentences. Mitigating factors mean nothing to him. He is out of touch with reality. The Broward voters need to not elect him. He is a total dictator.