Update: Broward Judge, Consultant Feud On Internet


Broward’s most visible judge and a well-known campaign consultant are feuding publicly over an alleged campaign debt left over from the 2010 election.

Or was it all just a mistake, confusion over careless language on the Internet?

Broward County Judge Jay Hurley is well known as the judge where a criminal defendant first appears. Video of those arrested and appearing before Hurley is featured on TV news almost every night.

Hurley gets more face time on television than anyone in the courthouse.  Now he is getting some additional publicity on Facebook.

The judge contends veteran political consultant Jack Shifrel has been making thinly-veiled allegations on Facebook.  He claims Shifrel alleges that Hurley did not pay his consulting bill in the past campaign.

In addition to being a consultant, Shifrel is a long-time Democratic leader and is currently the party official in charge of Coconut Creek and Margate.


Jack Shifrel

Hurley struck back last night at 10:08 p.m.

See here:

Jay Hurley

Jack: I feel the need to address you publicly on FB. You have made several thinly veiled allegations on FB alluding to your position that either me or my campaign owes you money. You are wrong. You were given several notices to submit invoices and you failed to do so in a timely manner. In fact, my campaign Treasurer indicates that you were paid in full regarding all invoices submitted. By law, my campaign account had to be closed by a certain date and that no further payments could be paid thereafter. You knew this, but still failed to submit invoices. It would be illegal to satisfy any invoices AFTER the closing of my campaign account. Hopefully, this clarifies the issue and you will refrain from future comments.

After this post appeared,  Shifrel told Browardbeat.com that the entire matter was a “misunderstanding. I’ve got no problem with Jay Hurley at all.  He did nothing to me.”

Shifrel said the two had been texting back and forth.  The messages resulted in “confusion.”

“I wasn’t even Jay’s primary consultant,” Shifrel recalled.  “I gave him a little bit of advice, like where he should go and who he should see. ”

The lesson in this:  Be careful what you write on the Internet.

18 Responses to “Update: Broward Judge, Consultant Feud On Internet”

  1. Barack Obama says:

    I think Judge Hurley makes a good point. I totally support him and would vote for him again.

    Even if it’s not true, who does Shifrel think he is? Be a man and speak to the Judge face to face, or at least send a letter. Facebook? Really? That alone is suspect

  2. Truthseeker says:

    Buddy, you may want to take a look at the last report from the SOE website for Hurley. Isnt it true a candidate cant add any more money to his account after the cut off date right before the election? Isnt it true that a candidate must have in his account enough to pay all campaign bills?

    So if the above is true? How come Hurley had to loan himself $400 after the cutoff date to balance his books?


    I’m not a lawyer. However, the law (106.141) appears to forbid “contributions”. I don’t see any mention of “loans,” which is what Hurley did.

    But I don’t know how courts and the Elections Division have interpreted the terms. Also, the election laws may contain other provisions.

  3. Smart Move says:

    You can’t complain about not getting paid if you didn’t invoice the client. The job is not finished until the paperwork is completed. Consultants that earn pay should know these things.

  4. Jackie Jack says:

    Poor Jack his mancrush was rebuffed. Did you really think Jay would open the doors to his Republican pals for you? Jay probably sits around the country club bitching how he had to spend the summer surrounded by loser liberal dems like yourself and your friends. It probably took a year of bathing purell to get that Dem stank off. Jack you whore’d out your self for Hurley the uber Republican but didnt you know whores dont get brought to table they get let out the maid’s quarters with an envelope. You have been paid, now run along.

  5. Judge Joe Brown says:

    Jay should have gone right to the top an bought Mitch Ceasar, instead of Shifrel.

  6. Frankly says:

    Jack Shifrel goes around on the blogs using his name to Bi@#$ about others not using their real names, the whole time this scumbag uses alias to falsely attack others all the time. Jack Shifrel stands for everything that is wrong in Broward politics

  7. Jack Shifrel says:

    For the record, Frankly, I do not post things anonymously. Unlike you & the other cowards who hide under rocks, If I have something to say, I own it. Look in the mirror if you want to see someone who hides like a coward. Or have the kahones to use your real name.

    Regarding Judge Hurley & myself, I wrote something on facebook that was mistakenly taken to be a complaint about him. I have great respect for the Judge & regret my words being misinterpreted. If he owed me money, I would have tried to collect long ago, not nearly a year after the campaign was over. As Buddy correctly wrote, I played a very minor role in Judge Hurley’s campaign to begin with.

    Regarding partisan politics, I love it when people complain about people being too partisan, and then use partisan politics to attack someone about a non-partisan race. Florida Election Law is quite clear about the non-partisan nature of Judicial races.

  8. Hmmmm says:

    Jack I saw this on FB, seems pretty clear you had/have an ax to grind…

    Jay Hurley
    Poductivity101> Really happy about NFL football starting up again. Now, I can spend three hours watching former players and coaches tell me what I am going to see. Then, watch the game for three hours. Then, have the same former players and coaches tell me what I just saw for three more hours…

    Jack Shifrel Maybe they do it because some people just don’t get it unless they hear something over & over again, and even then they don’t seem to get it. What goes around comes around. Do the right thing.

  9. happy jack says:

    Yeah Jack you and Hurley had a minor miunderstanding is a believable as your claims that you didnt help Lloyd Golburgh against Jugde Merrigan.

  10. uh huh says:

    “I wasn’t even Jay’s primary consultant,” Shifrel recalled. ”I gave him a little bit of advice, like where he should go and who he should see. ”

    Really Jack, so besides the 800 Hurley paid your for shirts, what did you do through your company “Consulting and…Inc” that Hurley paid you $3000 for?



  11. Democrat says:

    Jack is a solid Democrat. However, he has had difficulty with his finances for years. It is too bad because he has something to offer candidates, especially in Margate.

  12. Chip OffDaMarca says:

    Guys, would an appointment from the Governor help smooth things over? it’s good to be the king(maker)!

  13. Jack Shifrel says:

    Not that it matters to anonymous cowards, but Lloyd Golburgh was not a client of mine. Lloyd & I spoke a couple of times before his race even started, but he ran his own campaign.

    And not that it’s anyone’s business, but as long as it’s out there, I went through a rough patch several years ago, like many other people have & still do, but I worked through it.

    A decent person would not write the personal garbage you disgusting cretins put out there about people. And I’m not just talking about the stuff some Cowards write about me, it’s done to lots of people. Just once I’d like to see someone who spreads rumors, makes stuff up, and even tells hurtful truths about people, have the guts to identify themselves. But of course that’s probably too much to hope for.

  14. uh huh says:

    Jack, its hard to not think you are a liar when you claim you did little for Hurley but got paid close to 4 grand. Then you say things between you and Hurley are great when you sned him a msg on Facebook that ends with “What goes around comes around. Do the right thing.” Interesting you come on her to deny Golburgh and clear up your personal isses but fail to even address your comments to Hurley.

  15. Shifty Shifrel says:

    Hey Jack, nobody is making fun of you because you hit a rough patch. Everybody is going through a rough patch right now because of Fearless Leader. Rather, people make fun of you because you are a no class liar.

  16. Credit Due says:

    I give credit to any Judge who can sit there every day and listen to the !@#$% that come through Broward courts.

  17. real old timer says:

    Hey people, lets not forget that Judge Hurley doesn’t exactly play by the judicial cannons either. Who doesn’t recall many an event or meeting when the good judge stands outside the door passing out his Hurly bumper stickers and campaigning. As for you others that may have used Jack for help in your campaign, so your going to blame him for not being elected? Now that’s funny. Jack is a good guy, he is just in a sleazy profession. Look around.

  18. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    I agree with “real old timer”; Judge Hurley ignores the judicial canons and should be thrown out of office by Tallahassee, even if the voters screwed up and put him in….and Jack, he is not even yesterday’s news, because that would mean he was news in yester year, he’s always been a big talk, do nothing, rip you off consultant???Haaah, BS!!!

    Jack and Judge, both of you, Pleeeeease RETIRE or QUIT>>>>GO AWAY!!! You 2 actually deserve each other!