Broward Health’s Troubles Bleed Into Broward Judge Nina Di Pietro’s Campaign






Broward Health Chair David Di Pietro may have won his seat back pending an appeal after a Broward judge decided the governor suspended him illegally.

But the bruised health system’s troubles have bled into the courthouse career of Di Pietro’s wife career.

An ethics complaint has been filed against Broward County Judge Nina Di Pietro – David’s spouse.




Nina Di Pietro


According to the complaint, an awful lot of Nina’s campaign contributions can be traced to Broward Health.

The complaint  also alleges that Nina Di Pietro violated judicial ethics by “liking” a Facebook post concerning her husband’s suit against Gov. Rick Scott. The complaint calls the judge’s actions on Facebook akin to signing a “public petition” criticizing her husband’s suspension.

The Facebook “like” is featured in a screen grab on the political blog linked here. 

The ethics code states:


Cannon 3.B. (9) A judge shall not, while a proceeding is pending or impending in any court, make any public comment that might reasonably be expected to affect its outcome or impair its fairness or make any nonpublic comment that might substantially interfere with a fair trial or hearing. The judge shall require similar abstention on the part of court personnel subject to the judge’s direction and control. This Section does not prohibit judges from making public statements in the course of their official duties or from explaining for public information the procedures of the court. This Section does not apply to proceedings in which the judge is a litigant in a personal capacity.


Is “liking” a comment on Facebook a violation? The Judicial Qualifications Commission will now have to decide.

The complaint also deals with the large number of contributions to Nina Di Pietro stemming from firms or individuals connected to Broward Health. Politico Florida  — the complaint can be seen at the link — has connected roughly $70,000 to the health care system governed by her husband.

It urges the “the Judicial Qualifying Commission to take any appropriate action to evaluate publicly available information regarding contributions to Judge Di Pietro’s campaign, publicly available information regarding the board meetings of Broward Health, and any other information that may be available regarding these matters. You may find that physicians, health service organizations, and others who made contributions to Judge Di Pietro’s campaign had existing and pending contracts before the Broward Health Board while Mr. Di Pietro was was board chair and influencing such contracts through approval and/or oversight.”

The identity of the person who filed the complaint has not been made public. Sources told it was authored by a long-time political opponent of David Di Pietro.

The website also states that three contributors to Nina Di Pietro’s judicial campaign have asked for their money to be returned.

And rumors continue to sweep the Broward Courthouse that Nina Di Pietro, who is currently unopposed, will soon get an opponent.

David Di Pietro’s may have gotten a reprieve from his suspension. His wife, Judge Nina Di Pietro, hasn’t seen the end of this mess yet.



17 Responses to “Broward Health’s Troubles Bleed Into Broward Judge Nina Di Pietro’s Campaign”

  1. Nick Sakhnovsky says:

    Was the “long-time political opponent of David Di Pietro” who filed the complaint named Rick Scott, or is he just a short-time political opponent?

  2. MD says:

    This is obviously a way of attacking or ‘getting back at’ DDP through his wife.

    One…its a facebook “like”…seriously. I mean, how stupid of a complaint is that? WHO CARES.

    Two…Does anyone really think that doctors would not contribute money to her campaign? She is a person with friends too. Why does everyone have to be associated with DDP? And, who even cares if they are friends with him? He was not soliciting people for contributions. If they gave them out of their own free will, that’s their decision. Period.

    Lastly, there is no “hiding” anything. All monies and contributions are public. No one is hiding anything.

    This is so ridiculous. I feel bad that the person who made the complaint has nothing better to do.

    Don’t be jealous that they have so much success at such a young age. You don’t like it? Stop hiding from behind a damn keyboard and go do something about it.

  3. Claire Underwood says:

    Oh, the things we are willing to do for our husbands. Covering up their secrets and taking a bullet for their mistakes. I am sure you will both get everything you deserve. Karma is great that way.

  4. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:


    Now let’s start the trial.

  5. The appointment was rigged says:

    Nina does not have qualifications to be a judge. Her appointment was bullshit

  6. qui tam says:

    I feel like I’m dealing with a bunch of 5 year olds who’ve yet to learn they need to earn it! This is unquestionably being orchestrated by that nincompoop of a governor, Rick Scott, and his sidekick Lynn Barrett who’d be far better served paying attention to her personal hygiene! Ms. Barrett. What’s that funny looking phone you’ve been seen using at work during meetings and in parking lots? Is it one of those no traceable devices? Would the DOJ approve of its use seeing you are under a CIA? Let’s discuss YOUR ethics!

  7. Ha Ha Ha says:

    I strongly opposed Ms. Di Pietro’s election and I continue to very strongly oppose her re-election. Nevertheless, the part of this complaint related to her Facebook “like” is entirely ridiculous and that part should be instantly laughed out of court.

    Given that the litigant is a member of the judge’s immediate family (spouse, sibling, parent or child), the judge is effectively “a litigant in a personal capacity” and thus the exemption in the rule fully applies to her situation.

    Nobody should expect neutrality from any human being in any matter directly involving that person’s immediate family.

  8. Altruistic Crusader says:

    Lynn Lynn Lynn. We all know it is that nincompoop Rick Scott and you behind this. We all see you at work, using that non-traceable phone in meetings and in the parking lot presumably to call Dick Head Scott and plan your next vengeance. Lynn, you’d be far better off paying attention to you deplorable personal hygiene instead. Sure, this is a game of who you know and who you blow but Lynn, your orafice and receptacle run deeper than anyone’s I’ve ever seen. Grow up Lynn. You are acting like a 5 year old. It is beyond comprehension that you made it to or through law school. Yu are a bimbo, perfectly suited for a nincompoop! I wonder if the DOJ will enjoy photos of you with your nontraceable phone during meetings and in the parking lot. How will you explain this my dear while under a 5 year CIA?

  9. qui tam says:

    Yes Lynn, AC is correct. I too have seen you on that funny little phone. I doubt it is legal, Lynn, and assuredly it is not ethical given you are the attorney over a health system under a 5 year CIA with DOJ that is supposed to be transparent and compliant with federal law. Naughty naughty! If payback is a b*tch Lynn, what will be yours?

  10. Missed the good parts says:

    There are more serious allegations in the complaint besides the Facebook “like”. Interesting email from David’s office to El Sanadi about attending the Zimmerman fundraiser for the Judge. In the DBR article says he didn’t have anything to do with fundraising for the Zimmerman event. Also there are allegations of the curious timing of the renegotiations of individual doctors contracts at Broward Health and their campaign contributions. Those allegations give far more pause have than a mere Facebook like.

    Whoever filed this has a lot of access to information at Broward Health.

  11. Floridan says:

    Sources told it was authored by a long-time political opponent of David Di Pietro.

    Ya think? This is making a molehill out of a molehill.

  12. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The issue appears to be WHAT MR DI PETRO DID AND NOT WHAT HIS WIFE DID.
    A what point do we SEPARATE what a family member business partner or friend does AND NOT DRAG IN THIRD PARTIES?

  13. Twitter me this Twitter me that says:

    How fitting is it that DiPietro has a picture of Nixon prominently displayed on his Twitter page?

  14. Shekfu says:

    I tried a matter in front of her. She was prompt, prepared and courteous….she handled the procedural issues correctly and ruled against a group with lots of “voters”….she’s going to be good

  15. A failure in private practice says:

    No wonder someone needed a state job with benefits. This was the insurance before all he’ll broke lost. THE JQC should all be replaced.

  16. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @15 – JQC members are normally replaced when the Governor of Florida is replaced and the new Governor appoints new JQC members.

  17. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    See what I mean. This is no way for her to start out. Big donors, big parties to advocate to get her on the bench to see this cloud over her. Maybe she will be a good judge, maybe wink, wink she will give special favors to certain attorneys before her(I hope not). I don’t think she should be judged because of her husband, or his actions. I say give her a chance…