Broward Health, Memorial’s Covid Inoculation A Mess






Several hours after this was posted on Wednesday December 3, Broward Health announced that “due to the overwhelming community demand, Broward Health has reached capacity through February 2021 for COVID-19 vaccinations. At this time, we are no longer scheduling new appointments. 




For a time when I worked for a large newspaper, it was the rule you had to answer the phone promptly and politely.

Boy, could Broward Health and other local providers take a lesson from that rule. 




Broward Health and the public Hollywood-based Memorial system both announced earlier this week that they had the Covid-19 inoculations available. They distributed phone numbers, which were widely disseminated by the media. 

Then they proceeded to largely let the phone ring.  And ring. And ring. 

A source with connections at Broward Health said all the reservations are booked through March, but Browardbeat could not confirm that news from the public agency. 

Broward Health is not alone. The Florida Department of Health for Broward County published a website for drive-through vaccination appointments that didn’t work. The Memorial system and Cleveland Clinic could not be reached, either.

Couldn’t this overwhelming demand be predicted and handled differently?

What really galls local residents is that once again, elected officials seem to have no trouble getting the shots. The Sun-Sentinel reported that Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis and Vice Mayor Steven Glassman will receive some of the first shots. I would bet they didn’t have to call to make a reservation only to be greeted by a busy signal.

Trantalis and Glassman are joining other electeds at the front of the line, no doubt before some first responders and hospital workers get the inoculations. Most definitely before the general public over 65 have had a chance to be treated. 

And what about teachers?  If anyone is given special treatment after first responders it should be teachers, who work with our kids.  Not mayors, commissioners and legislators.

This is far from a perfect process. It is a highly difficult, complex system that is being developed from the ground up with little leadership from Washington and questionable leadership from Tallahassee. 

But why put out news releases with telephone numbers before being ready?   

8 Responses to “Broward Health, Memorial’s Covid Inoculation A Mess”

  1. Willy Trominack says:

    Trantalis and Glassman are senior citizens. They still shouldn’t get special treatment.

  2. A Teacher Thanks You says:

    I’m glad you recognize that teachers put their lives at risk every time they enter a classroom. Let us make our children and teachers safe with a program of vaccination at the schools.

  3. Linda says:

    Hey Old timers…. Masks up until June …?!?

  4. Count LF Chidkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:


  5. A Reader says:

    I once lived in a third world country. Buying a casserole dish meant stopping a three locations in the store to get a paper stamped. One bank had 10 teller stations and a grand total of 2 tellers on duty even during predictably busy times.
    Yesterday and today, I spent way too much time trying to get through to Broward Health and to Broward Health doctor who has a private office. The phones in both places rang busy, busy, busy, until about an hour ago. I think the Broward Health phone system is interconnected and is a mess.
    The number the SS published for the Broward County Health Department was NOT to make appointments for the vaccine. The person who answered that phone circled me back to the Broward Health number, a dead end.
    Oh well, at least I have prior experience in navigating a third world country. I shall persevere. Good luck to all!

  6. JD says:

    How about Marco Rubio and “Slick” Rick Scott? Both supported minimalizing the risk of the virus, yet lined up for the shots right away. If there is anyone we do not need is more hypocritical politicians.

    FROM BUDDY: Amen to that, JD.

  7. City activist Robert walsh says:

    I see your point Buddy.

    I fully support elected officials get the vaccine esp.officals over 65.However,isn’t a double standard these 2( Trantalis/ glassman) … county Mayor Geller trying to keep the virus (with a curfew) …astonishingly these 2 stated to Geller he was on is own and the curvew was ” counterproductive ” but these 2( Trantalis/ glassman) will be first in line to get the vaccine.

    Is that not total hypocrisy?

    I thought Mayor Geller direction( curfew) was basically BS( yes). Trantalis/ Glassman.Double standard..

  8. City activist Robert walsh says:

    Let me rephrase here.I thought it was BS the way Mayor Geller was treated by Ft.Lau.When all he is attempting to do is keep the county residents safe.I say Mayor Geller w/ some and apparently this attitude etc ” oh these curvew measures r counterproductive etc and who cares that if I was Geller I would get the handcuffs out and start making arrests.