Broward GOP Thumbs Nose At Ethics Law

By Buddy Nevins

The Broward Republican Party has no use for the state ethics law.

Why else would they hire former Plantation Council Member Rico Petrocelli as its executive director less than a month after he was slapped with a $1,500 fine for a state ethics violation!

Less than a month!

I’m not saying shun him forever.  I’m not saying he should be forced to wear a Scarlet Letter on his shirt.

But less than a month!

This is a guy who while on the Council solicited money from companies that lobbied the city.  Then he failed to report it.

Petrocelli is also a guy who refuses to man up and admit he made a mistake.

He continued to insist in the Sun-Sentinel that he did no wrong.  The quote proclaiming innocence was in a story they printed the day he settled with the Ethics Commission and agreed to pay $1,500.

What voter believes it is okay to solicit money from folks doing business with the city, no matter what the money is used for?

Petrocelli argues everything is kosher because the money was used for a party to benefit a Plantation sport league charity.  The ethics commission found it was a thinly-disguised party to promote politician Petrocelli.

This from the Sun-Sentinel:

Fliers listed the party as hosted by Petrocelli, with no mention of the sports league.

“'[Petrocelli] received a benefit in that he was able to take credit for a party for which much of the expense was borne by others,’ wrote Melody Hadley, an advocate for the ethics commission.”

The Republican Party preaches that they are an alternative to the corrupt Democratic Party pols that dominate Broward.  With that in mind, I have two questions for the pooh-bahs at the Broward GOP:

  • Couldn’t the Republican Party find anybody for this job other than Petrocelli?
  • What does hiring an ethics law violator so soon after his fine say about the GOPs belief in the ethics law?

I know Petrocelli needs the work, but the economy is picking up. Instead of heading one of the two major political parties and trying to sell us candidates, he should go back to his previous occupation: car salesman.

14 Responses to “Broward GOP Thumbs Nose At Ethics Law”

  1. Old Plantation says:

    In addition to running the Republicans, he is trying to influence the commission election.
    I can’t figure out whether he wants right wing Jerry Fadgen or moron Maddoff. Voters want Rico just to go away.

  2. Lpeerman33063 says:

    I think he is behind making the Margate election a Republican vs Democrat race instead of a good commissioner vs a bad one. The Red Broward people are making a statement that the Democrats are doing phone banking and neighborhood walks. As far as I know I am the only one who has done an organized walk and we had Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and some who just have no party they believe in, walking for me. The seat is a non partisan seat and should be about the person not the party.

  3. Senator John Blutarsky says:

    I’d take Rico over Bitch Ceasar any day. At least he doesn’t give creepy back rubs

  4. Say ten Hail Marys Rico says:

    The realism of Rico’s situation was to hire a lawyer for 10k (which I don’t think that he had) or punt and give up $1500.00 in a settlement.
    Signs at a party? Not really earth shattering unethical behavior.
    I love Rico, but he needs to give up the black dress shirts.

  5. Plantation Voter says:

    Thanks, Buddy, for bringing this to light, as Rico’s best buddy at the Sun Sentinel made no mention of the ethics violation in reporting his new position.

    Rico continues to blame everyone else for his transgressions. He constantly blurred the lines between his city council and PAL position and believes he was the victim of a witch hunt which has rendered him unemployed for two years?!
    Actually, word around town is he has had several jobs, most part time, and even turned down something with a well-known company…why? Because the only thing he really wants to do is be in politics and now fancies himself a “power-player” in Broward county. Yikes!

    Don’t buy his new religious quoting/patriotic toting victim act – he is still hypocritically promoting sleazy tactics behind the scenes.

    So is he is simply using/promoting both crazy Meddoff and Tea Party Jerry for his own benefit? One can only wonder what promises he has extracted if either one wins. A city job perhaps?

    God help Plantation.

  6. Jack Murphy says:

    I would suggest that the author get a copy of Candidate Rules and read it before harping on something. It is available at the Supervisor of Elections Web Site…As to getting money for a charity since when is that bad? As to not reporting it are you really sure or are you guessing? If every politican who runs for any elected office complied with not contacting anyone who does business with a city. Exactly who is left? Anyone?

  7. Buddy Nevins says:

    Dear Mr. Jack Murphy,

    You are confusing the state election laws with the state ethics laws for public officials.

    Rico Petrocelli broke the state ethics laws by soliciting contributions from entities doing business with the city while he was a Council member. He was suppose to report this money as a gift. This money was used to promote his political career, but was raised outside any campaign, according to the findings of the state Ethics Commission.

  8. Nona says:

    What Will Bob Norman Say?
    Oh Yeah I forgot he only goes after Democrats, Repugs get a free ride from him.
    Thanks Buddy for evening the score somewhat.

  9. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    Rico is a good man who fucked up. The party was for mentally challenged kids who had the time of their life!!! Jesus Christ, can’t the focus be put on REAL political corruption issues! Rico didn’t pay his mortgage or car payments with the money, he treated kids to a great party with pin ball games, a DJ, pizza….I love you, Buddy, but talk about sunrise no bid deals, the chaits, emeritus stuff like you do, you’re great on those…

    Buddy, what is your opinion on Veltri Bendekovic investigation?, something about running her campaign out of city hall…. this is a real issue that is currently being looked at and is current news…. and in an election cycle that is occurring as we speak.

  10. more truth says:

    Wasn’t it revealed during Rico’s campaign that he was once, or twice, a cop who lost those jobs under interesting circumstances? Was it that he never put it on his resume or denied he ever was?

    Buddy, what’s the rest of that story.


    Check this out…..

  11. Broward Lawyer says:

    Rico is a good man and will do a fine job.
    Buddy, you have backed the likes of questionable charachters yet for some reason have it in for Petrocelli. You’re wrong. 1977 Hacienda Village. I think I was in kindergarden then. Let it rest Buddy. Rico is a good man.

  12. Tyronne Steele says:

    Mr. Richard Denapoli should be applauded for picking Mr. Petrocelli as the new Executive Director of BREC. From what I am told, the Broward Republican Executive Committee is working its base for contributions and already received several in Mr. Petrocelli’s first week on the job.

  13. GOPapa says:

    Petrocelli is an embarrassment. The party should be ashamed of itself.

  14. Broward Lawyer says:

    DeNapoli and Petrocelli are going to revive BREC. Good luck to both.