Broward Ds Campaigning For Candidates In Central Florida, Miami-Dade





If you want to turn Florida blue you have to go outside of Broward County, which is has been deep, deep blue for decades. 

That’s the idea behind the push to get local activists to work on the May 1 special elections in Miami-Dade and Central Florida.

Broward Democratic Chair Cynthia Busch is seeking Broward Ds to make campaign calls from home for Democratic hopefuls Javier Fernandez in Coral Gables-centered House District 114 and Ricky Shirah in Central Florida’s House District 39.

House District 39 is the race that really differs from Broward County. Both the Democrat and Republican support gun rights.

Defending the right to bare arms is a big issue in the district, which covers Auburndale, Polk City, northern portions of Lakeland stretching to Celebration in Osceola County.

Democratic Shirah, who owns a long-time towing and recovery service in Polk County, says he believes in Second Amendment gun rights. He makes a point of emphasizing he is a gun owner and hunter.


Ricky Shirah


But the National Rifle Association turned its back on Shirah, maybe because he backs controls on the military style weapons and an age limit for the purchase of firearms.

Republican candidate Josie Tomkow, a 22-year-old recent University of Florida graduate from a family of ranchers, got the nod from the NRA. The organization is insuring its voters that Tomkow will  “uphold the constitutional rights of law-abiding firearms owners and sportsmen.”

She also calls herself a conservative fan of President Donald Trump.

Josie Tomkow


District 39 has been Republican for years. Although the registration is roughly 36 Republican to 33 Democrat, the Ds have managed to get only between 35 and 38 percent of the vote in the last three elections.

The seat opened when State Rep. Neil Combee quit for a job with the U. S. Department of Agriculture.

Democrats appear to have a better shot in the Miami Dade race. District 114 is a swing district.

The seat was held until last year by State Rep. Daisy Baez, a Democrat from Miami.  Baez quit after pleading guilty to perjury for lying about her residency on a voter registration form.

Before Baez, the seat was held by a Republican, State Rep. Eric Fresen.

The Ds are defending the seat, while Republican candidate Andrew Vargas wants to retake it for the GOP.

Both Fernandez and Vargas are lawyers.

The Broward party will give Democrats the information on how to make those calls.  Contact Busch at or executive director Travis Perron at

Anyone interested can also work the special Get Out The Vote (GOTV) phone bank for the Tuesday election at Democratic HQ on Monday and Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The HQ is at 8320 West Sunrise Blvd., Suite 203, Plantation, Fl 33322. RSVP for the GOTV here. 


3 Responses to “Broward Ds Campaigning For Candidates In Central Florida, Miami-Dade”

  1. a reader says:

    Buddy, it is hot in Florida. I will always defend my right to “bare” arms. I do not have a gun, but if others wish to have one legally, let them bear them.

  2. The Broward GOP is also helping says:


    You forgot to mention that Chip LaMarca and his political consultant, Michael Ahearn, are helping Andrew Vargas with GOTV. Check out Chip’s Facebook Page, there’s been strong support from Chip and his top notch political team! 🇺🇸

  3. Boonie says:

    So, Josie is a tRUMPette ? I guess because she was holding a gun, Rump hasn’t grabbed her p***y yet. Maybe she’s taking voting instruction from hubby & daddy.