Update: Broward Demos Endorses Medical Marijuana





Broward County Democratic Party endorsed the medical marijuana amendment unanimously on Tuesday, surprising even the pro-pot Chair Mitch Ceasar.

“I knew it would pass, but I thought we would have one or two dissenters,” Ceasar said. “It was unanimous in the management committee and then unanimous in the full party.”

He said roughly 200 party committee people attended the meeting and voted.


mitch ceasar

Mitch Ceasar: Demo head backs medical pot


The Broward Party is the largest Democratic organization in the state.

A Quinnipiac Poll late last month found that 88 percent of Florida voters supported medical marijuana. The survey found that 83 percent of voters age 65 and older and 95 percent of those between 18 and 29 back passage of the amendment.

Among Republicans, the poll found 80 percent support.

Under Florida’s Constitution, an amendment requires approval by 60 percent or more of the voters to become law.



6 Responses to “Update: Broward Demos Endorses Medical Marijuana”

  1. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    As if there was any doubt that Dale Holness wasn’t already pre-baked.

  2. wayne arnold says:

    Finally, after many years of infighting between the political parties in Florida it seems like the folks in all parts of our state favor passage of medical marijuana in the November General Election. Hopefully, unlike the lotto Floridians may benefit by a reduction of taxes. At the very least people who suffer much pain from various health concerns will derive some relief.

    Special commendations are in order for State Rep. Katie Edwards working to make this medical marijuana amendment a reality.

  3. freedom says:

    It is time for us to come of age and be part of reality. Vote Yes. If all the people that smoked in college were not allowed to have gone on in their lives, I have a feeling we would have very few doctors, lawyers, or for that matter blue and white collar workers of any kind. You all know who you are. The 100 year ban has reached it’s end. Put down that Martini Mad Men.

  4. BREC says:

    As soon as we can get our minutes approved for October and November we will get around to things on the ballot this year, sorry for the delay.

    Tom t

  5. Heavy D says:

    @Wayne Arnold
    Katie Edwards is not responsible for the medical marijuana Amendment. She co-sponsored the Charlotte’s Web legislation, which Republicans used to argue that the Medical Marijuana Amendment was not needed.
    She in fact helped to somewhat undermine this ballot initiative with the Republicans in the legislature with whom she is so cozy with.
    That being said VOTE YES ON 2.

  6. smoking hot says:


    with you on the YES vote.
    sadly the freelance black market of pot dealers in Broward will force some to get a real job if this passes, but it will keep LEO from wasting time busting people and ‘confiscating’ their stash