Brow Demos Face Revolt Over Fired Black Staffer





Acting Democratic Chair Cynthia Busch faced down a wave of complaints this week from a dozen or so African American activists angry that she fired the party’s black office manager.

The public complaints came this week at second monthly Democratic meeting that Busch chaired. They indicate that the firing is an issue with black activists that continues to haunt the party.

Perhaps most telling was that the party’s black Vice Chair Christine Jones publically demanded that the party immediately hire a black staffer.

“I’m taking the blame because of one action I took. In the end, we’ll get beyond this.” Busch told after the meeting.


Cynthia Busch

Cynthia Busch: Black Protests “A Stunt”


Busch called the public black complaints “a stunt.” She said any “personnel matters” must be handled by the management committee.

The management committee is a small group of the party’s top officials that meet in a relatively cloistered setting on Saturdays.

Two blacks complained at the meeting that they weren’t notified when management committee meetings took place.

Other blacks complained that the new white staffer hired by Busch could never be reached on the phone. Busch said there were problems with the phone that will be fixed.

Just days after taking office last month, Busch sacked the party’s black-gay office manager Michael Howson. She replaced him with Travis Perron, a white who is one of her protégées.

The firing triggered a public complaint from the head of the Broward County Democratic Black Caucus.

Howson stoked the firestorm with an e-mail he sent to black leaders and made public which said:

“Let’s be clear. Cynthia Busch fired me because I am Black and gay, thus unworthy of representing and managing the party. Her judgment is off, and exemplifies the kind of marginalization and disrespect that black and LGBT Americans encounter in this country every day. If the BDP is short on resources, she should have “laid off” Mr. (Travis) Perron…”

Busch conceded that the party’s finances were “not good.” It was announced at the meeting that the party, largest county Democratic organization in Florida, has less than $30,000 in the bank.

Can Busch can be blamed for the party’s financial problems since she was only appointed acting chair last month? She replaced longtime Democratic boss Mitch Ceasar, who took a leave of absence to run for Broward Clerk of the Court.

After taking office, Busch quickly organized a fundraiser and raised roughly $10,000. She plans more fundraisers later in the fall.

Busch contended that the rocky start she has had as leader of the party was because she was trying to change the status quo. She talked like somebody who is not just a placeholder for Ceasar, who plans to return to the leadership in August 2016 after the primary.

“We are challenging the last 20 years of management,” Busch said. “There are going to be some ups and downs….When was the last time you saw Mitch Ceasar hold a fund raiser in the fall?”

Ceasar declined to comment.


26 Responses to “Brow Demos Face Revolt Over Fired Black Staffer”

  1. Chaz Stevens, MAOS says:

    >> Busch said there were problems with the phone that will be fixed.

    It’s that little button with the word “Power.”

  2. tis what it tis says:

    1) I don’t even know where to begin, blacks complain and it is a “stunt”. I see Ms. Bush has more of a Plantation mentality than just living in Plantation. Clearly, the blacks in the party have a right to air their grievances. Even if it is coordinated and orchestrated, it is still insulting to title it a “stunt”.

    The one thing the voters of both sides demand more and more of parties and elected officials is transparency. Trying to push their black members to address their grievances at the management meeting outside the public is not being transparent.

    2) The new staffer could not be reached by phone? Are we to believe that when this guy took the job he didn’t already have a working cell phone? He refused to take calls unless it was on a phone paid for by the party?

    3) There will be no change in the status quo. The only change will be the names and faces of those protecting the status quo. The DEC has two types of members, those looking to make a quick buck or those looking to parade around as a VIP.

    4) Maybe Mitch never had a fundraiser in the fall of an off year because there was no money to be had. Looking at the half full room at Dapur, which consisted of mostly lobbyists and others who make money in politics, raising $10k is an embarrassment. That little raised shows the DEC is “dead man walking”. Look at the numbers, it was a $100 to get it in, so $10k is 100 people. 100 people in a county with a half million registered dems? Pathetic.

    Why do you think Sheriff Israel has a PAC with almost a million dollars. Why others have them as well and candidates can raise better money outside the party. The DEC cant impact an election that is why.

    Lets face it, no one wants to hang out at the DEC or Dem Club meetings anymore to listen to tales of the glory days while drinking lukewarm lemonade and eat dollar store fake oreos.

  3. Chaz Stevens, MAOS says:


    Actually, I beg to differ.

    The Browards Dems will continue to suffer why the ranks consist of folks like Ken Adams and Daniel Sohn.

    The DEC is a ponzi scheme of sorts … with Adams & Crew offering mutual hand jobs to each other.

    “Oh, you’re doing such a good job, and I’m going to nominate you!”

    This is the party that got behind the complete fraud known as William Rankin — previous candidate for Florida CFO. His only qualification? He has a (D) after his name.

    Rank was an utter fraud, and when I brought this up to the party leadership, I was ignored.

    Ignore me at your own peril.

    Then, when Caesar invited me to school up the DEC, bring them into the 2015 century — learning political blogging tips from a master, Evans rose up in opposition.

    Well guess what Ken. I’m going to toast a (D) this year … just pick one out of the blue and ruin their campaign, and every step of the way, I’ll remind them to blame you. I’ll show you how it’s done…

    Like I did to Rankin…

    The Broward DEC, like the national DEM party needs a complete reboot. And a high colonic might not be too out of order.

    As long as it happily promotes completely incompetent, unqualified, unfit individuals (aka Daniel Sohn), then it will continue to be a joke.

    You want to beat the GOP? Stop acting like them.

    If you are progressive, think progressive.

    You’re supposed to be the elitist? I’ve yet to see that.

    But what the fuck do I know? I’m merely in the news every week.

  4. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    My late Mother took me when she went door to door for DOLLARS FOR DEMOCRATS during the Adlai Stevenson Campaign of 1952, and since they I have been elected to Democratic County Committees in two States as well as Elected Office as a Democrat in New York City and received a New York City Council appointment as a Democratic Commissioner of Deeds. When I retired back to my native Florida Democratic Clubs in New York City had offices, part time paid staff, and regular meetings. Today, 20 years later, that is all OVER! Democratic officials raise their own money in New York City, as in the rest of the country.
    So now we turn to Broward County, where the Democratic vote has been elderly New York Jews and their children, Blacks of all classes and national origins, and more and more Gays and Lesbians of all kinds of ethnic backgrounds. BUT the leadership seems to be LOBBYISTS, people MAKING MONEY OFF BEING ACTIVE IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. That is NOT WHAT YOUNG PROFESSIONALS or WEALTHY BUSINHESS or PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE WILL TOLERATE!
    The principles of the Democratic Party were, and should be, more freedom, not just political and legal, but economic for people. HOWEVER look at Bloomberg in New York City, Philip Levine south of us on Miami Beach, one Billionaire or Multi-millionaire just “buying a party” – the Republicans in Bloomberg’s case although he brought off nearly half the Democratic public officials.
    I won election as a CONSERVATIVE White Democratic in 1987 because the Black and Hispanic Caucuses of my Area – the West Side of Manhattan – knew for years I had argued for more subsidized housing, more job creation that targeted local unemployed or underemployed and more free or subsidized tuition for people with lower incomes. TELL ME ONE WHITE ELECTED OFFICIAL in FORT LAUDERDALE or BROWARD COUNTY who advocates for non-English speaking AMERICAN CITIZENs or people with LOW INCOMES or the underemployed or overemployed!
    Where is the Democratic Party advocating MORE JOBS at HIGHER WAGES here in Broward County!
    And, yes, the bloody restaurant they chose is a gay yuppie hangout that the typical Jewish senior Yetta or Church-going Black Church Lady won’t be seen in for Love or Money!
    Who the hell does Cynthia Busch does the groundwork in Broward County for the Democratic Party? Its seniors and the working poor and union members!
    AND YES, SHERIFF ISRAEL HAS LARGE FUNDRAISING including at REPUBLIC BILLIONAIRE HOMES – tell me what Billionaire is going to give a PROFESSIONAL LOBBYIST like Cynthia Busch the time of day? BUT THEY WILL TAKE THE SHERIFF’s CALL or .. you fill in the name!
    Remember Cynthia Busch’s husband according to the internet is a money manager – 11 Million under management – and she can’t get money for the Party with a Fund Manager as her husband? Of course I don’t know any Fund Managers whose wives work as lobbyists either!
    The Democratic Party of Broward County like too many County Parties is a joke. They can’t raise money. And without money they are USELESS!-

  5. Sam The Sham says:

    It sounds like Mitch left the organization underfunded and in a mess when he left. That speaks volumes about his organizing ability, which is what the clerk’s position is all about.

    And one comment about the infighting and stress at DEC: Ha ha, ho ho , hee hee!!! You people are pathetic!

  6. Floridan says:

    Separated at birth? Read Chaz Stevens post above and tell me he doesn’t sound an awful lot like Donald Trump.

  7. Mr. Smith goes to Broward says:

    Really Buddy, “Blacks?”


    The word “blacks” is commonly used in publications around the United States. I use it here because all the people of color are not African Americans. Some are African Caribbean.

    Also, the use of the word “blacks” in the headline is because any other term would be too long to fit properly.

  8. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Florida voters don’t care about any of this “inside baseball” – here’s what they care about:

    * Medicaid Expansion- 63% of voters in the state favor it to only 31% who are opposed. Democrats (87/11) are almost universally for it, a majority of independents (52/35) are, and even Republicans (41/52) are relatively split on it.

    * Minimum wage: 73% of voters in the state support increasing the minimum wage to at least $10 an hour, with only 13% thinking it should be kept where it is and another 13% who think it should be eliminated altogether. 95% of Democrats, 69% of independents, and 52% of Republicans support an increase to a minimum of $10. This is an issue where the Republican base is a lot further along than the Republican Presidential candidates.

    * Guns: We continue to find that background checks on all gun purchases are universally popular across party lines everywhere we poll. In Florida there’s 88% support to only 7% opposition, and backing for them comes from 92% of Democrats, 88% of Republicans, and 82% of independents.

    * Clean power: Marco Rubio may not want to do anything about global warming, but 63% of his constituents support the EPA Clean Power Plan to only 29% who are opposed to it. 84% of Democrats, 63% of independents, and 39% of Republicans express support for it.

    * Gay marriage: The reaction to gay marriage being legal in Florida is mostly ‘no big deal.’ 76% of voters in the state either say that it’s had no impact on their lives or a positive one, with just 24% claiming it’s been a negative. Even among Republican voters 71% say it hasn’t been a big deal.

  9. Perry I'm Still Alive Como says:

    Perhaps she used the word stunt in the sense that the protest reaction to the firing is racially-based rather than merit-based.

    Deciding issues by race rather than merit is inherently racist and worthy of being pointed out.

  10. Elizabeth Matramos says:

    when all else fails play the race and sex card. I am so tired of the entitlement attitude of some people.

  11. GOPapa says:

    Funny that some Democrats, who loudly support Affirmative Action and other quota systems, now claim that keeping the staffer because he is black would be racism. They are starting to sound like sensible Republicans

  12. Chaz Stevens, MAOS says:


    Both Trump and I understand that sometimes (oftentimes) politics is “strictly about the performance.”

    I consider what I do in the public forum to be mostly “performance art.”

    How else would you define 16 empty stacked beer cans that made the international news?

    And while Trump is running for President (free advertising), I’m looking to protect our 1st Amendment Rights.

    Buddy, if I might shamelessly plug my next grand adventure:

  13. just saying says:

    great comments, I wish there was a ‘Like’ tab, esp. #7 thru #11.
    like someone said on the main dais Wed night at the GOP debates, Amercian citizens/average americans do not care to hear the candidates drone on about themselves, but want to hear about ‘their’ needs and concerns. comment #8 nailed most categories.
    For myself, and likely many others, I need the White House occupant to keep sound business policies so I can keep working till age 70, as there won’t be any $$ in SS for those of us in our 50’s now.

  14. Outsider Looking In says:

    Busch erred, and in doing so, showed her hand by calling the legitimate complaints of African American, African Caribbean, and LGBT Democrats a “stunt”.
    In doing so she shows that in her mind their legitimate concerns are unworthy of consideration and worthy of marginalization. That speaks directly to and supports the weight of the complaints made by Mr. Howson himself regarding having been laid off from a position that he earned by doing it in favor of a straight, white male who had not done the same.

  15. crabgretch says:

    Attending the DEC meeting this past Tuesday, when I noticed Buddy Nevins at the meeting, I became suspicious? Wonder who tipped him off?

    Also, let me note here that Tammy, past DEC Executive Assistant was present.

    The meeting was called to order, business was addressed. About 45+ minutes later, a group of black members came in together with the DEC acting first V-Chair. The meeting continued addressing the agenda items.

    Later, the acting first V-Chair addressed the DEC members reading a list of demands from her group regarding a former DEC employee.

    A DEC member in the audience questioned if this item of business was addressed and discussed by the management committee……..NO.

    Was the DEC Parliamentarian advised of this list……….NO.

    Did Mitch join the discussion…. NO. As I recall, Mitch didn’t take a seat throughout the meeting, he sat on a table in the back of the room……..hummmm

    Instead of the word, “stunt”, I would describe the group’s action as an “ambush”, Cynthia being the target.

    I agree with #10, Elizabeth, “when all else fails play the race and sex card”……..

  16. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I love this attack on African-American Democrats as “a race stunt”! Since when do people of colour have to “pocket” their FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

    However there is a MORE BASIC POINT HERE of “REALPOLITIK” as Secretary Prof Dr Kissinger would say. The Democratic Party of South Florida’s Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties like elsewhere depends on Black votes. Since the Dutch and English argued about government jobs in New Amsterdam after England seized it from the Dutch in the mid-17th century this or that ethnic group has demanded jobs or funding or appointments in exchange for their votes. At a time when Black equity in houses has been murdered by the property bubble and automation and digitalization has cut Black job opportunities from government service like the Post Office to private sector jobs like typists and teletype operators, the African-American community is more in need of Government investment and participation than in any time since Emancipation. Look, the average White person in Broward County can turn to relatives for financial aide, Asians here have not only their families but their ethnic group associations, where does a Black person with a business that needs more capital go? Where does a 50 year old office worker whose firm has downsized because their production has moved to Mexico or Viet-Nam go for a new job to support his or her family?
    How many people who poo-pooh Black concerns about the office manager got their education thru their families or grandparents or got their first job from relatives? How many of the old men who blog worked for bosses of their own ethnic group? Jewish?Irish?Italian? or were members of a Union made up of their ethnic group?
    I am not an MS-NBC left winger like Chris Matthews or Chris Hayes or the other noomnuts, but really, middle class Whites complaining about the most deprived group in the US trying to get a few crumbs THEY DESERVE is a bit “off putting”.

  17. Win Lose or Draw says:

    Busch is the Titular Ruler of the DEC. This is a temporary assignment for Busch until after the election.

    Mitch Caesar still calls the shots.

  18. Mia over Miami says:

    Ms. Busch got into her position, by an election fluke, not by merit.
    I hear nothing in her plans for elections that differ from all that is old and irrelevant in a Broward County, abundant with young voters who are technically dependent. Michael, the guy she fired, was an expert in innovative technologies and would have been as asset to the new Broward. Her thirst for power is easily observable and will serve no one but herself, certainly not Democrats and DEC activists. I miss Mitch already.

  19. Outsider Looking In says:

    The acting Chair makes the decisions until the actual chair returns. While that may temper or influence her decisions, Busch currently calls the shots.

  20. Yoo Hoo says:

    @Mia over Miami – RFLOL!! That is the best sarcasm! You should send it in to the funnies.

  21. Who Got the $$$$$$$ says:

    Mia over Miami

    Mitch has never, will never leave his DEC position as chair this is just a ruse. The next issue is that he will continue to be a lobbyist.


    Mitch Ceasar told me specifically on-the-record that he would discontinue any lobbying. He was noncommittal on the chair’s position.

  22. Tim Ross says:

    Fired because he is black and gay is such a bunch of BS. If I thought he was fired because he was gay or black I would be in the forefront of calling for a change in leadership pronto. This is all about the chairs prerogative in hiring. Michael was laid off because it was Cynthia’s choice of who ran the office. He was laid off and not fired, because that had been Cynthia’s plan with Tammy, so she could collect unemployment. Mitch made this plain; who staffed the office was entirely Cynthia’s choice when he was on leave. Cynthia had wanted to bring in Travis since he worked with her on Diane Veltri Bendekovics’ campaign in Plantation earlier this year. It has been the chairs prerogative as to who was hired in the office since I got involved with the DEC in 2006. There were never any questions from the management committee or anything when Carol Coffman was fired and Tammy was hired in 2008. Tammy was well aware that Cynthia’s plan was to lay her off and hire Travis and found another job before that happened. So Mitch was left holding the bag of who to run the office. Tammy was going to be gone in less than a week. In desperation he asked Michael, who had been volunteering in the office practically every day of the week. Michael said yes. Then the officers had a cow because he was hiring a new person when he was going to go on leave in less than three months. The officers felt this was not fair to Cynthia and Mitch agreed to tell Michael he would be temporary, up to three months. Mitch also agreed to tell Michael his pay would not be what Tammy was making and it would not include health care (because our finances were not good was part of it).

    Granted, the Democratic Party should be providing healthcare and a living wage to every one of its employees that works for a term of more than two weeks. And we should be having more than one fundraiser per year. The fundraiser at Dapur was not as well attended because everything was thrown together at the last minute due to Cynthia dealing with the shit storm from laying off Michael Howson and on other things that needed to be dealt with (like paying two bills for internet and phone to two different companies, and getting that fixed, as well as fixing the stupid phone system that rings twice, goes to a message and then rings four times before going to voicemail). So we are going to kill the pbx and go to one direct line for inbound calls with a voicemail on it that picks up after four rings, drop the two rollover lines we don’t need because we really don’t get that many calls. That is addressing the one members’ concern raised at the meeting about phones not being answered. People are calling in, getting the first message after two rings and hinging up before we can pick up the phone in the next four rings we get. This is also 2015. We use burner phones for phone banking and NO landlines banking because we can use the burner phones anywhere we can organize an event. For a county wide organization it important to be able to hold an event in West Miramar with Precinct people in West Miramar calling into west Miramar, not from Plantation. This way people know they are speaking to someone in Miramar. And of course will keep the same fax number.

    This action by the Black Coalition was an ambush. The paper I was handed by Christine Jones on the dais said they met on September 3. We had a management meeting on September 12.

    Now here’s where the bylaws of the Broward Democratic Party and the Florida Democratic Party come into play. The FDP bylaws set the quorum for all County Executive Parties (which is what the Broward Democratic Party is) at 30%. With over 1000 members, that would be 300. Buddy, have you EVER seen more than 200 people at a meeting? So NO BUSINESS can be conducted by the Broward Democratic Party until there is a quorum. That puts all action for the Broward Democratic Party on the Management Committee.

    If the Black Coalition wanted to get something done with its demands, it should have brought them to the September 12 management committee meeting.

    Why did they not bring the issues to management? Could it be grandstanding so suckers like you smell a story that’s not really a story and they can embarrass the acting chair by you falling for their BS?

    Back to the Black Coalition demands. Hire a person of color in 120 days? When we get our funds to the point we can hire some field organizers, at least one of them should be black, one Hispanic and one Caucasian. Provided they have equal qualifications.

    First the term is GOTV, NOT GOVT. It is an acronym for Get Out The Vote. And the spending reports are available on the Broward Supervisor of Elections website.

    I called everyone on that list except Christine and heard back from three of the people listed and they said they do not feel they are disrespected. I am still waiting on a return call from Jasmine Shirley. That list missed Cory Shearer, who as the President of the Black Caucus, should be the first one addressing these issues (which he did at the August management meeting). Since only three of the people listed are area leaders, I am unclear on what exactly they are talking about. Is the Broward Democratic Party required to ask permission before they contact any Precinct committee person? And only in three areas? That is complete BS. Miramar, Plantation, Sunrise, Coral Springs and Parkland? Those Area Leaders are doing a great job. The BDP is going to call its members about the field trainings and other things, because while we can call the area leaders to do it, and we do, the only way we know it gets done, is if we do it ourselves. Because not all area leaders are working as well as the three areas covered in the Black Coalition’s demands.

    #4. WTF. It’s in the damn bylaws as well as the state statute. We cannot use our position to favor one candidate over another. As individuals we can endorse but not use our titles when we fill out the card. If someone violates the bylaws or the law, file a grievance or a complaint with Mike Satz.

    #5. Which f’ing committees are not diverse? More BS. Which “person of color” has been denied the ability to serve on any of our committees? I am not aware of ANY meetings of the Affirmative Action Committee. Which is where these concerns should have been raised FIRST. THEN brought to management. Who in the absence of the quorum since December 2012, would have the final say on action the Broward Democratic Party takes. This was not a protest. It was an ambush. Period. End of Story.

  23. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @22 – Tim, is it possible to just use teleconferencing for the party meetings (rather than physical presence, which is sooo last century…)? Combine that with emailed reminders about upcoming teleconferences, and your quorum problem will go away.

    As for the bylaws, they are a disaster and an embarrassment and they need to be completely rewritten. Checks and balances and bottom-up organizational structures are desperately needed.

    The existing bylaws put the Chair 99.999% of the way toward having absolute power, which is how the party got Mitched (all decisions made solely by Mitch with the Management Committee as a rubber stamp and other committees not even bothering to meet because they are powerless by design, etc.). Trash those old bylaws and start over!

  24. Rosa Parx says:

    Mitch agreed to tell Michael he would be temporary, up to three months. Mitch also agreed to tell Michael his pay would not be what Tammy was making and it would not include health care (because our finances were not good was part of it).

    Did Mitch tell Michael?

    So Michael Howson knew it was a temporary assignment, at a different pay rate with no healthcare coverage when he took this job? This coming from the DEC the political party pushing for healthcare and equality for all. Tammy’s salary and health benefits package were already in the budget, why not just continue paying Michael the same salary and benefits Tammy received for 90 days?

    Is this a reflection of Mitch Ceasar’s lack of organizational and fiscal responsibility skills being exposed?

    Michael Satz’s office does not prosecute political hacks or LEO’s.

    When people speak out against the power-brokers they are castigated and referred to as ambusch’ers, maybe they are tired of being used.

    Quit giving people bread crumbs convincing them that they are receiving a full dinner.

  25. Rick Hoye says:

    Once again I am confused as to why people have misguided issues with the current path of our local Party. And once again it seems that a lot of the “issues” are personal rather than functional. I also believe that unless you’ve made genuine efforts to fix any issues (personal or otherwise) with leadership and management then, and only then, is it okay to rock the boat in public if you feel it necessary. However, it is not okay to ambush the organization (i.e., last Tuesday’s DEC meeting) without first utilizing the tools available to you. And believe me, no one, including me, is immune to personal or functional issues with our DEC. I find it best to solve the issues internally or at least air them out so those on the other side of the issue have a chance to respond or even change. Sometimes I win. Sometimes I lose. Then I get back to the work of getting out the vote.

    In my experience with the DEC, a lot of the people that complain are often the least involved and therefore, the least informed. So I suggest people take the time to get the whole story of what’s going on from more than one source, before spreading false rumors or misinformed assumptions. That’s not to dismiss every item of dissent as if it were baseless. But the Party, especially under Cynthia, is already working to address minority concerns so if people would put aside their personal beefs we’d be okay. Yes, believe it or not, Cynthia has been working on various minority plans, but many do not yet know of them – since she has only been in charge a short while! With regard to the staffing situation, Cynthia did what she and many others, including myself, felt was for the good of the party. That is no slight to the gentleman that was laid off, as he is certainly dedicated to the party and I wish him well. However, with finances running dry our focus must be on a substantially better GOTV campaign and fundraising so a staffer more qualified in these areas was required. Travis is certainly such a person and is committed to the Party and our GOTV initiatives. Yes he is white, but that has nothing to do with anything.

    We face many of the same cultural challenges in Area 7 and at the Greater Sunrise Democratic Club that are faced by other areas with historically lower turnout rates and higher barriers to overcome. But, I am thankful to have a hard working, effective and culturally diverse infrastructure and team to achieve our goals. We need to remember that we are all in this battle together, especially when the noise of personal issues overtakes the long hours of personal sacrifice our volunteers put in. For example, when I ran for 2nd Vice Chair, I lost by a single vote due in large part to support that cut across racial and ethnic lines. So I know it’s possible for us to communicate and develop rapport in spite of our cultural differences. Maybe I’m in a bubble, but I seem to get along pretty well with my constituency and party leaders even when we disagree on some things. Either way, I firmly believe we are on the right track under current leadership and I believe you will find that those who want to do the work will be given the freedom to shine.

    What does it mean to “do”? You all know we had a difficult time in 2014 getting out the vote to oust Rick Scott. As area leader, one of my solutions to this problem was to start the Greater Sunrise Democratic Club. Cynthia was one of the most ardent supporters of that effort and acknowledged the need for young black and minority leaders to reflect the changing demographics of the county. Can everyone start a club or spend 40-60 unpaid hours a week organizing our party like Cynthia does? No. Some of you have kids, multiple jobs, limited resources or other issues that prevent you from such a commitment – and I can tell you, running an effective club is a BIG commitment. But, you can make calls, walk your neighborhoods, encourage your neighbors to vote, or volunteer a couple hours a week or month at our office (especially after the primaries when things move fast and the elections near). But, when my time is wasted dealing with personal issues and unwarranted personal attacks on others, I get a little angry because I don’t have a lot of free time or money, so to me every second counts.

    Our challenge, and the challenge I am issuing to all our members, is to focus on building a vibrant party structure that will not fade after 2016, but carry us from the abyss of midterm defeat. To do that, we need to raise money and communicate to stakeholders that we have a viable plan to win elections. In order to raise money, people need to see their dollars at work. Once the grassroots has the legs to operate effectively, donors will come. The Dapur fundraiser of $10,000.00 is money that we didn’t have previously. Yet, people complain. Again, they HAVE to be people that don’t help us on a regular basis, or who have an axe to grind. I’m perfectly fine with people that do actual work complaining. I’m not okay with “do nothings” and “half steppers” bashing the party. When I was president of the Broward Young Democrats it took many frustrating months working with OFA and others to organize the black community. I am asking my fellow Black activists for help not hindrance. We need to hone in on:

    1. A very aggressive,contemporary and continuous voter and volunteer registration program (vote from home included) buoyed by an economic message that rivals that of FDR;
    2. Civil liberties, i.e. restoration of rights, body cameras;
    3. Fair enactment of legislative redistricting.
    4. Minority Voter turnout, without which we will never influence policy makers.

    Focus on the big picture of victory, and not a snapshot of petty distraction.

    Rick Hoye
    Area 7 Leader, Sunrise & Plantation


    Rick Hoye is a Broward Democratic Party activist

  26. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    South Florida Democrats in 2000 saw the start of the decline in Party official-dumb with political correctness masking the rise of LOBBYISTs like Cynthia Busch & co. Mr Hoye not seeing Lobbyist filled minor fundraisers in pseudo yuppie gay restaurants turns of Roman Catholic Irish elected Democratic officials White ethnic blue collar Democrats Protestant Church going Blacks Orthodox Jews and older Gay n Lesbians who have to live on fixed incomes n don’t hang out in pretensious yuppie watering holes with Lobbyists llving off their tax money