Broward Demos Close HQ Days Before Primary





The Broward Democratic Party has shuttered its long-time Plantation headquarter days before the March 15 presidential primary.

Acting Party Chair Cynthia Busch told in an earlier interview that the money spent on the office could be better used for voter outreach at this point.

“We are going to be relocating our office.  We have been talking to the Florida Democratic Party about a new office somewhere near the current office,” Busch said.

The goal is to have the new office open before well before the August primary.


Cynthia Busch

Cynthia Busch


Still, a number of Democratic activists are upset with the move.

“Can you guys believe that the DEC office is closing on Monday. I can’t believe it has come to that,” wrote one Democratic committeeperson in a widely circulated e-mail this week.

The office, just each of University Drive on Sunrise Boulevard, was used for years to hold meetings and as a central gathering spot for volunteers. Phone calls to the office are now being switched to a cell phone.

Democrats are being told to now send contributions and other mail to a post office address in Plantation.

Although the Democrats have opted to close their office prior to the presidential primary, the Republican Party of Broward is holding on to its long-time office in Pompano Beach.

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  1. New office suggestion says:

    If they want to go a little north, there is commercial space available in Coconut Creek where Steffens and Associates used to be.

    Maybe Bush closed the office so there would be enough reserves to pay back any clawback lawsuits on donations made by Steffens?

  2. spell cheker says:

    Please make the correction to reflect “East”, also include in the “used for years” column as an unlicensed massage parlor by “Mitch the unlicensed masseuse” I’am a lawyar for 35 yers, ran the DEC into bankruptcy. A tip of the “Fedora” to you.

    The office, just each of University Drive on Sunrise Boulevard, was used for years to hold meetings and as a central gathering spot for volunteers. Phone calls to the office are now being switched to a cell phone.

  3. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    As I am MIA for a flight to Duesseldorf this cellphone blog has to be brief: IDIOTIC!

  4. Broward Voter says:

    “We have been talking to the Florida Democratic Party about a new office somewhere near the current office.”

    Translation: The state party opens up a temporary office down here during election years, so we’ll just mooch off of them until November.

    Here’s what I don’t understand. Just about every elected official in Broward County, from the County Commissioners, to the Constitutional Officers like Sheriff, to the city Mayors and Commissioners are Democrats. Ditto for the state legislators and congresspeople. And the freaking Chairwoman of the DNC lives here. How is it that they can’t raise the money to keep a small office open?

  5. Andrew Ladanowski says:

    Smart Lady, keep your costs down, and spend the money when it counts, during an election.

  6. Arch Duke Samuel du Shamrack says:

    Oh My! Poor Dhimmies, all their money got sucked up by the Hildebeast campaign and otherwise misspent by the “The Groper” Mitch Seizure. Little Cindy is left all alone, standing in the cold dark of night, listening to the crickets (and swatting mosquitoes).

    I have a little tear in my eye.

  7. Real Democrat says:

    It does not surprise me the Demo headquarters in Broward has closed especially right before the primary. The two candidates have their own groups organized. If the county Demo party group cannot get it together the chance of having a Demo win Broward will be slim to none.

  8. Count Your Chickens III says:

    Now the DEC is “Homeless”

    No free meals for them in Fort Lauderdale Mayor John “Jaqueoph” Seiler, Bruce “Chardonnay” Roberts and wanna be next Mayor Romney Rogers will have them arrested by Scott Rothstein’s personal Police Chief Frank Adderley.

    Mitch Ceasar is a masseuse also?

  9. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    “KEEP COSTS DOWN” by closing an office? That is what Miami Beach was told by the Miami Herald when they closed the Lincoln Road Miami Beach office of the MIAMI HERALD and from that day to this Miami Beach coverage on the now nearly defunct MIAMI HERALD has been nearly defunct! Don’t ever believe the manta “we’ll save on office costs which will enable us to spend more money on other MORE IMPORTANT THINGS” it NEVER WORKS FOR NEWSPAPERS, did has NOT WORKED for Democratic Clubs in New York City, and it sure as Hell won’t work in Broward County. BUT, THEN AGAIN, I WON MY RACE WITH A CAMPAIGN OFFICE and the people GIVING THIS ADVICE HAVEN’T BEEN TOO SUCCESSFUL IN THEIR RACES – have they?
    And the Austrian title of Erzherzog is translated Archduke, one word, not two words, Arch Duke!
    Cheers from across the Pond

  10. 21st Century GOTV says:

    1. The office was ill-suited & EXTREMELY small at 560 sq feet (420+ sq feet excluding a bathroom and a closet). Frankly, it was an embarrassment.

    2. You can’t hold a phone bank or training of any size there as it is under furnished, way too small & thus too noisy.

    3. Phone banks were generally being held OUTSIDE the office at one or more persons’ homes or at a real office elsewhere because of the small size, noise level and early closure!

    4. Until recently the office was not open after 5PM & no one had a key anyway. Most volunteers have day jobs so a bigger office with later access times will be a nice change.

    5. “A number of D activists”?? Who? How many exactly? How active are these “activists” (other than on this blog)? How many more REAL activists are happy with and looking forward to the change? Is the ratio 9:1 in favor of moving? How many wanted it closed MONTHS or YEARS ago to save money vs. the 1 or 2 upset “activists”?

    6. A phone system that gets transferred to a mobile phone? Oh lordy, it must be the 21st Century!! Now the Chair or another member of the Mgt Cmte or the director can field calls 24-7 on top of their already long hours? They must be really committed!!

    7. The DEC house is getting cleaned up for a serious, modern GOTV effort. What pettiness it is to complain about something so trivial as closing an impractical office space when another, better place is in the works.

    8. Hopefully the new place will be affordable, accessible, larger and utilized. Why not wait and see before spewing nonsense? I suspect if it was free space the alleged “activists” would email Buddy about a freespiracy.

    8. Time to cheer a new found sense of reality and to get on board or just donate funds for the new office and the GOTV effort.

    The tide has changed. Perhaps the “activists” that complain about moving forward with an actual plan have been found to have no clothes?

  11. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Ok so the office closed, big deal they will open another one. Speaking of the DNC -local , national etc last night was the best I have seen Mrs.Clinton since her first debate. Personnaly I would have said screw you all i’m going w/ th e diamonds instead of th e pearls(she got the gems trust me). Also to note finally , finally they brought up Trump University -which I have been saying for months. This is where the Demo’s can put Trump to bed. Bring out the fact that he took people’s money for shear profit. Imagine going to basiccly a seminar for a G, and then getting bam-booxled into paying like thirty grand(your damn right Mr.Trump people want their money back-did you him its a civil matter and the plantiffs just want their money back, no shit ,. sherlock. Interview these people, get them on national tv. Get a comment from the State Atty Gen. in Ny. Trump keeps talking about Mrs.Clinton going to jail, etc work your magic get Trump indicted for this Trump University fraud-do this its all over for the snake oil salesman(imagine him in the White House selling the Lincoln bedroom to the highest biddder(1600 Penns. Ave is not for sale). I was glad to see the Cuban version of Leave it to beaver no other than Marco Beaver Cleaver Rubio in bringing this out-finally. You know what they both sounded like jack asses no your wearing to much make up, no your wearing to much make up-silly. Make no mistake if you don’t stop Trump by th etime Florida votes its all over he wins the nomination. My suggestion vote for Rubio, keep it going. Demos stop endorsing Black lives matter-this is not helping -you can’t win w/ just the Black vote. Will see….

  12. See what's trending says:

    The Coconut Creek Democratic Club and the Democratic Women’s Club of Northeast Broward have both shut down since Cindy took over. I see a trend…

  13. Ha Ha Ha says:

    I agree with Cynthia Busch that closing the office is a good idea, but disagree with her plan to open another office. In my view, the office should STAY closed. It is an inefficient use of funds that, as Cynthia noted, can be far better used for GOTV activities.

    And I’ll even go beyond that: the monthly meetings at Deicke Auditorium should also be abolished! Physical meetings and physical offices are sooo last century!

    Replace all of that with focused, task-oriented events! If you are calling on people to show up to an event in person, they should do some work when they arrive.

    Example 1: Schedule a “Precinct Bomb” event. Based on the number of RSVPs, generate walk lists for the appropriate number of people. The goal here is to assemble a “flash mob” to drop literature on every single door in one important precinct within a single hour. Then provide food and drinks at an after-party for everyone who did their part.

    Example 2: Use the website to live-stream a “Money Bomb” of online donations (like the old TV telethons, with realtime feedback on the site every time somebody makes a donation) that buys an I-95 billboard for a few weeks to help mobilize Broward County voters. Send Certificates of Appreciation (signed by Cynthia) for high-value donations, in addition to emailed messages of gratitude to all supporters.

    Example 3: Use the website to sell swag! Here’s an article about how an enterprising artist created a Donald Trump Butt Plug:

    And here’s another article about a Bernie Sanders doll that has already sold thousands of units:

    Be really innovative about marketing cool swag through the website and you can raise tons of money for GOTV!

    For those officials who insist on giving speeches, create an in-home video studio, record the speech of whomever wants to make one, and post it on the website (possibly in the form of a link to YouTube), then do an email blast containing the link to the speech. For interactivity across a large distance, out-of-state speakers could arrange a videoconference to a locally short-term-rented room (and of course the whole event should be posted as a video on the website afterward as well).

    The whole paradigm of physical offices and black-tie dinners is just a dreary load of old-school, last-century thinking.

    Can Cynthia Busch blast away (or phase out) all of that and replace it with a revolutionary new Democratic Party organization built around modern concepts of Internet-based organizing? Time will tell…

  14. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    21th Century GOTV should at least get Cynthia Bush’s story straight! HER RATIONALE WAS TO SPEND THE RENT MONEY ON “other things” NOW 21th Century Gonif says THE OFFICE WAS CLOSED SO THAT THEY CAN RENT A BIGGER OFFICE!
    I mean the current “leadership” of the Broward County CANT EVEN GET THEIR STORY STRAIGHT!
    If this kind of circus is an indication we are going to loose any chance of picking up Rubio’s senate seat and I pray we dont loose Florida to the eventual Republican nominee – I am afraid the county committee will be useless

  15. Baron Dick of Cornhole, Earl of Azzzcheez says:

    She said she wants to put money into voter outreach. To me that sounds like someone who has her priorities in order.

  16. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Don’t failed funnymen read this blog BEFORE conmenting?
    The whole problem is
    1. She fires someone to cut operating exoenses
    3. She closes an ESTABLISHED LOCATIOB to save money

    Her Plan for outreach MAKES NO SENSE, there is NO PLAN JUST MINDLESS CHAOS

  17. Hillary in 2016 and 2020 says:

    “See what’s trending says:
    February 28th, 2016 at 9:42 am
    The Coconut Creek Democratic Club and the Democratic Women’s Club of Northeast Broward have both shut down since Cindy took over. I see a trend…”

    How true is this about the Coconut Creek Democratic Club?

    How true is this about the Democratic Women’s Club of Northeast Broward?

    Why have each of these clubs closed?

    Is it true that Cynthia Busch never cared about these two clubs? Sure sounds like it!!!!

    What other clubs will be closing down soon under the failing leadership of Cynthia Busch??

  18. Duke of DicTation N Rubbin of Loins says:

    It is so sad to read the history of this organization. The previous chair was taking in laundry, providing housecleaning services dressed in provocative attire making just enough money to keep the lights on.

  19. Demo Committee Person says:

    Cynthia Busch is failure. Mitch Ceasar was on TV all the time and had major speakers representing the Democrats at fund raisers. Because of Busch, the party has all but disappeared. Now no office! Where are all the foot soldiers and the money she promised? I never thought I would say this, but we need Mitch back.

  20. Hillary in 2016 and 2020 says:

    Only a complete fool will close an office without another office up and running that very day!
    What was Cynthia thinking?
    Does Cynthia EVER THINK?

    Why does Cynthia need the permission of the Florida Democratic Party in Tallahassee where the new office will be located?
    I have a had a meeting at the old office. WHAT A TOTAL DISASTER! They literally gave me a run-down and rusted metal folding chair to sit on. There are over 550,000 Registered Democratic voters in Broward County. Yet they have no money to buy ANY decent furniture!
    Cynthia is way over her head in running the Broward DEC. She fired a Black homosexual JUST to appoint Travis Perron. And he turned out to be a total failure too! What a complete waste of spending MORE money on his salary.

    And no wonder the Democratic Womens Club of Northeast Broward County shut down. It was run way too long by Maggie Davidson. She is an old fart who speaks so softly that NO ONE can hear her! And Maggie never trained anyone to take over as that club’s President. WHY? Because she has never accomplished ANYTHING in the last decade. She was great follower of Nan Rich. Another old fart that never helped out the Democratic primary winner in the 2014 Governor’s race. She sat on her butt and said: “I am too tired to help out!”
    In such a short time of DEC leadership Cynthia has allowed that club and the Coconut Creek Democratic Club to fold. What are her reasons? She has NEVER given an honest answer.

    Why is she so afraid to admit that she can not handle the job?

    I feel that she is a younger old fart that will lead the Broward DEC into complete RUIN!!!!

  21. 21st Century GOTV says:

    @20: Does she think? Yes, I believe she thinks it is time to clean house, move forward and get back to the basics of being a ground based, activist focused, grassroots GOTV operation.

    Only a complete fool would waste more money on a useless office space. I believe the lease was up (should never have been re-signed)and now a new place is in the works. An intelligent person would get that.

    Who said she needed permission from Tallahassee? No one that knows anything – like yourself perhaps.

    Do you think? You state the prior office was a complete disaster then complain when it is closed so as not to waste money on it!! In essence, you agree completely with her assessment of the “old” office – an assessment she had for YEARS. Now she is in a position to change spaces and has done so. Wow,she’s getting the job done!

    Cynthia has been in the Chair’s “job” (no pay, 60-80 hour weeks form what I hear), for only a very short time! And yes, she agrees, as do MANY OTHERS, that it is ridiculous that the Broward DEC has been so woefully underfunded for so long. Now she is working on changing that. Perhaps you should kick in some money via the monthly grassroots donation page! (her idea!).

    In over her head? Are you even remotely familiar with anything re the Broward DEC? If you think the other guy was fired for being black and gay then you are a tool or someone’s tool. The question is why was the task of upgrading the office staff to acceptable performance levels left to her? One thing is for sure, she ain’t no coward.

    And Travis is a total failure? Clearly you do nothing other than post. Cynthia & Travis have been developing a field plan (imagine that, a field plan BEFORE the election!). That field plan is now being sought out by many others AROUND THE STATE. They should sell it to other county DEC’s and candidates to raise money though.

    Cynthia did not “allow” any clubs to fold. And certainly they did not fold because of her extremely short tenure so far. You are way off base to say the least. Clubs fold on their own due to lack of membership, membership growth or other reasons. The Chair cannot be the head of every club for Pete’s sake!

    @19 TV smeemee. Who cares? Who watches such one liner nonsense and thinks that that somehow helps GOTV in Broward. Getting out the vote and helping candidates post-primary is the only job the Broward DEC is supposed to be doing. Period. There is zero benefit from the Ed Show in Broward’s GOTV efforts. But more power to Mitch for getting on there so often! He does well on TV.
    “the party has all but disappeared”? What planet are you on? NO ONE on this blog that has ANY knowledge of the Broward DEC would say that with a straight face. How many people are being registered daily/weekly? By what groups/clubs? Who had a lawsuit to ensure that Alan et al could continue registering voters at courthouses and libraries etc? Get your basic understanding of what the DEC is supposed to be doing up to speed!

    19, what if she raises $50,000 or $1,000,000 this year? What if they triple the office size for the same money, less money or free? Will you then blabber on in cheer and support or find other self-serving non-sense to spew forth into the internut ether? Maybe you should attend the next DEC meeting for a status update? Oh, that would entail getting some facts before you spew and since the facts won’t meet your worldview they won’t matter to you anyway. It’s a type of personality disorder but that’s okay.

    @17, again, she has been in the Chair position a VERY SHORT TIME. She is not in charge of every club generating membership growth or changing their leadership. That’s what each club is supposed to do. To blame Cynthia for club closures is like blaming her for clubs that do little more than have coffee and donuts. She led the Plantation club for a long time, was one of its hardest workers and activists, and made sure others were ready to step up and step in. Clubs that do a lot of work attract volunteers. Those that don’t will shrink. That is not the Chair’s fault whether it was Mitch for the last decade+ or Cynthia’s for the last months.

    @Count: you need help.

    With over 500,000 Ds in Broward, with Broward being a MUST WIN (easy enough with the #s)county, with a website up and running that people can contribute to (thanks Cynthia & others for pushing that through!!!!), with a GOTV field plan in hand, and with a bit more action on the part of all clubs and DEC members, we can make FL Blue again, keep the White House and get Supremes appointed!! Give a few buck$, knock on doors, make calls. The goal for Broward is to INCREASE THE VOTER turnout. How will you help that effort rather than hurting it?

  22. Hill says:

    I bet Cynthia Busch herself is the composer of #21. Cynthia has been running (HA!) the Broward DEC for over 7 months. She knew some time ago when the old office lease was up. After all she used to be the Vice Chairperson!!! A REAL leader will NEVER close an office without another one up and running that same day. You must agree with that.
    “Only a complete fool would waste more money on a useless office space.” So you saying there is no need for ANY OFFICE? So why is Cynthia looking for a NEW OFFICE? DUH!!!!!!!
    “You state the prior office was a complete disaster” YES!!! And is Cynthia going to bring the same old rusted metal folding chairs into the new office? In over the past 2 years (as Vice Chair and Chair) has she EVER asked her 600 to 700 DEC members for furniture? Yes or No? I believe the answer in NO!!! That rusted folding metal chair was NOT even padded!
    “Wow,she’s getting the job done!” How did she get the job done if the new office is not even open? Excuse me: How did she get the job done if the new office location is NOT EVEN FOUND? Have you ever moved out of your apartment WITHOUT having another apartment lined up so that you will NOT be sleeping on the street?
    “for only a very short time!” Short Time? Cynthia, you have been running the show for 7 months. POTUS FDR was famous for starting to turn this country around in his FIRST 100 days. And that was during the GREAT DEPRESSION!!!
    “no pay, 60-80 hour weeks” Cynthia, you took the job knowing there was no pay. True? And why do you say you work 60 to 80 hours a week? 80 hours divided by 6 days equals over 13 hours a day. Please stop making up fibs. PLEASE!!!!!
    “that the Broward DEC has been so woefully underfunded for so long. Now she is working on changing that.” By firing a Black guy and hiring a white guy named Travis Perron? I witnessed a DEC meeting where some blacks were discussing Cynthia’s action and they were REALLY PISSED OFF. Travis is now being paid over 55% more than Mike was paid. FACTS!!! Mike Howson was paid about $775 every two weeks. Now Travis is being paid about $1,200 every two weeks! That is a 55% pay raise!!!!! And before Mike, Tammy was paid about $1,100 every two weeks. Please explain that! I know we live ‘down South’… but really? By the way, I got these figures from someone who works in Fort Lauderdale! So all I can do is take her word with these salaries. Cynthia, do concur with these salaries?
    “If you think the other guy was fired for being black and gay” Miss, I never said that. You just did! Though the shoe seems to fit very nicely.
    Miss Cynthia, do you have ANY ideas why the Democratic Womens Club of Northeast Broward County shut down? All I am doing is asking. I actually have no idea. Though I am most interested in the reasons. During a presidential year, closing a club does not look too good. Agree?
    You all must know that Cynthia was the Vice Chair before she became Chair. So she had PLENTY of time to discuss the matter with the Board of the Democratic Womens Club of Northeast Broward County. How much time did she spend with that board and club?
    “Cynthia & Travis have been developing a field plan” GREAT! But since when does it take over 7 months to develop a plan? The Presidential election is in 8 months! When will this fantastic plan be finished and set into motion? How long will it take to test the GREAT TRAVIS PLAN? When will it be up and running? On January 20, 2017 when POTUS Donald Trump moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?
    “How many people are being registered daily/weekly?” You talking about registering new democrats in Broward County? VERY FEW! I have a friend who works in Dr. Brenda Snipes office. He says that the Independents are GREATLY out registering the Democrats in Broward County EVERY DAY. EVERY SINGLE DAY! So what has Travis actually achieved with his 55% pay increase? Please inform all of us. You seem to know so much of the workings of Cynthia and Travis.
    “Who had a lawsuit to ensure that Alan et al could continue registering voters at courthouses and libraries etc?” What exactly is this all about? Who is Alan? Details please.
    “@17, again, she has been in the Chair position a VERY SHORT TIME.” Again, 7 months as the top dog with her own personal assistant is NOT a very short time. POTUS Truman achieved UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER for Germany and from Japan is LESS than his first 7 months in office. So before you shout out stupidity, learn some facts!
    “She is not in charge of every club generating membership growth or changing their leadership. That’s what each club is supposed to do.” REALLY? My friends at numerous other clubs ALL state that their club membership numbers have been falling. Increasing club membership numbers should be VERY EASY during a Presidential year! Second DUH! Larger Membership numbers are the life blood of the Broward DEC. Increasing is GOOD. Decreasing is BAD! Repeat: “Increasing is GOOD. Decreasing is BAD!”
    “The goal for Broward is to INCREASE THE VOTER turnout.” HUGE MISTAKE!!! A Donald Trump “HUGE” mistake. Now is the time to increase the number of registered democrats in BROWARD County. Getting the vote out can wait until September, October and November. Cynthia and Travis really want all of us to knock on doors in April, May, June, July and August to remind voters to vote in October and November? That is TOTALLY STUPID!!!! Only 55% Hispanics in Broward country are registered. Does Travis know how to register Hispanics? Does Cynthia know how to register Hispanics? Answers please.
    And Cynthia is having a VICTORY DINNER this month. What VICTORY is she thinking of? The VICTORY the Ds won in the Governor’s race in 2014? NOT! When so many of Nan Rich’s primary voters did NOTHING in November 2014. They stayed home by the 1,000s. They outright refused to campaign for the legal primary D winner.
    Cynthia, please do not tell us you worked 120 to 140 hours a week during that losing campaign!
    “With over 500,000 Ds in Broward” And how many has Cynthia personally asked for MONEY? SHOW ME THE MONEY!
    Cynthia, do not get upset. Just because a handful of concerned Ds on this site care enough to list such blatant failures of yours and Travis – you should not take them personally. We all like you. Well, some of us do. We just look forward to the day when Mitch can take over and get the job done!
    Kissie! Kissie!

  23. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    20th Century GOTV (a dumb term to be blunt) is exactly why we have a CONSERVATIVE RIGHT WING REPUBLICAN STATE CABINET. GOVERNOR n LEGISLATURE!
    Florida is NOT NEW YORK CITY
    Florida is NOT California

    Demicrats controll the Broward County Commission – and decent Democrats Blush at their antics from their libbyist controlled contracting n deals n failed because its in the wrong place Convention Center n rip off Arena for a bloodt ICE hickey team in TROPICAL Florida.

    The “present generation” of Young Dems around Cynthia Bush n Ken Evans are opportunusts who never read Schlesinger on Andrew Jackson Francis Parkinson or Allan Nevins or even Gunther on FDR or all they do is have their hands out for unqualified posts at the tax payers expense like executive director of Charter Revision. Cynthnia Bush & co are a joke in bad taste.


    If you wade through this almost illegible comment, you will find a certain nugget of truth. Florida Democrats haven’t been able to match the Republicans in GOTV for decades. They have frittered away the entire state Cabinet and governor’s mansion. Progressives– The more dreamy elements of the Broward Democratic Party who support Bernie Sanders and backed Nan Rich — are out of step with the rest of the Florida electorate.

  24. 21st Century GOTV says says:

    @22HILL. blah blah blah.

  25. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    #24 21st Century, Still waiting to find out why the Democratic Womens Club of Northeast Broward County shut down.

    Maybe no one has yet told Cynthia?

  26. 21st Century GOTV says:

    @25 Why not call their former President and ask? Or call Cynthia Busch directly? Or go to the next DEC meeting and inquire as to that and the role of the chair in such matters? Or re-start the club and build a good volunteer base? But, please, the amount of complaining and mis-informed accusations by so many on this board has surpassed my limits of bothering to bring everyone back to reality. Join a club, go to the meetings, or give money. You are all out of your league and you should not believe every bit of gossip you hear from the few dissenting wannabees & those serving their own bizarre interests.

  27. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    At the Emerald Society St Patrick’s breakfast this morning I sat with former elected officials n union officers who were flabbergassed Rep Patrick Murphy being honoured n running in a Primary this Tuesday never stopped at tables never greeted anyone but his fellow front table neighbors while Mitch Ceaser was every where meeting n greeting.
    A contrast between a 25 year Democrat with the common touch n the newbbies who cant be bothered with the party membership

  28. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    @26. Dollface, with over 600 to 700 members of the Boward DEC, I would think at least one would know the truth why the Democratic Womens Club of Northeast Broward County shut down. Asking Cynthia the same question would be totally useless. She has no support from the group and no one would believe whatever she would say. I am not putting down anyone why this club shut down; until I gather as much facts as possible. Yet that club was run by the famous Maggie Davidson. And now that club is gone. Cynthia, I have it from the highest authority that you do read this web site. So please inform us all YOUR truth about this subject. It really can’t be all that hard. Until Cynthia speaks up, I would truly appreciate if ANYONE could offer any light to this matter. Even BrowardBlue,org has no reasons.