Broward Democratic Party Leaders’ Hypocrisy On Display In Primary





The Broward Democratic Party apparatchiks are phonies. 


Because two years ago they were having conniptions over an endorsement card distributed by political consultant Dan Lewis. Party pooh-bahs charged that the card was colored blue deliberately to fool voters into believing it was the work of the Democratic organization.  

Now it is 2018 and a new endorsement card is showing up:





What about this new blue card, Democrats? You criticized Lewis’ card and not this one!

Democratic leaders alleged two years ago that Lewis’ Blue Card endorsements were for sale. This is something Lewis vehemently denied. 

The same allegation can be made about the blue-colored endorsement card above.   

By following the money, expenditures from endorsed judicial candidates went to firms controlled by West Palm Beach consultant Omar Smith. He is behind the committee that distributed the 2018 endorsements. 

Smith has been tied to County Commissioner Dale Holness and candidates Holness supports.

So what’s the real difference between the Blue Card distributed by Lewis and the one tied to Holness?

Maybe because Holness is black and Democratic Party leaders are reluctant to criticize a black elected official.

Maybe because Lewis was much more efficient than the Broward Democratic Party, which had its own 2016 endorsement card.  Lewis put his Blue Card in the hands of thousands of voters through the mail and at the polls. The Democratic Party endorsement list was distributed after Lewis’ and appeared at the time to have gone to fewer voters.

Bottom line: Democratic complaints of two years ago were a bunch of hooey. But the Broward Democratic Party leadership have been shoveling a bunch of hooey since Chair Cynthia Busch and her lackeys took over the party in 2015. 

Somebody needs to remind Busch that the party organization’s only mission is to elect Democrats.  So why endorse School Board member Donna Korn’s reelection?

Korn is an NPA or No Party Affiliation. She was a Republican before signing up as a NPA. She is certainly no Democrat.

Maybe Korn was endorsed is because she has supported keeping Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie.  The preservation of Runcie’s job is a key Primary Election goal of black elected officials, who are a powerful influence in the party.

So the party leadership are shoveling more hooey when they claim on the party website their mission is to “supplement the state and national organizations of the Democratic Party and to secure efficient, able, and honest national, state, county and local government in accordance with the principles of the Democratic Party.”

Since when is electing non-Democrats “in accordance with the principals of the Democratic Party?”

Democratic leaders silence about the new blue card and Korn is another example of Busch and company’s hypocracy.




14 Responses to “Broward Democratic Party Leaders’ Hypocrisy On Display In Primary”

  1. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Seems to me with these African American elected officals is if your Black your all set.If your Black we will back u 110% cause like i state because your Black.Perfect example is school bd.super- Mr.Runcie.Who is Black.Can do no wrong.

    Yes, you can bet if he was White or Latin, Asian or pokka dotted Runcie would not be showcasing all this support.( yes).You make a valid point concerning Mr.Lewis here.See the similarities.Race of someone should not make a bit of difference.However, with these local Black elected officals a Black canidate and or sitting elected offical could commit murder and these above Black elected officals would not even flinch.So obvoius…

  2. J says:

    Broward Dems, just as Broward GOP has been for years, is a joke and only serves special interests. This is particularly true on the dem side, mainly bc they actually hold political power in Broward…

    This county has zero accountability. BSOE, BSO, BCPS, and yes even the county commission.

    We need to put political afiliation aside in county races and focus on transparency, honesty, and accountability. I’ve been glad to see so many post-Parkland gun control activists, largely dems, take on Runcie for his failures…check out a tweet by Cameron Lasky, a march for our lives organizer—>

    “Anybody who has the word “Democrat” or “Republican” in their head while approaching a school board election needs to do more research into what exactly a school board member does.” With that being said, Broward Dems support of Korn is largely connected to her willingness to listen to BTU and Runcie, before listeninh to Broward citizens. As a Rep Korn knew if she wanted to stay on the Board she had to get ride of the R and become a rubber stamp for Runcie and the dem gang that runs Broward. Kinda feel bad for her. She didn’t want to loose her job, just look at what Runcie is doing to Nora, as you posted recently, Buddy. Runcie is actively raising money to ouster HIS BOSS!!! That is insane!

  3. What a bunch of morons says:

    Candidates Stefanie Moon, Haccord Curry and Jackie Powell have all paid Omar Smith aka Flyer Smith and his related companies which is on their campaign reports. Was it be on this card and have it distributed, who knows.

    Why are they morons…

    Besides paying Smith, they are not on a card with the racist Judicial Candidate Alan B Schnieder. See Buddy’s previous posts exposing Mr. Schnieder as a racist. More specifically, Mr. Schnieder is caught on Facebook saying in regards to the two black men who were arrested for just sitting in Starbucks “a couple of thugs who improperly enter a Starbucks and wont leave when confronted by management and then the police there …are the subject of racial discrimination…where I see nothing about this story”

  4. Tell the Truth says:

    At least the print shops are making a ton of money!!
    Not to mention the post office with mailers of ALL sort every day.
    There will be some disapointed folks pictured here come August 29.

  5. Buddy Loves Dan says:

    Thousands of voters have been given the Democratic Party’s recommendations in the primary. Most races the Democratic Party cannot endorse in. We did endorse a politically moderate NPA over a gun-toting Republican in the School Board race. Party rules allow us to endorse an NPA when there is no Democrat in the race.

    Our beef with Lewis is endorsing Republicans with a blue card under the guise they are Democrats. What he did was dishonest.
    Are there any Republicans on that card in your article?

    Speaking of hypocrisy, you lambasted Busch for firing her ED based on the sole fact he was African American, yet today you blasted the business community because you perceive optics is the reason they want to keep an African American School Board Supervisor, not the fact that the schools have dramatically improved scholastically since his tenure, AN IMPORTANT FACTOR TO BUSINESS. But you are a blogger so you can have it whatever way you want.

  6. Just Saying says:

    I guess I’m not seeing what you’re seeing, Buddy. This doesn’t pretend to be any kind of Democratic Party card (official or otherwise). It is just a generic endorsement card. I don’t even see the word “Democrat” on it anywhere. It isn’t trying to trick people into thinking it is from the Democratic Party. At least not from I can see of it. The only pitch it makes is “Diversity.” That’s not partisan, at least not on its face (except that the endorsements only apply to someone voting in the Democratic primary).


    Dan Lewis’ card did not have the words “Democratic” anywhere on it. Just “Blue Card.”

    This card actually looks more like a party endorsement card than Lewis’ because it includes pictures of well-known Democratic office holders.

  7. NW Broward MODO says:

    @1. It appears to be so; unless there is nothing to gain personally. Let’s never forget that Dr. Osgood ejected a group of black mothers- and their black advocate Rhonda Ward from a school board meeting when the moms expressed their concerns about SCHOOL SAFETY for the disabled. The passion of mothers fighting for their helpless children “broke tone” and the moms had not addressed the self appointed “leading lady” with the expected admiration and awe. Apparently the “loyalty” does not extend to the community who needs help the most.
    Remember all of the snickering and eye rolling directed at Ms. Hibbs whose difficulty remaining focused and on point was probably due to the toxic mold in the school where she had worked? Remember her message? It was about school SAFETY. What’s being done now? Post catastrophe. Various commissions, and task groups are spending taxpayer money to prepare for a corrective action plan; in which, no one will be held accountable for the negligence and recklessness of the Runcie, the School Board of Broward County, the Sheriff’s Office, the Parkland Commission etc. Just disgusting. Vote them out. ALL of them.

  8. Strong Democrat says:

    The BCDEC is ineffective and has absolutely no political power. Not one governor campaign is dealing with them on more than a superficial effort. I am a super voter and I have never heard from them by phone, mail or at the door.

  9. juliet hibbs says:

    @NW Broward MODO
    I NEVER had a problem remaining on topic! The people did not want to hear the truth! It was ALWAYS about students and staff safety!
    The people of Broward DID not care and allowed YEARS of abuse to anyone that spoke up!

  10. Bob Adams says:

    Several of the endorsed candidates are running in primaries. When the hell did the DEC start endorsing one Democrat over another in a primary??

  11. Strong Republican says:

    @Strong Democrat is right, both party’s organization, executive committees and those that attend their circus meetings SUCK!

  12. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Nothing unusual here. It’s how Broward Democrats roll. Is anyone surprised? And the Commission on Parkland will do the same…make excuses for all of the failures. I saw one of the sessions and the Chair, the infamous sheriff who punted on an obvious murder was making the excuses.

  13. David Lessons says:

    Buddy what you failed to mention was that the Democratic Party chose a candidate that is not a hate-filled misogynist that has a history of attacking Jews, LBGTQ, Muslims, unions, Latinos and African Americans to names a few. I don’t even think they had to think about it.


    The party could have chosen the third person in that race, Elijah Manley. Or it didn’t have to endorse anybody.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Democratic megadonor George Soros is digging his hands deep into Florida politics, pumping millions of dollars into liberal causes and candidates’ campaign accounts, all while setting the stage to go all in for gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum next year.

    On Wednesday, Gillum announced a whopping $765,000 in campaign contributions. The strong fundraising numbers are undoubtedly a boon to Gillum’s aspirations to leave the Tallahassee Mayor’s Office behind and kick up his heels in the governor’s mansion next year.

    The biggest of the 3,500 online contributors: George Soros and his son, Alex, who donated a combined $150,000 to Gillum’s run for Florida governor…..

    Reach reporter Allison Nielsen by email at or follow her on Twitter: @AllisonNielsen.