Broward Courthouse: So Many New Judges They Need Extra Robing Ceremonies





There are so many new judges waiting to be officially robed that there will be three separate ceremonies.

Judges are traditionally robed – a swearing-in and introduction to the community – at one event in January.

This year will be at least 15 new judges to be robed – roughly two thirds of them elected and the rest recently appointed by Gov. Rick Scott.

“Nobody wants to sit through all that,” Chief Judge Peter Weinstein told a Stephen R. Booher American Inn of Court meeting this week.



Peter Weinstein


Weinstein has planned three ceremonies featuring different new judges starting mid January.

Customarily a new judge’s family, friends and the legal community attend robings, which are strictly ceremonial. Many judges actually begin work earlier, shortly after they are appointed.

With 15 new judges in the 90-judge Broward Courthouses, Weinstein predicted, “there will be a tremendous amount of change.”




Lawyer Bradford Peterson is copying an old tactic used by Lawton Chiles in 1970, whose 1000-mile walk from Pensacola to Key West earned him a U. S. Senate seat and the nickname “Walkin’ Lawton.”

Peterson, who is running for County Court Group 14, will walk “from the shores of Hallandale Beach to the fishing pier at Deerfield Beach.

Chiles walk took 91 days.

Peterson is promising to start the walk Saturday November 5th and finish the next day.

Endorsed by the Sun-Sentinel, Peterson is the assistant regional counsel for the Office of Criminal Conflict and civil regional counsel for the Fourth District. He has been a prosecutor and a public defender .

5 Responses to “Broward Courthouse: So Many New Judges They Need Extra Robing Ceremonies”

  1. what is interesting says:

    As of now Weinstiem has only published the dates of the three robings. No mention as to who will be robed on what days. Some are speculating games will be played on who gets what dates in relation to whom is supporting Judge Tutor, Weinstien’s had picked successor as Chief Judge.

  2. Where? says:

    The robing ceremonies usually take place in January. Are they being held in the new courthouse?


    Not this year. The way it is going, maybe the robing ceremony in 2018 or 2019 or whenever.

  3. Count GFYS Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz Jr says:

    You might want to inform the candidate you’re pimping for that he should know the statutes regarding placement of political signage on the right of way.

    Peterson should be following the law not flaunting it.

    479.105 Signs erected or maintained without required permit; removal.—
    (1) A sign that is located adjacent to the right-of-way of any highway on the State Highway System outside an incorporated area or adjacent to the right-of-way on any portion of the interstate or federal-aid primary highway system, which sign was erected, operated, or maintained without the permit required by s. 479.07(1) having been issued by the department, is declared to be a public nuisance and a private nuisance and shall be removed as provided in this section.

  4. rightwing says:

    so where to hold the ceremonies????the new courthouse. no. by the time its finally ready it will be an old courthouse. the current one?????too much mold. how about the main jail?????seems appropriate.

  5. Walkin Lawton He Is Not says:

    I knew Lawton Chiles.
    I campaigned for Lawton Chiles.
    Bradford Peterson, you are no Lawton Chiles!

    The fact is you are a REPUBLICAN with a deplorable campaign consultant, Barry Harris, that is spreading horrible lies about your opponent and telling people that you are a DEMOCRAT. You are also a very strange person with a temperament that would be terrible for the bench.