Broward Consultants Get Hands Dirty in Dade





Wouldn’t you think that Broward School Board member Abby Freedman’s political consultant along with DUI Judge Lynn Rosenthal’s consultant had enough to do in this election without messing in Miami-Dade County?

Apparently consultant Amy Rose (Freedman and Broward County Commission candidate Mark Bogen) and Alain Jean (Rosenthal and judicial candidate Jonathan Kasen) had some extra time on their hands.

A political website has tied them to some dirty campaigning in Miami-Dade.

I’m not surprised either has been involved in attack ads, where the funding is hidden deep below the waterline.  They’ve both done the same thing up here.

I am surprised they are expanding their talents are needed in Miami-Dade, a county which has plenty of home grown mud slingers.

Here’s the link.

Alain Jean



Amy Rose in blue dress with Nan Rich (far left) and Abby Freedman 

11 Responses to “Broward Consultants Get Hands Dirty in Dade”

  1. No surprise for Freedman says:

    Abby Freedman is running a dirty campaign…Gee what a shocker! Her time with the school board has been plagued with controversy as she constantly uses her position to enhance herself at the expense of taxpayers and our education system. Had she been an accomplished school board member, she’d have no need to have to sling mud. Sadly, that has never been the case. Let’s hope for an educated electorate!

  2. Kevin Hill says:

    I’ll tell you why: Dade campaigns raise orders of magnitude more $$$ than Broward ones, so there’s more $$$$ available for “consultants.”

  3. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    A pox on all their houses.

  4. Omg says:

    Amy Rose is one if the sneakest and dirty consultants and ran sheriff Israel’s campaign with his knowledge… She was given carblounch at BSO after the elections. Even with active warrants and while the sheriff l
    Israel personally invited. Felon ken Jennie to his BSO office. Nothing surprising here with abbey ms. Pence gang and Amy scum rose and sheriff Israel found guilty of ethics violations. Smells bad to me too.

  5. Lost Vote says:

    Nan in this picture with Republican Abbey Friedman and formerly wanted Amy Rose will cost Nan tons of votes. Just lost mine and all my friends.

  6. Ok get it right says:

    Let’s be accurate, Roger Stone and Ron Gunzberger designed and created the strategy to beat Al Lamberti. Amy Rose did nothing more than organize walk lists and made sure the poll workers got their boxed lunch and bottled water on election day.

  7. The Source says:

    No, Jean and Rosenthal didn’t know about the negative campaign until the first mailing. Rosenthal’s husband, Mitchell Feig, arranged it, along with money from “other” sources. I don’t know what they are, but I can guess. These two mailings probably cost $75,000, so he’s not fooling around.

    The negative campaign was triggered to begin only if McLawrence went negative. The timing makes sense here because the first mailing dropped one week after McLawrence’s. That’s how long it takes from printing press to mailbox.

    I was also told that Jean and Feig are not on speaking terms. That makes sense, too.

    I trust my source on this but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. I would bet money, though.

  8. Just Saying says:

    Funny – the last several commenters all know who did what, who knew what, and when they knew it in elections and campaigns they had nothing to do with. I bet there’s nobody in any of the campaigns who would agree, but everyone knows that anonymous bloggers are the best and most accurate sources!

  9. Dem. says:

    Okay Get It Right!!! You must live under a rock to believe that’s all Amy Rose did. She is neck deep in the dirty shit with Israel, Stone, Gunzberger, DiPerna, Goldberg, Bromfield, Wally Rose, Todd Wildler, Ken Jenne, Robert Pierera and Rothstein, Marano, Angello and Lisa Castillo and many more. If you want to call it, call it what it is!!!

  10. Vote for McLawrence says:

    Rosenthal almost killed someone reckless driving. She’s a Rick Scott Republican. And now she’s resorting to dirty tricks. Time to vote for McLawrence.

  11. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    One to watch is Alain Jean. First and for most put your money(so to speak) w/ him. Big supporter of Ft.lau comm. Bobby Dubose. Once Bobby is in the State House is another feather in Mr.Jean hat. As far as everyone etc. playin dirty, tell us something we don’t already know.