Broward Commission: Who’s Richest?





The richest Broward County Commissioner is Suzanne Gunzburger, according to the latest yearly financial disclosure information.




Sue Gunzburger: She’s loaded


Gunzburger reports assets of $4.2 million, split between real estate and investments in stocks and bonds.  She values her Hollywood home on South Lake at $801,160.

The commissioner has $587,406 in money market and bank accounts.  Her only liability is $535 owed on her credit cards.

The poorest Broward commissioner is Martin “Marty” David Kiar with a net worth of just $82,930. His Davie home is more than $100,000 under water, according to the form. examined the financial disclosures, due July 1 and being processed now by the state, of seven of the nine county commissioners.

Two have not been processed yet – Tim Ryan and Dale Holness.

Here are the net worth of those examined (from rich to poor) for the year ending Dec. 31, 2012:

*Barbara Sharief, $4 million. Sharief’s form lacks an explanation of where that net worth figure is obtained.  She lists less than $1 million in a retirement account, real estate and household goods.

*Lois Wexler, $557,773.  The biggest asset is her home in the Jacarada Country Club section of Plantation which has a small mortgage.

*John Charles “Chip” LaMarca, $554,264.  His biggest asset is his Lighthouse Point home and he lists $197,000 in household goods.

*Stacy Joy Ritter, $139,000.  Ritter has a heavily mortgaged Parkland home and $18,540 in an IRA.

*Kristin Jacobs, $110,378. Jacobs has a $312,000 home in northeast Broward with a large mortgage.

Under state law, office holders have great latitude in valuing their real estate.  They can value it at the market value used for tax purposes or the fair market value, which is an estimate of what the property would fetch if sold.

9 Responses to “Broward Commission: Who’s Richest?”

  1. Christine says:

    Need to do a little proof reading there on the Ritter and Jacobs bottom lines there Buddy…


    The figures in the post are accurate. I rechecked them with the original documents.

  2. Parkland says:

    Everybody knows Ritter is very rich becauseher lobbyist husband has made her quite a wealthy woman. Big house and lots of jewels plus a BMW. So she is near the bottom of the list only because she is undervaluing her assets.

  3. PandaBear says:

    Gunz at only 4.2M?? Hmmm, that seems quite low…

  4. Christine says:

    I didn’t mean the figures Buddy..I meant the words….

  5. Oh that Charlie LaMarca says:

    Is it really fair that Chip gets to claim his house as an asset since it appears he has not paid on it in over a year and is in foreclosure. You would think that someone in foreclosure may sell off some of the $180000 in personal goods, most likely made up of the Chip “In Vino” LaMarca wine collection to pair down his debt.

    Then again as it says on Chip’s Jag, “Life is a Cabernet”.

    Seriously, of those in foreclosure who didnt get jag, have 180k in “personal goods”, custom made shirts, fancy shoes and have their primary source of income be a part time County Cmmission salary of 90k a year and supplemented by 26k a year from LaMarca Construction.

    Wouldnt you think a true fiscal responsible would try to to earn more outside income besides $2,000 or so a month doing “construction” when they are underwater in debt?

    For those who know Chip is there any doubt while the CC is on haiatus he gets up at the crack of dawn, puts on his LaMarca Construction hard hat, worn jeans and work boots to go hang drywall, lay tile, putting in generators, doing what construction guys do?

  6. auto dealer says:

    Sorry, but Ritter drives a Volkswagen, not a BMW.

  7. City Activist Robert walsh says:

    Comm.Gunzburger has boo-koo money. . She is going to live to be 100. At least she will have plenty of dough to keep her comfortable. I give her a lot of credit, she works very hard, and truly always looks out for her constituents(thank you). As far as Comm.Ritter -be nice to your father and he will leave you a bundle. As far as this being a truly accurate report of their wealth I doubt it. As far as Comm.Shariff, another one w. boo-koo money. Made it all off charging Medicaid/medicare for her home -health services. None of them are hurting, is the real story here.(cha-ching)…

  8. Christine says:

    Wrong auto dealer. She drives a golf cart.

  9. What A Joke says:

    You have to be kidding saying Stacy Ritters net worth is only $139,000. She makes such shady deals along with her husband and gets a free piano,over 100,000 in renovations on her home, a free golf cart. I hope and pray that this lowlife crook finally gets caught