Broward 2012 Florida House Races Shaping Up


Louis Reinstein. Who?

You’ll be hearing a lot about this Democratic political unknown with an impressive resume.

Louis Reinstein

Reinstein has opened a campaign account for state Rep. Franklin Sands’ Weston/Plantation based Florida House seat.  Former House Democratic Leader Sands is termed out next year.

Although only 36-years-old, Reinstein is not only a civil litigator with the well-known Bunnell & Woulfe law firm. He is a member of the Broward County Planning Board, so he knows something about land use.  He was a middle and high school teacher at the David Posnack Center for four years, so he knows something about education from the inside.

He has a master’s degree in Jewish studies.  He’s active in his synagogue, Beth Israel in Sunrise.

And his treasurer is long-time Broward civic and education activist Alan Levy. Levy should be able to introduce Reinstein to supporters with money.

I asked Reinstein if he knew what he was getting into months of grueling fund raising, hand shaking and condo breakfasts.

“If you live in a community, care about a community and are raising your children in a community, you should be part of the community in a meaningful way, he said.

He has two sons three years and seven-weeks. His wife is a lawyer who he met at Nova Southeastern Law School. They live in Plantation.

One potential problem: No one at this point knows what Sands’ House District 98 will look like after reapportionment.  Will it even include Plantation or the part where Reinstein lives?

Reinstein isn’t waiting to find out.

Hopefully be starting so early “people will see I’m a good and qualified candidate, he said.


Former Coral Springs Mayor Scott Brook has already raised over $15,000 in his race to replace state Rep. Ari Porth, the Coral Springs Democrat also termed out of office next year.

Depending on how the new district lines are cut in 2012, it is widely assumed that Parkland Commissioner Jared Moskowitz might also run for this seat.

Porth is being mentioned for county commission, but he will have to do the math first.  Being a county commissioner would probably require Porth to quit his job at the State Attorney’s Office. Running for something else, like state senate or city commission, wouldn’t necessitate him giving up his day job.

16 Responses to “Broward 2012 Florida House Races Shaping Up”

  1. Chris Royer says:

    Mr. Reinstein will be a great candidate. He is a great supporter of the military and has impeccable values as a leader. We need someone like Mr. Reinstein to lead South Florida into the future. He has my vote!

  2. Broward Lawyer says:

    Don’t know him. Need to learn more about him.

  3. Resident says:

    I presume you are mentioning Porth for Stacy Ritter County Commission District because it lives and represents most of that district.

    I figured Porth is more likely to seek when Senator Ring is up, to go for State Senate, unless Ritter is removed or decides not to run.

  4. Proud Dem says:

    I went to law school with Louis and have had the fortunate opportunity to become friends with both him and his wife. They are a wonderful couple with great family values. Louis is young, sensible, and a visionary. He is what Broward, the State of Florida, and the Democratic Party needs. He will be part of the future and the solution of the party and this state. I will work hard to support him and make sure he is my next Representative in Tallahassee.

  5. Angelo Castillo says:


    You’re right.

    Louis Reinstein and I served together on the Broward County Planning Council. He’s bright and hard working, unafraid to ask tough questions that get to the heart of an issue. He’s instantly likable and a very electable guy.

    Lou is wise to wait for an open seat like this one. But that race is likely to draw any number of talented contenders.

    Dan Stermer, in particular, comes to mind. He would be a very formidable opponent. A talented and personable attorney — in itself an impressive combination –Dan already knows his way around Tallahassee because of his years as a Weston Commissioner. Dan’s a tough competitor who is well regarded locally and has earned name recognition.

    As you say, how the district lines get drawn for this seat will be all important. It’s going to be an interesting race to watch.


  6. Walter Gerstein says:

    Right candidate, wrong seat.
    Sands district only covers Bonaventure in Weston. It would make more sense for the Republicans to redistrict 98 into a Republican district by drawing one including all Weston/Southwest Ranches/Western Pines, etc. I don’t know if Stermer can win such a district.

  7. Local Lawyer says:

    The Sands seat will be very competitive. I know of at least one viable name that no one has mentioned.

    FROM BUDDY: Activist Rick Stark tells me he is jumping in the race, too. He lives in Weston.

  8. Sheba says:

    I would support anything Mr. Reinstein is involved in. Not only is he one of the brightest people i know, but he is the most principled, honest person i have ever known! He is a loyal and committed husband, father, friend and colleague, who is passionate about his community and faith.He conducts his life with absolute integrity and that is something we should all strive to have on the political lines.

  9. Scott says:

    Also, I know as a fact that Marty Kiar is running for the State Senate if his mentor Nan Rich is term limited. There is a possibility that she may not be term limited and is seeking a legal opinion. If she is not term limited than he will run for his house seat. However, if she is term limited and he runs for Senate, then that would open up 97 as well.

    FROM BUDDY: I’ve heard the same thing….

  10. Grant Skolnick says:

    As the former Campaign Chairman of the Palm Beach County Democratic Executive Committee and the current Director of the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioner Services, I have met quite a few political candidates. I can say with no doubt, that Mr. Reinstein will be the finest representative the House has seen in years and is exactly what Florida politics has been missing! You certainly have my support!!!

  11. Ryan Terrell says:

    Actually, Sands’ seat contains both Bonaventure and most of the neighborhoods in Stermer’s district, including the Meadows, the Lakes, Tequesta, and the smaller developments east of Royal Palm Blvd and north of Saddle Club. Its a common misconception that the district only contains Bonaventure.

  12. Ryan Terrell says:


    The Republicans already tried that last cycle with District 97, taking out the strongest Dem precincts in Weston and Davie out of the district and including a branch through the everglades to take in the more swingy Parkland and some Rep-leaning Coral Springs precincts. It had mild success, the Republicans came close in 2002 and won the open seat in 2004 but trends this decade proved that a seat like that couldnt last too long. Democrats won it back in 2006 after only 2 years and have won the seat by decent margins since.

  13. Jeanne says:

    I know Louis as a very dedicated teacher to my son many years ago. He left quite an impression on all of us, and as Plantation residents, we will be very happy to support him. Good luck Mr. Reinstein!!!

  14. Prognosticator says:

    Something that is being studied during this redistricting process is that Broward has the second largest delegation in the State and has only one Republican district. It is House dist 91, which was held by Ellyn Bogdanoff and now is held by Moriatis. Although Broward has a large number of Republicans compared to the remainder of the state to it’s north, it does not have a republican senate district, only overlays with limited precincts from surrounding senate seats in different counties. This came as a result of deals made with Stacy Ritter and others, to stop Debby Sanderson from being reelected to the Senate. The districts are so one sided in Broward that Democrat Senators never pull opposition, except in primaries, if that.

    Look for this to change. I predict that a very strong republican senate district will be drawn in West Broward, and it was accurately described above. I also expect a former Representative and colleague of the current leadership may be contemplating a run for that seat.

    Also, Senator Rich is termed out in 2014. She is going into the second year of her second term. Because she came into the Senate in a special election, she most likely won’t get the additional 2 years that other Senators enjoy during reapportionment, because she will have served longer than the 8 year term limit going into her next election cycle.

  15. Scott says:

    With all due respect to the last comment, you cannot draw a very Republican district in West Broward and at the same time comply with Amendments 5 and 6. Senator Rich’s district will most likely be a tight compact district encompassing most of the same Broward areas as it currently has.

  16. Edison says:

    Amendment 5 and 6 have not stood the test of federal court. They are unfair to minorities, mainly blacks who will be robbed of several congressional seats. The courts will overthrown the amendments and will end up drawing the lines.