Brow Judge Gets 90-Day Suspension After Admitting Wrongdoing





Broward Judge Lynn Rosenthal agreed to a 90-day suspension after admitting her conduct surrounding a drunk driving arrest “eroded” and “demeaned” confidence in judges.



Judge Lynn Rosenthal: Campaigning in 2015


Rosenthal accepted responsibility for:

* Refusing to take a urine or blood sample when she was detained for drunk driving in May 27, 2014 after hitting a patrol car and the gate at the courthouse parking lot.

* Failing to preserve a video of her swerving in traffic and colliding with a wall on the highway on her way to work the same day. Her husband erased the video.

* Making “misleading or incomplete statements” to Bar investigators.


In addition to the suspension, Rosenthal agreed to receive a public reprimanded by the Florida Supreme Court, 12 hours of continuing legal ethics education, family counseling. She will also have to repay to the Bar the costs of the investigation.

The agreement is in a recommendation to the Supreme Court, which can accept or reject it.

Despite her arrest, Rosenthal won re-election against Franza ‘Jahra’ McLawrence 56-44 percent in the Aug 2014 primary.

Rosenthal was a federal prosecutor from 1985 to 2012. She was appointed to the bench by Gov. Rick Scott in July 2012.



Rosenthal’s stipulation (agreement) can be found here. 

4 Responses to “Brow Judge Gets 90-Day Suspension After Admitting Wrongdoing”

  1. Wayne Arnold says:

    We all go through struggles in life so I wish the Judge the best in turning her life around. Perhaps her experiences will add to her legal ability to show more empathy and understanding to what happens to the poor Joe when he or she appears in her court room. My wife and I voted for you Judge and we wish you much success in your future endeavors.

  2. pathetic says:

    Read the stipulation. she continued to lie and destroy evidence through her JQC proceedings. She never admitted to having any “struggles” just one bad day and barely admitted that.

    With Former Judge Pollack at least her lapses in judgment were a part of an addiction that took control of her life. What is Rosenthal’s excuse for continuing to lie?

    How can a Judge stay on the Bench who continued to lie and only took personal responsibility when she was exposed as a liar.

    Let’s face it, she got a great plea deal, reelected to 6 more years, it seems all she had to do was be honest and this would have gone away.

  3. Bob Norman is an ass but... says:

    After seeing this you can see that Rosenthal even In her stipulation continues to maintain lies, refuted by video evidence, as to the facts surrounding her arrest.

    In light of this it would be a miscarriage of justice if she were permitted to stay on the bench

  4. What The Hey? says:

    From now on, Her Honor should be known as Her Dishonor.