Bring Back Non-Political Sheriff Lamberti


Will somebody please bring back the old Al Lamberti?

You remember.  That was the sheriff who was “non-political.”  The sheriff who avoided politics because he was a law enforcement professional.

I want the sheriff who told voters in 2008 that there was no partisan way to enforce the law.  The sheriff who told the Sun-Sentinel right before the election that the job should be non-partisan.

What Lamberti said three years ago came to mind last week when I saw him glad handing his way through the Broward Republican picnic.  Just another party pol cozying up to party hacks.


Lamberti: Another Republican

Lambert can no longer wear the mantle of a non-politician.  He is proving himself more of a politician every day…a bad one.

Take his clumsy interference in a county commission race last year. The sheriff sicced investigators on County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger just as her re-election campaign went into the stretch. It smelled of political interference, especially since Gunzburger was one of his strongest critics on the commission.

The allegations concerning Gunzburger were a decade old and baseless. Faced with negative reactions from voters and the media,  Lamberti was forced to drop the investigation quickly.

I don’t know who Lamberti’s advisers are, but they obviously can’t read the voters registration rolls.  This is still a Democratic county.  With a very big D.

So the best course for Lamberti is to be above politics.  He needs voters to forget he is a Republican.

It may be too late. Lamberti has already done too many photo opts with Republican politicians that will come back to haunt him.  Democrats will probably see one with Lamberti and Gov. Rick Scott in their mail box a few days before the 2012 election.

52 Responses to “Bring Back Non-Political Sheriff Lamberti”

  1. Lisa says:

    Amen Buddy! Lamberti wrongly meddled into the politics of the City of Dania Beach, who pays his office millions to provides police services. Although it is a non-partisan race, he outwardly supported a candidate who is a registered Democrat in the last election, conveniently showed up at many community meetings right before the election, signed an endorsement letter over his official sheriff stationary, had officers publicly support the same candidate while on duty and some even made personal campaign contributions to his candidate. His candidate was never qualified to lead a city and lost the race. Lamberti is paid very well to provide services, he is the vendor, the city is the client. He has no right to encourage his command staff to publicly support a candidate nor attempt to influence the politics of his client, the city. He has been asked repeatedly to simply do his job, be the sheriff and stay out of the politics of his client. Dania Beach has serious crime issues that have been ignored for years by top command staff at BSO, it is time for them to simply do their job! We have great deputies on the ground whom we respect and work well with, although Lamberti’s command staff follows Lamberti’s lead and continue to meddle, they need to get to work!

  2. Responsiblity says:

    Sorry but that was never Al Lamberti from the moment he decided to run for office. This high sounding stuff about being non-political is just rhetoric. Al Lamberti is partisan politician and that’s all there is to it. He had every opportunity to ask the voters to convert his job to non-partisan and he refused to do it. That’s because he made a political calculation of what was best for him as a candidate. So let’s talk clearly about this. Al is a Republican, he chose that and is an integral part of their machine. They help him and he helps them which explains why he’s constantly at Republican events.

  3. David says:

    The “non-political” Lamberti has his golden boy, little Donnie Pritchard running for State Representative in Martin Kair’s seat. Better keep your dogs indoors- this Pritchard is as crooked as they come. Pritchard is a Lamberti lackey.

  4. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:


    The motto needs to be “ANYBODY BUT SCOTT”!

  5. No DUKES says:

    Thanks “Lisa” — I’d rather have a sheriff involved in politics in Dania Beach than a commissioner who is nothing but a puppet of his wife.

    Are those real?

  6. Smart Move says:

    Sociopath? You use that phrase in connection with Chief Israel and expect people to give you credibility? I think you’re confused. Scott Israel catches sociopaths and he puts them away.

  7. WaaaaWaaaa says:

    Lisa f/k/a possibly Beth the Bounty Huner, possibly the Duke of Earl…

    Your silly slate lost, get over it.

  8. Barry Sacharow says:

    Louie Granteed of Hollywood is a great candidate with solid law enforcement credentials. Sadly, I’ve been watching the Sheriff’s efforts becoming less and less about BSO and the communities that it serves, and more about Al working to get himself re-elected.

    Louie Granteed for Broward County Sheriff!

  9. "THE DUKE" says:

    Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, when will you get over the fact the your candidate simply got beat. Just like “THE DUKE” will get beat come 11/12. The Sheriff has the right to support and endorse candidates just like you do. Stop your whining and give Walter back his pants!

  10. Better Broward says:

    LOL, “The Duke”, I am sure YOU wish you were like Commissioner Duke. It wasn’t Lisa, as you may have wished. The Commissioner wears his pants just fine, that is obvious, just look at him. He is the best looking and smartest elected official in the county. I think her candidate did win, the lady Mrs. Grace. Don’t hate, jealously of the Dukes is rampant in that city. It is about time someone professional and experienced finally ran and won in that abused city. Get over it, you can’t compete with him, nobody can. You may like the way that city looks, but others in Broward know it has been a slum until Mr. Duke came around.

  11. Louie Louie says:

    Google “Louie Greanteed,FBI, Hollywood”

    Read this report by a Channel 10 reporter

    Then decide

  12. Real Deal says:

    Louie Granteed is nothing but Al Lamberti’s hand picked stooge to weaken the Democrat in the primary. When he loses Lamberti will have a fat job for him in BSO just like he did with Wiley Thompson. Al is not polling as strong as he should, he’s got multiple criminal investigations pending, Rothstein isn’t around to bankroll his campaign anymore and Roger Stone isn’t there to implement his dirty policial strategy. Putting stooges in the way of him and a successful challenger is smart politics for Al. Besides, he knows Granteed can’t win. Nobody is going to want Granteed to do for BSO what he’s done for Hollywood Police. More proof? The corrupt Diane Glasser is supporting Granteed. The same Glasser that admitted to bribes but Lamberti won’t arrest her and put her in jail. Think she owes Lamberti something? Why would Granteed associate with an admitted bribe taker in office? And why would a member of the DEC violate her oath and support a candidate of her party in a primary? The entire thing stinks and that’s got people talking.

  13. Esquire says:

    Louie Granteed will make an excellent Sheriff. He has an impeccable record and more experience than any other candidate in the race, including Sheriff Lamberti. I am saddened to see members of Scott Israel’s campaign stoop to lies and false allegations once again. They pulled the same dirty tricks last election against Richard lemack and Sheriff Lamberti. This is a clear danger sign that Scott Israel lacks integrity and ethics. Louie Granteed had nothing to do with the FBI investigation of several officers. He has an ethical, intelligent, and imminently qualified candidate for the position, and I will proudly give him my vote.

  14. Barry Sacharow says:

    The discussion about Louie Granteed is a primary problem with the blogisphere, too many unsupported alligations, not enough facts. I have known and worked with Louie Granteen since we both had way more hair and way stronger attitudes, more then 20 years in all, and I have found him to be fair, honest and and one of the most ethical officers of the HPD. I wish I could have said this for all of the Police Officers I have known, HPD or otherwise, but i have found Louie Granteed to be like the Biblical Noah, a righteous man for his generation. Is he perfect, no, of course not, but is he the best of the present and past of Sheriffs? Well he’s damn close! Nothing that has been posted makes me change my opinion… Louie Granteed for Broward County Sheriff!

  15. Undecided DEC Member says:

    Barry, question:

    Is what Real Deal says true? Is granteed being supported by and hooked up with Diane Glasser. That will go a long way in helping me make my decision!

    Real Deal, question:

    Isn’t it SAOs job to prosecute not the Sherrif’s?

  16. Las Olas Firm says:

    As a major Law Firm, we are not a Firm that considers information on blogs credible, but do review issues that pertain to certain political seats in Broward County.

    I have reviewed these blogs over a period of time and find the dirty political tactics of some totally distasteful.

    Our firm does at times openly discuss Broward Politics and has come to the realization Sheriff Lamberti’s time has come and gone for a multitude of reasons.

    We have also realized Mr. Scott Israel is absolutely not the person that will get the support of our Firm, and/or the support of any firms associated and/or any organizations or affiliates based on his previous election tactics and his current election tactics.

    I was very pleased to learn many Attorney’s and Staff in our firm have been quite aware Hollywood Assistant Chief Louis Granteed will be filing to Run for Sheriff within the next few weeks and is creating excitment all around Broward County.

    It was refreshing to hear from individuals I trust and respect that Assistant Chief Louis Granteed is a very professional, ethical, trusthworthy and highly qualified Candidate for be Sheriff of Broward County.

    I have reviewed the above link. It never states he did anything ands was cleared. However, if you research back to a direct interview conducted by Bob Norman Assistant Chief Granteed answers every question posed to him and catagorically denies all the allegations. If you are going to level allegations, give people the whole story, which includes the truth.

    It is evident by the attempts to post continuous propaganda, false allegations and mis-information to readers about his character that other campaigns in the race are very worried about Assistant Chief Louis Granteed and the support for his campaign.

    The Broward Sheriff’s Race is very important to our community. This Constitutional position requires a true leader and a law enforcement/public safety professional. The individuals seeking the Office should be active in Broward County Law Enforcement and have years of large organizational experience.

    Our Firm always evaluates the personal friends and associates of a Candidate. We have found this to be the best indicator of their professionalism, ethics, integrity, honesty and core values.

    When individuals try to attack an individual for months that has not even filed yet, it sends a clear message that he or she is the best Candidate and most feared in the up-coming election.

    Our Firm will strongly suppport Hollywood Assistant Chief Louis Granteed for Broward Sheriff. We encourage everyone to do the same.

    But the firm is unwilling to use its name yet?

  17. Guest says:

    What difference does it make about supporters. I don’t know Mrs. Glasser, but know she has been in politics for a lot of years.

    I would want her on my side too. She is on the Democratic Executive Committee and is a State Committee Woman for the Florida Democratic Party. Seems like somebody is upset they didn’t get her support.

    Every Candidate works to get the support of everyone. How else do you expect to win. People should respect other peoples right to support whoever they want.

    You don’t not support a Candidate because of someone else supporting them. You support the Candidate because he or she is the best person.

  18. guest says:

    A person should’nt avoid supporting a candidate because someone else they don’t like support him or her. People should respect others right to chose their candidate. Candidates want everyones support, otherwise how do you win.. Once again, it sounds like Israel throwing mud like last election because he didn’t get the support of State Committee Diane Glasser and Louie Granteed did. Good for him, must be a better candidate that’s why she supports him and not Israel.

  19. guest says:

    Israel had his chance as a republican appointee and didn’t get it. He ran as a democrat and didn’t make it. He tried to be Chief in Coral Gables and didn’t make it. He tried to be Chief in Wilton Manors and didn’t make the short list. Its time to move on, he can’t win….

  20. Fred says:

    There are way too many law firms to try and guess, but I’m sure we will be able to tell when the campaign contributions are reported. I think we can rule out

  21. Death Frog 3 says:


    We commented earlier on why the Sheriff should be appointed. This is why.

    I agree that Lamberti is doing a horrible job as a politician. SI’s campaign tactics can best be described as scorched earth. Granteed hasn’t filed yet.

    It appears the comments about positive comments about Granteed are from people who know him. The negative comments are innuendo from people who don’t know him.

    I am active “on the blogs” Israel supporters are notoriously negative. I understand a certain amount of negative is required but this is crazy.

    I respect Lamberti and Granteed so far I have only heard positive from them. I am sure there will be some negative but not like this.

    @ undecided DEC Member.

    I call bullsh!t. You are not a DEC member or you would know that you cannot publicly endorse one D over another in a Primary.

    @ Las Olas Law firm

    If you so openly support Granteed, like Buddy says, why no name?

  22. Tell The Truth says:

    Hey Buddy:

    I see the same gossip spreaders are at it again. It must be time for the Sheriff’s race again.

    I try to read people’s posts with an open mind, but as time goes on, it is more difficult to be neutral when the same pattern of campaigning behavior has come to light again.

    Does the Israel group think that the viewers of these blogs are ignorant.

    When Israel and his people attack the same two people over and over again (Lamberti & Granteed) and his name is never mentioned, it is pretty clear, who is behind the negative messages. Hello!!!

    As a Democrat, I wish he never switched from the Republican Party to join our Democratic Party. He is not a Democrat and could not be elected in a Presidential Election when President Obama won Broward County by over 250,000,00 votes. The message is clear, the people have spoken, what else does it take..

    The negative attacks from his group on Life Long Democrat Lou Granteed from Hollywood and even the opposition Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti is not something I would ever endorse or support. It is sad and not how true Democrats conduct themselves.

    The most disrespfful and frustrating actions of the Israel group was in 2008 at the polls. They were handing out Israeli Flags and lying to voters that Israel was in fact Jewish, when he is not Jewish.

    Scott Israel is not Jewish and should be made to prove it if he is. Everyone knows he is a Christian and attends Calvary Chapel. Shameful!!! Voters should know the truth!

  23. No name firm says:

    I think it’s Bundini Lambert from The FIrm. Tom Cruise was in town recently.

  24. A Cop's View says:

    The Granteed rumor has been out there for a while. I heard that in Hollywood all the time. He not well liked in that police department. There does not seem to be much love at the PBA either.

    Granteed helps the rumors along because he’s never critical of Sheriff Lamberti or say what he would do better. You can’t run against an incumbent that way. He should be asked directly if he will he refuse to accept any BSO job offer if Lamberti remains sheriff. What does he think about Lamberti’s job performance. How he would do a better job if elected. To his credit Israel answers those questions.

    Granteed has not said those things though he could. That is why people are not serious about him. Lining up with the likes of Glasser at this time when everyone is thinking about ethics is also not a good move for him.

  25. BML says:

    I know nothing of Granteed prior to him showing up at Democratic clubs claiming to be a real Democrat wanting to make a position that should be non-partisan partisan. My problem with him is that he shows up and speaks as if he is a candidate even though he has yet to file. The other night he came to the Coconut Creek Dem club, was introduced as a candidate and didn’t offer a correction. I publicly asked him once why he doesn’t just file and, I wish I had recorded it, but he replied that by not filing he doesn’t have to follow campaign laws. That’s my problem with him. Just because something is legal it doesn’t mean it’s ethical. And skirting the law is clearly unethical b

  26. Undecided DEC Member says:


    Since Barry didn’t answer me that says alot.

    As far as what you wrote my only thought is ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!

    Granteed is not running for Coral Springs City Commission he’s running for Sherrif!! Diane Glasser isn’t just some community activist she’s everything you said above plus a proven corrupt elected who was caught taking bribes ,yes bribes, and is out and free only because she turned state on those above her on the political food chain.

    So, Guest, it matters that the man wishing to become Browards top law enforcement official NOT be connected to someone as slimy as Glasser.

  27. COP Response says:

    First, if you knew Granteed you would know he has said he would never take a job offer from Lamberti. Nice ploy by Israel, who was a Republican like Lamberti…

    Secondly, why would a Candidate as qualified as Granteed take a job offer when he will be the next Sheriff.

    Third, I have heard him speak and obviously you have not. He is not a mud slinger. He might not make negative remarks about Lamberti, but on the other hand I have never heard him make negative comments about Israel either. That is called character and having class.

    Israel and his friends throw enough mud at Lamberti and Granteed, that’s why people are not supporting him and his negative campaigning. Same old Israel. People think he is a loser and should get out of the race.

    Fourth, I have talked to many fellow COPS in Hollywood along with some of my friends that live in the City. Granteed is very well liked and respected. There may be a few mal-contents, but welcome to the real world.

    Don’t know about the PBA remark, but that Marano in Hollywood is a poison, so who cares what he thinks. Look up his record..

    The COPS in Hollywood will tell you Marano is hated and goes after people. He takes care of his few friends and everyone knows it. I would stay away from him anyway.

  28. Club Member says:

    Hey BML.. We all know who you are.. You talk about ethics. Where is yours? You attend our Coconut Creek Democratic Club Meeting and present yourself as a Democrat when you took a job working for a Republican. You hypocrit..

    You work for a Republican and apply to become a Member of the DEC. Grievance coming. You will be turned down again for membership in the DEC.

    I have never seen Lou Granteed ever act inappropriately at our club, but have seen you show your ass more than once. Knock it off!!

  29. Tony says:

    Scott Israel has run a police department and has years of law enforcement experience. He only lost last time because he was betrayed by his political consultant Judy Stern, who Lamberti is due to hire if he hasn’t already. Israel will be our next sheriff.

  30. dot connector says:

    Good strategy dictates Israel must get a primary to wound him personally and financially in a General Election.

    Good strategy for the General, get new dirt on a wounded Israel.

    As others have said Louie has never said why Lamberti should be voted out and why he would be a better Sheriff.

    Louie is at the end of his career, probably close to drop so a better paying LEO job would mean more money in retirement. Would it be much of a stretch/coincidence that if Louie loses the Primary he gets a promotion to go to BSO? Same was done with Wiley Thompson when he lost the primary to Israel.

    When Louie first runs FOS (Friends of Sheriff) make it known that the Sheirff inquired to the Chief of Hollywood about Louie campaigning is his city car etc. Good cover

    Louie is reported in the Media being walked around the Judicial Robing and other events by former Israel campaign Manager Judy Stern.

    Obviously Stern is not going to work for Israel again, if she can sell herself as having undiscovered dirt on Israel and/or can wound him through Granteed in the Primary, would she not be a very important resource for Lambeti to use?

  31. Esquire says:

    @Death Frog 3, you hit the nail on the head. The Israel campaign is vile and negative. The act like Jimmy Hoffa’s old Teamster union. They spread outright lies and false innuendos. I am looking forward to Granteed soundly beating him in the primary so we never have to hear from the Israel group again!

  32. BIG DEM says:

    I am a Big D Dem who seceretly voted for Lamberti because of the two headed monster candidacy of Scott Isreal and Judy Stern.

    Now I am stuck because:

    Lamberti has gone from an apolitical tough but fair guy to a Big R republican.

    Israel is running strong.

    If Israel loses it will be to, as dot connector says, a new two headed monster of Granteed-Stern.

    I’m Screwed

  33. Death Frog 3 says:

    @ dot connector

    Granteed can win. No chance Lamberti uses a shill that can actually beat him.

    Funny how the only negative posts are about Granteed/Lamberti.

    Why doesn’t Israel talk about himself? What he would do better? Why he is the better candidate?

    I remember this saying

    Average People talk about things

    Great People talk about ideas

    Small People talk about people

    That is the single most important thing to me when I vote. It tells me so much more about the person than what they actually say

  34. Bari says:

    Hey Club member, why are you posting lies? Who is the Repulican BML supposedly works for? Are you a scared Creek commissioner trying to smear a bright and well spoken future political rival?

  35. BML says:

    Actually, I do work for a Republican from 9-5, and I am a public servant helping constituents get assistance from the state. There is a big difference between working for, and campaigning for, a candidate. And we went to FDP Chair Smith after I took this job to see if my DEC membership would be a conflict and he said absolutely not.

  36. There's Nothing Left To Say says:

    Re: Granteed see below. End of discussion.

  37. Club Member says:

    I think you got your answer Bari. BML responded herself that she works for a Republican. How does she talk ethics in our meetings and about our meetings when she is a hyprocit. She admits working for a Republican 9-5. How could our Democratic Party or our club ever condone her actions or not question her motives. She got caught red handed… That’s what happens when people live in glass houses and throw stones. On the other hand Bari, you are terrific and a great Club President. I have no issues with you.

  38. Americus Vespucci says:

    There have been many examples of good Democrats who just happen to work in offices headed up by a Republican. Before he switched from D to R, the late Bill Markham employed many Democrats, including elected officials. Democrats have worked for Republican Sheriffs. Former Supervisor of Elections Jane Carroll had several D’s on her staff. If that seems like a long time ago, maybe it just shows how toxic the political atmosphere has become. By the way, plenty of good Democrats work in state government offices. Should they be disqualified as DEC members because they work for Governor (I hate saying that) Rick Scott? So lighten up. People have a right to earn a living.

  39. Hollywood Democrat says:

    DEC members are not allowed to support candidates in a primary yet Diane Glasser violates that rule even though she is a state committee member. Her job is to enforce the rules not break them. But face it rules and laws don’t count for much with Glasser. She admitted taking bribes while in public office and only escaped prosecution because she ratted out her fellow criminals in office. She remains a disgraced self-admited corrupt politician.

    Broward Democrats have not had the decency to remove her from the DEC and she is so arrogant and self-centered that she refuses to resign even though she knows it will hurt the party. All the Republicans have to do is point to Glasser and the honesty of every Broward Democrat becomes instantly challenged. It is an outrage that she remains on that committee at all, much less in public office.

    I am starting to believe the rumors about Granteed are true because he won’t dispute them and the facts do seem to line up. For a sheriff candidate to associate much less accept support from such a person goes to character. It shows how desperate a campaign they are running.

  40. To Club Member says:

    Club Member — Guess what, every state employee works for a Republican right now.

    Everyone who is employed by BSO works for a Republican right now.

    Every employee of a federal agency between 2001-2008 worked for George W. Bush.

    Should they not have taken the jobs to support their family because the person whose office they work for is a Republican? Does that mean they can’t be “good Democrats”.

    Sorry, that type of ideological litmus test is something I’d expect from a wingnut like Michele Bachmann or a Sarah Palin, and not from a “big tent” party member….

    There’s a difference between working at an office of a Republican officeholder and being an activist or being campaign staff.

    I’d argue that when Diane Glasser and her ilk went and gave tacit (and sometimes more than tacit) support to Charlie Crist over the Democratic nominee for Senate, their “actions should not be condoned” and their “motives questioned”.

    Or Ari Porth, whom I support, is now pumping up a Republican Party staffer of his for City Commission in Coral Springs (a 21-year old with no experience other than interning/working for the RPOF and at Ari’s office). Should Ari’s Democratic credentials not be questioned when he’s hiring RPOF interns/employees as a staffer in his office and supporting another candidate over the Democractic nominee?

    Get over the fact that people of one party will always work for people of another party. That alone doesn’t tarnish their own party credentials…..It’s SUPPORTING the election of another party’s candidate (or someone over your own nominee) that creates those questions.

  41. Creekgirl says:


    You posted “Actually, I work for a Republican…. ”

    Uh-Oh. Some of the members of Creek’s democratic club (one elected commissioner in particular) will give you a hard time with this one. Especially, if you have future plans to run for office in Coconut Creek.

    They won’t say this to your face, BML, they prefer to do it behind your back. This is the nature of Dem vs. Rep politics in Broward County after all.
    Unfortunately, you’ll experience this soon enough.

  42. BML says:


    Unlike this Commissioner you speak of, I will not talk behind someone’s back or out of both sides of my mouth. Anyone with a problem with my employment is welcome to ask mr about it, as I am quiet open about why I took this job.

    And I wonder if this Commissioner you refer to took any money from Republican lobbyists, or any Republican for that matter. Do they not assist their constituents who may be registered Republican? These elections are non-partisan for a reason and we should respect that.

    Wow, Buddy, thanks for letting this blog turn into my own little soap opera!!!

  43. Democrat says:

    Daine Glasser has done nothing wrong and is well respected in Broward County. It is obvious you didn’t get her support which is crucial and are pissed off. You have shown how low you (Israel) will go when you don’t get your way. She never violated any laws, nor did she ever make any deals. You are a liar and nothing but a rumor starter because you and your campaign are going nowhere….

  44. le peerman says:

    For the record. The Bari that is posting here is not the Bari that is the Coconut Creek Democratic Club President.

  45. @Democrat says:

    “She never violated any laws, nor did she ever make any deals.”

    Are you speaking of a different Diane Glasser, or are you spouting bullshit about the Diane Glasser that is the Tamarac Commissioner who testified about the Chaits and her involvement with corruption in Broward County in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

    Umm, that would indicate that (a) she did do something illegal and (b) she did make a deal.

    That fact that she is still given a position of authority as part of Mitch’s mob is one reason that our County’s DEC is a joke.

  46. Glasser Disgraceful says:

    Diane Glasser has done nothing wrong? Have you lost your f_cking mind, Glasser admitted in public to taking BRIBES while serving as an elected Tamarac City Commissioner. For that alone she should be dragged through the streets. Given immunity for ratting out her fellow bribe takers she then doesn’t resign in disgrace but chooses to continue serving in defiance of decency. They may not be able to prosecute her but condemned herself with her own mouth by admitting she took bribes. That makes her a criminal and a rat.

    Equally disgraceful is her continued leadership positions in the corrupt Florida and Broward County Democratic Executive Committees. They must be corrupt because they’ve refused to throw the disgraceful Glasser out on her ass. Birds of a feather flock together, people are entitled to believe that. Only a corrupt politicial party would insist on keeping leaders that have admitted to taking bribes. This is why Democrats in Broward will get no respect. Their leaders are criminals. She will become the poster girl for all that is rotten and corrupt about Broward Democrats. Anyone and everyone around her will be ruined by her stench.

  47. Its a Miracle says:

    Funny how these comments started about how Al Lamberti has turned so political, and now has digressed into continuous Democrat infighting. These comments clearly demonstrate that it is the Democrats of Broward County that are the extreme partisans and that they would reject Lamberti in any case so that left him no choice but to seek shelter in the Republican establishment. At every turn, Lamberti was attacked by the Democrat Machine, especially the County Commission.

    I have a prediction for you. The Dems will be so disheartened by the horrible showing of President Obama, that they will stay away from the 2012 polls in droves. Obama will get the boot and Lamberti will get re-elected.

  48. Red Republic says:

    The Democrats in Broward County have no future!!! Witness the Dems going after other Dems on this blog instead of focusing on the wonderful Republican Al Lamberti.

    I do believe Al Lamberti will win the next election in 2012 due to the loyalty-to-elect-Democrats-only-policy Caeser/Glasser DEC enforces (wink,wink) within its own leadership rank.

    If the Democrats continue to select club leaders like the moocher Bari, president of Coconut Creeks Dems Club, the future of Broward politically will definitely be Republican!!!

    An ROTC Bird warns: Anyone who travels on trips to State Conferences, goes on military training with students, campaigns for Democratic candidates and even plans Democratic functions while collecting disability check because she claims to be too ill to work has been reported to the appropriate government entity for FRAUD! Hope you enjoy prison!

  49. Saturday Jones says:

    Al Lamberti has been running for re-election in 2012 before he even won 2008.

    Do not cry for the Sheriff. He has been out in full force with his operatives for a long time.

    Got to hand it to him though — even though he has a lot of scandal going on in his shop he was smart enough not to paste his name on everything like Jenne did.

    Don’t be fooled though guys. He is part of — you guessed it — the establishment.

    The establishment does not care about party lines. It only cares about who will keep the status quo in proper order.

    Besides, unless a better candidate comes out against him, Sheriff Lamberti is going to take this.

    That being said, he will sweat it though. G*d only knows that with Obama on the line in 2012 a mountain of D’s will be out in force to vote for their guy and that could spell disaster if not managed, manipulated and neutralized now.

    Al, make sure the fix is in. Make sure your ground game of getting the D’s to do the ripple effect like the wave at a stadium is implemented.

    You know –where the word is put out in Tamarac/Margate (Kings Point, etc.,) and ripples out into the hinterlands of Lauderhill, Lauderdale Lakes, SW Broward (Miramar, etc.- btw — nice work on co-opting Democrat Sharief before she even won her district with Pepe Lopez, etc.) so that they take the word of the Democratic Party operatives and Club Presidents like manna from heaven and vote for the Republican because he appears on the palm cards (some real and imagined).

    It can be done. You are working hard keep it up and step it up into higher gear. This is no time to be content with just reaching out to the base (read the establishment).

  50. Brick Man says:


    What gives? Granteed is running for Sheriff and is related to Marano. But, Marano is walking around town introducing Israel as his guy.

  51. BSO says:

    It wouldnt surprise anyone if Marano was doing that. Its typical of Marano. Screw anybody and everybody.. Marano is not liked by anyone at BSO. The BSO will never let Marano try and get Israel an endorsement over Granteed or Lamberti for that matter.. If that’s true about Marano, Granteed would be better off in the long run. Israel, Caccitorie, Diperna, Reynolds, Baelin etc. What a mess we would be at BSO…

  52. david says:

    My question to Lisa is why would amyone be jealous of the Dukes in Dania? They rent their house in Dania.Many say they don’t even live in Dania!WD is going to lose his Dania commission seat in 2012.As far as PP he’s a nobody going nowhere.What a bunch of con artist!Lisa you need to get a head check honey,your damaged goods.