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Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes distributed the following news release Thursday, nine days after the controversial General Election.

Brenda Snipes


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A Message to Broward Voters


Dr. Brenda C. Snipes, Broward County Supervisor of Elections

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Dear Broward Voters,


The Broward County Supervisor of Elections’ Office located in South Florida, provided election services to over 1.1 million voters in the General Election conducted on November 6, 2012.  This election was one of the largest ever and attracted more than 762,000 voters who cast votes on more than 3 million ballot pages. The total votes exceeded the historical General Election of 2008 by more than 22,000 votes. Kudos to the Broward voters!

Broward County, as do the remaining 66 Florida counties, votes using paper ballots.  This year’s ballot contained four to five double-sided pages depending on a voter’s municipality.  Over the past several days, many questions and comments have streamed into our office regarding the vote counting process.

The majority of the 762,000 votes that were cast from Absentee Voting, Early Voting and Election Day were tabulated and reported by 11:59 pm on Election Night as required by the Division of Election’s Election Night Reporting Procedures.

Following the reporting of the first unofficial results on election night, the election staff continued to tabulate valid votes. The ballots that were tabulated after the first unofficial results are not considered “lost” and therefore were not considered “found”. All ballots were in the possession of the Supervisor of Elections at all times during the vote tabulation process, inside the Tabulation Center, located inside the Voting Equipment Center in a warehouse in Lauderhill Mall.

These votes include:

  • More than 2,000 provisional ballots that needed to be manually researched and processed
  • Overseas and military votes
  • In-person absentee voting that was conducted on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday’s Election Day that was mandated by a lawsuit.
  • Un-scanned Election Day ballots that required a manual verification process.
  • Processing of absentee ballots that are received up to 7:00 p.m. Election Day

The process of continuing to tabulate votes following the first unofficial report is customary across all elections and is in compliance with existing Florida Election Law.

The ballots which were tabulated following the first unofficial count were contained and secured at the Voting Equipment Center Warehouse.  Our mission and priority are to account for every valid vote that is received.

Broward conducts all of its elections at the Voting Equipment Center (VEC) a secured facility located in Lauderhill Florida.  The following functions take place at the VEC:


  • Processing and receiving of absentee ballots
  • Recording and preparing absentee ballots for tabulation
  • Shipping and receiving all voting equipment and supplies for our 778 voting precincts
  • Reviewing provisional and absentee ballots to assure voter eligibility
  • Training of: Voter System Technicians, Poll Workers, Poll Deputies
  • Canvassing Board Meetings
  • Tabulation of Votes on Election Night
  • Verifying, reconciling, and tabulating all Early Voting, Election Day, Absentee and In-Person Absentee Voting

Broward voters can be assured that even though separating, organizing and processing takes time, all votes in Broward County will be accounted for when we give our Final Results Certification on November 18th, 2012.

This historical election was made possible by more than 10,000 election workers who served as: Poll workers, Voting System Technicians, Election Day Call Centers, Call Center Support Staff, Field Technicians, Vehicle Drivers and Helpers, County Maintenance Support, Early Voting Workers, Trainers, Technical Support Teams, Ballot Sorters and permanent SOE staff.

I appreciate the feedback that you provide to our office.  As we do in all elections, my staff and I will review all election procedures and are committed to identifying ways that we can improve your voting experience.  Thank you for being an active Broward voter.

33 Responses to “Brenda Snipes Explains Election”

  1. jojo says:

    I think she should step down now

  2. Sunrise Resident Extraordinaire says:

    Doctor? Stop it.

  3. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    got no inside knowledge. just a thought. bet’cha S. Gunzburgur runs against Snipes. Remember, she was on the canvassing board counting hanging chads for Gore. She has her sleazy but talented son (ask Lamberti) for a campaign manager, let alone his connection with Property Appraiser Parrish, a bastion of political strength (SBM Korn can attest to this). Comm. Gunzburgur thrashed Geller, which no one expected. Don’t like her in the least bit, but she’s term limited out and seems to still have a lot of energy.

    Dr. Snipes is a great person and classy elected official, but she does not seem up to the job, after all these years. She would have a hard time getting re elected against a strong opponent. A lot of folk are truly upset about these past few weeks, deservedly so. The fact that she in not Miriam Oliphant, has lost its luster and rationale.

    and that’s the bottom line ‘cuz Stone Cold says So!

  4. voter says:

    I would vote for Sue Gunzburger for SOE. Does resign to run govern a BCC running for SOE? November 2014 election unless an August primary required (?).


    Ms. Gunzburger’s term ends in 2012, two years before the election for supervisor in 2016.

  5. Sam The Sham says:

    Snipes is a screw-up. She has had years to get things right and can’t do it. Should we blame the County Commission for not giving her what she needs? Maybe, but if she really needed something, why doesn’t she yell it from the mountain tops? She sure didn’t in this press release.

    We need an excellent administrator/executive type for this position, not some recycled career politician who got term limited out of her old feather bed job. Sue Gunzburger? Please.

  6. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Total bullshit-Ballots not declared lost,because the tabualtions where in the unoffical counting faze. Come on. You had no clue(per usual)that those “found” ballots were even there. If you found them 6 months from now then what? What is the differnce. Bottom line it took some “maintance man” etc. to find them. Then she says she had over 760 thou voting, when you knew month s ago this was going to be heavy(turn out). Explain why people waited in line 6-7hours(not her). Explain why your useless staff can’t even answer the God damn phone lines. Explain why you took in over 300 absentee ballots from Mrs.Duke(who shoul d be in jail) & that channel 10 news discoverd this not you? Explain why you didn’t prepare more efficently (why didn’t you hire more temps?). Explain how and why you ran out of paper? Explain why you ran out of ballots? I wouldn’t mind she is making 150g a year. Explain why w/ a 3mill payroll budget that we are the laughing stock(Floriduh) of the nation. Maybe Jebbie Bush who put your ass there to begin w/ can bail your ass out. Pathetic. I doubt she will run again.And tak e the majority of that useless, staff w/ you when you do leave. I am soooo sick of hearing she is an elected offical there ain’t squat we can do . This explanation is par for her course. Go sell cosmetics Dr. w/ your fancy good looks, and your dressing to the nines, you would be perfect. This most recent election fisasco just substantiates this whole comment..

  7. Thankless Job says:

    Dr. Snipes and her office generally do a good job. In a huge county with so many people voting we can expect a bump here and there.
    Overall, I give Dr. Snipes a good grade for this election.

  8. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    to Buddy”

    Do you know the answer to “voter’s” question about resign to run?

  9. get real!! says:

    Dr Snipes is incompetent and needs to go. No one is calling her out because they don’t want to be called a racist

  10. Ron Gunzburger says:

    My mother stated very clearly in 2010 — even before she handily won reelection to the County Commission — that it was her last ever campaign for office. Since then she hasn’t waivered from that view. As she has repeatedly stated when asked, she plans after retiring to return in a volunteer capacity to her original career of teaching to help with adult literacy programs; to do volunteer fundraising for the performing arts; and spend more time with her grandchildren and traveling the world.

  11. Ron Gunzburger says:

    And anticipating the next inquiry/comments: I have ZERO interest in ever seeking the SOE post.

  12. Robert Walsh Jr. says:

    Robert Walsh your only complaint is you are a convicted felon and lost your rights to vote so you need to vent. Quit being an asshole which you definitely are. It was not Dr. Snipes that cut the days and hours and she has always been a professional and the last we need is a stupid Sue Gunzberger to run and I do remember that her late husband DID get his way due to her in getting jobs without bidding so cut the crap you ignorant ass

  13. voter says:

    To all and Buddy – SOE is a 4 year gig. Didn’t snipes get re-elected in 2010? so 2014 is next vote, right? gunzburger (and jacobs) is term limited after 2010 re-election so she would run for 2014 SOE race.
    FlaSta 101 governs elections and resign to run. Tou submit resignation effective to certain date prior to filing to run, right?


    No, Snipes got re-elected this year without opposition. Her term is four years running to 2016

  14. Floridan says:

    I’m always amused by the display of vitriol that inevitable follows any less than perfect government performance. Instead of a rational analysis of what went wrong and what went right, and how the former can be corrected the latter duplicated, the first reaction is to break out the torches and pitchforks.

    I have no idea to what extent the voting and ballot problems in Broward are Dr. Snipes fault (and I suspect few of those who scribble outraged remarks do, either). However, even if she is to some degree culpable, there are more important factors contributing to election problems. These include:

    1) Politically-motivated legislation from Tallahassee to restrict voting and the subsequent legal battles to stay those laws.

    2) An outdated election system. With few changes such as early voting, we are still voting the same way we did 100 years ago, trooping to local precincts to cast our ballots, or filling out and mailing absentee ballots. With over a million registered voters in Broward (which is more than in 15 states) we need to look to the future and come up with a new, efficient system. We regularly pay bills, transfer money and submit tax returns online; would it be impossible to come up with a secure online method of voting? Perhaps the State of Florida should sponsor research and development of such a system.

    3)Instant gratification. I’m as guilty as anyone else – at about 7:15 pm on elelction night I’m checking the Supervisor of Elections’ website to see the results. Still the drumbeat of calls for quick returns cannot but have an effect on the quality of work performed, especially when so many of those handling election matters are temporarty employees.

    These are just a few of the issues that come to mind; clearly there are others. Making Dr. Snipes the scapegoat for all our election problems won’t prevent the same results in the future, no matter who becomes the SOE.

  15. Lori Fan says:

    If we are looking for a competent elected official to run the supervisor’s office, what about Lori Parrish? She made the property appraiser’s work and got tough on all the tax evaders. She is young enough to have another career. Draft Lori Parrish!!!!

  16. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    to Ron Gunzburgur:

    so if it ain’t your mom, who, then? come clean, i am sure you have heard names being whispered and you are a downtown guy with ear to ground. if your mom is an unequivocal no, who do you think is going to challenge the well intentioned but overmatched Dr.?

    surely you agree, the past month has been an embarrassment. hell, when rachel maddow is making fun of a fellow Democrat Dr. Snipes, you know we have hit a real low.

    Some one termed out somewhere has gotta be looking at the seat.

    Come on, Ronnie, give us some leads. Stone Cold says you are the bottom line on this one!

  17. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    To Lori Fan:

    Can’t disagree with ‘ya on that one. Ms. Parrish would be great and up to the task.

  18. Be careful says:

    For those who are calling for Snipes to step down, be careful what you wish for, Rick Scott gets to appoint her replacement. I promise you whomever the Gov would appoint would make Barney Fife look like a mensa candidate.

  19. The Truth says:

    The Truth is that people such as @Floridian and Angelo Castillo should read the news before suggesting that we should vote online. If the Pentagon and others can not protect computers from the Chinese, Iran and hackers, how do you suppose that voting will be secured? Do we really want hackers, the Chinese military or Iranian mullahs influencing our election results through the Internet? The truth is we are a long way from voting securely over the Internet. And that is The Truth.

  20. voter says:

    I believe Castillo was advocating vote by mail i.e. U.S. Mail, like Oregon and Washington.


    Indeed beginning on November 8th in several comments on an article by Sunrise Mayor Mike Ryan, Mr. Castillo reiterated his long-standing belief that Florida should move towards voting-by-mail. I don’t recall him ever promoting Internet voting. Maybe The Truth is also forgetful.

  21. Floridan says:

    @The Truth, The fact that internet voting may not be a viable option at this moment does not mean that it will not happen in the future. Not too long ago paying your FPL bill while sitting at your computer seemed far-fetched.

    My point is that the day of internet voting is in our future; let’s make an investment to speed that day along with a system that is secure, efficient and easy to use.

  22. Mitchell Levine says:

    Guy’s, Girl’s and all you nameless people out there. You nameless people really irritate me, what are you afraid of that you can’t use your real name? You’re credibly goes to zero using these stupid names. Grow up!

    Now to the point at hand, all of you have good points. All of you forgot one important thing that was beyond everyone’s control. The Machines, these machines are broken. Several reports were done before, during and after the election that these machines were inaccurate. Some of these machines were counting miss votes up to 40%. We asked, are these machines checked for accuracy. The media was told, there are 1300 machines in Broward County, and we do not have the time or the man power to undertake such an operation. Hello!

    I think people could have done more, but with the machines acting like slot machines there is not much you can do about that. Remember something about slot machines; they are program to benefit someone. Does anyone know who lobbied for those machines? That would be a Demarcate, no other than hubby, Stacy Ritter’s partner in crime. Think about that? Who would benefit from broken machines?

    People need to stop fighting with each other. It is about getting the right person in that seat to do the best job for us. People keep forgetting these people are public servants; they are elected to help us, the tax payers. Do you want someone in office that will work with us or against us?

  23. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    to Ronnie Gunzburgur:

    We’re waiting for your response, sir…….


    He responded above…..

  24. Sam The Sham says:

    We can have any system we want, vote on paper cards with pencils, electronic voting machines, punching chads out of data cards, vote by mail or internet or even dropping a white pebble or black pebble into the basket. They all work and are reliable. The only thing that is unreliable is the person behind the voting system.

    There is no voting system that cannot be corrupted by corrupt people. When they have 140% voter turnout in St Lucie County, there is no system to catch that if there are people there wishing to game the system. There will always be incompetence and voter fraud as long as we put up with it as we do now.

  25. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Thats all some of you got” he’s a convicted felon”-(from 1999). Truth be told if my family member was not very, very, ill -I woul d have fought this all day long. This was a procedural error on the Clemency bd. I did apply in 2003-w/ my probate Off. Then my lawyer called in Jan.2011 and “TELEPHONED” them to inquire about my Clemency. They ha d nothing on file(not my proplem) and then they AUTOMACATELY sighned me up in plain english. I never reapplied. Why would I??. Then the “BS” flowed. Then I did not qualify because I (get this) owed almost 1400 bucks to the Court house. I got a letter from the State Att. Sachs that it was a mishap(who pocketed the money?)and that the error was that your restituion went into the “General Fund”(sure). So your case is weak. I don’t give a damn about this Elections Off. Again if I was not in the situation I am in I would have voted(yes) . I would have particapted in every debate(yes). I would have given the City Clerk the 400 bucks, swore I was qualfied and then let the chips fall where they may(yes). Ok. Go to the FEC, go the Att.Gen, go to Mr.Sachs-you got nothing. I will get that clemency certificate-trust me. Then you big mouths @ Snipes is Off, can go to hell. That staff is the reason for all this incompatence. Make no mistake Dr.Snipes I’ll get this all cleared up and coul d run against you. A homeless person could beat you maim, oh excuse me Dr.(Ed.D??). And if and I know if i prevailed I would walk in that Elections off, and point you, you , you- Get your stuff and get the hell out. Before I have you thrown out bodily. Again Its a shame you resients in District 2-were disenfranchised like this. Oh som e of you did not want me any where near this election (huh). If I’m a scum bag convicted felon, dangerous, maniac -then why were soooo many of you so concerned??. Because I’ll tell you why party, free ride, brown-nosing etc-would be gone, forceing some of you to go work @ Mcdonalds. Caus e that is where some of you bitches/bastards(fat) woul d end up. Who would hire you?????. And thanks alot Att.Bruce Rogow-for referring that hairy faced, fat ,hillbillie lawyer you referred me to. How did he like not getting paid($$)??? …

  26. Bernie Parness says:

    If you weant to blame anyone for delays and other items try Gov. Scott and his Republican legislatirs who cut her budget. We used to have an office in Deerfield Beachy where early voting took place. It was closed for budgetary reasonjs. You have fewer places to vote and a smalle43r budget. Is there any wonder why ity took so long ? If you have a record turnout and a smaller crew to count you get delays. If you don’t like it get rid of the man whoi favors voter supressiuon Gov Rick Scott not Bre3nda Snipes.

  27. frank white says:

    The county commission controls the budget of the SOE, not the Broward boogeyman Rick Scott or the legislature

  28. Ms. Fix-It? says:,0,3573613.story

    Following more than a week of criticism, Broward Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes agreed Friday to explore ways to avoid long lines, misplaced ballots and other problems that plagued last week’s election. […]

    At a meeting Friday of the Broward County Canvassing Board […] Snipes, who had previously responded defensively, agreed to weigh reforms, implement more systematic procedures and try to obtain funding for more ballot scanners before 2014 primary for governor, the next race expected to draw crowds to the polls. […]

    State Sen. Eleanor Sobel, D-Hollywood, this week announced the formation of the 2012 Broward County Election Task Force, saying, “We can no longer sit back and continue to be not only the butt of jokes around the country and the world, but a blemish on democracy as well.” The task force will meet Dec. 10 at the Broward County Commission Chambers in Fort Lauderdale.
    And while you’re at it, Ms. Snipes, don’t forget to EXPAND THE NUMBER OF EARLY VOTING SITES and BUY MORE BALLOT PRINTERS!!!!

  29. just one vote says:

    Broward SOE is a constitutional officer in county. Broward County taxpayers funded her constitutional office $11,579,137 in 2010 thru broward county commission.

    Plus SOE charges municipalities for their elections. Funding is not the issue, its how she spends it. And sadly she is SOE till November 2016, longer if unchallenged.

  30. Panda Bear says:

    Brenda Snipes, Miriam Oliphant, whatever name you’d like to give, is okay with me. It’s all the same completely inept, brainless person anyway. Simply perfect for this Third World Nation we call Floriduh. We are the laughing stock of the US.

  31. Ms. Fix-It? says:

    For links to other Supervisor of Elections budget totals, including the 2012 and 2013 budgets, click here:

  32. just one vote says:

    thanks for posting links for 2012 and 2013 SOE budgets.
    the reason I posted 2010 is that is the most recent AUDITED budget, confirming how and what she actually spent.

  33. AMWakeUpCall says:

    I’m disappointed that so many comments focus only on the latest election. Yes, it’s an exceedingly complicated job with a lot of obstacles, mostly laid down by the Republicans in the state legislature and by a right-wing governor whose only interest is in using government to boost private profits. But if you were to file a complaint about what you had observed at a voting site- and not just in the last election but during prior elections- you would know that Dr. Snipes does not respond, does not follow up, and she and her staff do not put anything in writing. They cover their butts to the point that some staff will not even answer you if you ask for their job title. It is not incompetence. It is WILLFUL INCOMPETENCE.