Boo Hoo! School Supt Blocks Browardbeat From Twitter Acct




Boo Hoo!

Superintendent Robert Runcie blocked me from his Twitter account.






How is that for openness and transparency?

I’m guessing here, but Runcie probably doesn’t like my angle on Broward schools. I’ve been hearing that for years from politicians or bureaucrats. Just ask my former editors Gene Cryer or Earl Maucker, who fielded many of those complaints.

Runcie apparently doesn’t understand you can’t manage the message in this new Internet age. Critics of the way he is running the schools have endless outlets.

Runcie apparently doesn’t realize that his little act of spite won’t affect in the least. This site will still write what’s going on in the schools.

Like at Stranahan High School.

Runcie has been trying to put out a firestorm of criticism because he broke a promise to refurbish the crumbling schools.

So yesterday on the first day of school for teachers, Runcie brought his well-worn song-and-dance act to Stranahan. He tried to explain why the school hasn’t been renovated.

Renovations that were promised. Repeatedly. In writing.

It must be karma because Runcie spoke in a library where the broken air conditioning operating so poorly that staff had to move in fans. A library strikingly devoid of books. A library full of heaters that are inadequate which is no surprise because they date back generations.

Just check out pictures sent to below.

Runcie can spout his gobbledygook about how the bond money takes time to distribute and spend.

The truth:

Strahanan was never supposed to be part of the bond money, but fixed with the annual money from the state.

Runcie and the School Board can deny the problems at Stranahan. They can stonewall. They can obfuscate.

Meanwhile Stranahan staff and students endure unhealthy and unsafe conditions daily.

Landlords would be slapped with code violations if they had buildings in the condition of Stranahan.

If that isn’t an emergency, I don’t know what is.

So, Mr. Runcie, you can manage whether I can see your Twitter feed.

But you can’t manage the truth…and the public knows it.



Staff member sweats his way through Runcie’s speech followed by picture of the (rusty or just filthy?) fan used to cool the room during the speech.  Notice the lack of library books and the ancient heater on the wall. 


Staff Member Sweats His Way

Stranahan meeting



19 Responses to “Boo Hoo! School Supt Blocks Browardbeat From Twitter Acct”

  1. Tamarac Talk says:

    This is a powerful post and certainly shows that either Runcie or someone that’s managing his social media thinks that bad press will go away with a simple Twitter block. Keep doing what you are doing Buddy especially opening our eyes to this tragedy at Stranahan. These photos are unsettling….this is a crisis situation here and parents and students should be picketing for action.

    And where are the books?

  2. Give Him a Break says:

    It is really unfortunate that our Supt. gets criticized constantly by you, Buddy. 1) You rarely speak well of African-American’s in Broward County – you always seem to catch the negatives 2) You have never done an article stating how well the Supt. has done to increase teacher morale and student performance. You hide behind your blog to have your everyday readers come on here and speak nasty things toward the Supt. and others. Its a shame, and you really should find a way to praise for the work he HAS done, rather than publishing silly reads such as this!

  3. Talks like a politician says:

    Good reporting, Buddy. I wonder if the teachers at Northeast High School met in the auditorium where the A/C has to run on high to cover the smell of mold?
    How can teachers teach and students learn in deplorable conditions in the highly advertised sixth largest school system in the country? The physical conditions of some Broward schools are comparable to those in Third World countries.

  4. Teacher says:

    If Runcie does not like what he hears he ignores it from the media/teachers/parents. Similar to a child closing their eyes and the object/problem seems to disappear. Runcie is a divider not a uniter! Schools’ in districts where the school board member supports him are given extra resources and their “concerns” are addressed in a timely manner! KCW and school administrators know this and do not rock-the-boat, or else. Why did the parents/teachers/students at Stranahan have to bring these problems to the Board? Where was the principal and district officials while the school was slipping into a “Third World Country School”, comment made by an African-American. Does this person speak well of Runcie and all that he has done for the district? School and district administrators knew of the problems, but did not push the issue due to fear or retribution because it was not a priority of Runcie or perhaps a school in a board members who does not support him.

    Schools’ that are falling apart are disproportionally in “African American” communities on the east side. Runcie cannot keep blaming promises made by past Boards Members and Supervisors. He needs to be held accountable on his “revisionist” statements about promises HE himself made as Superintendent, if not get rid of him!

  5. "Teacher" says:

    Hahahaa. “Give him a break” are you a mental patient? There is obviously no way you have taught under this creep. To begin, stop with the race card. Please. You embarrass yourself and community. Teacher morale?? Haven’t seen that in years. Student success?? We are pushing kids through the system just to get pass rates. Go back to your perfectly rolled joint and keep sleepwalking through the fact this man hates teachers and has brought his corrupt Chi Town nonsense down here.

  6. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The photograph of empty library shelves is a terrible indictment of the school system. ALL students deserve a decent library. The “crack” about racism as a defense of poor management bad physical plants and lack of transparency is a thinly veiled cop out and inaccurate

  7. cucoo says:

    Return to the Karmack days…same old train ride! klickitty Klack..faces change but most decay in the same schools over decades stays the same!

  8. Give Him a WHAT? says:

    Dear Give Him a Break,
    Clearly you are not an employee with Broward County Public Schools! If you were you would know that the “Serpent” of Broward County Schools, Robert Runcie has completely destroyed morale in this district and has done ABSOLUTELY nothing to increase student achievement! He has created nothing more than a culture of fear and distrust. You may want to pull the number of employees that are resigning and fleeing the district before you speak. In every meeting in every school and/department, their is buzz about how long it will take to recover from his reign. Many say it could take 10 to 12 years! You can start with the number of teachers that are leaving the county but what about his senior staff? Look at the vacancies that can’t be filled. I’ll tell you EXACTLY what he is infamous for in this district. Lying to the Board and the community, targeting employees who speak out, destroying careers and bringing in his incompetent and corrupt puppets to carry out his plan! There is no work happening at the schools that he claims are “on the top of his list,” while certain schools had district maintenance on mandatory overtime to complete renovations. For being the sixth largest school district in the nation, Broward is a relatively “small world” when it comes to information getting around and yet you somehow manage to be completely misinformed. So misinformed that it leads me to believe you are either a relative of Bob or that you too are in his pocket! If you have children in the public school system or live in this community, you may want to pull your head out from under that rock and take a look around. In case you are questioning the validity of my response, yes, I am an employee in this district, MANY of my friends and family members are miserable employees in this district, I live in this community and my property value is affected by the irresponsible decisions he’s made and the lies he has spewed but most importantly, my children attend our schools. We all deserve BETTER but when his lack of leadership and corruption begins to hurt our children, you better get out of our way! We are Broward County and you work for us!

  9. Give ME a break. says:

    @give him a break .. why do you people make everything racial? that’s your only card when black people F up!

  10. Chaz Stevens, MAOS says:


    On Monday, my attorney sent the City of Delray Beach notification of our Intent to Sue.

    Seems Mayor Cary “Karen” Glickstein blocked my email address.

    That’s illegal.

    I’ve been asked not to discuss the particulars, but the City has reached out to settle and also unblocked my emails.

    The case is not yet resolved to my liking.

    So, I wonder … is Runcie violating FS 119 and/or your right to redress.

    Feel free to review my attorney’s filing below for a possible roadmap.

  11. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    He’s doing what all of the other despotic Sup’t.s have done, trying to kill the messenger.

    Buddy, keep on keepin’ on as I know you will, even more determined now!

    And everyone else, please contact your legislators as well as the leadership in Tallahassee and demand state oversight and an investigation.

    Grand Jury reports obviously have no effect on this kind of corruption and arrogance.

  12. Layne Walls says:

    A spokeswoman from His office told my Kiwanis group the repairs at Northeast would happen without the bond issue — it was already budgeted for at least the roof. Now the bond passes and they say it has to be designed etc which we were already told was done, Now I read there is also a budget surplus and they still are not doing anything for NOW for Northeast. The worst treatment for the older eastern schools continues!He says the staff can’t handle anymore — poor excuse. A poor leader always blames his staff.

  13. Disgusted says:

    Keep up the good work buddy !

    I too miss the amazing Karnak.

    The only people I see being railroaded are the taxpayers, teachers, the children and parents. The school board and Mr. Runcie have more excuses than the 800 million they duped us for. Glad I voted NO! They have no shame while cashing those fat paychecks( Mr. Runcie)

    I hope the school board and Mr Runcie enjoy holding their meetings in their air conditioned room knowing these kids and teachers are sweating their assess off during the school year !

    None of them and I mean none of them have any shame. Hey Robin hope your kids got those computers they needed so badly!

    Who needs A/c in South Florida right ?

    Seems to me the race that I see suffering is those who are sitting at Stranahan by the looks of the picture that crosses all races.

    I don’t care what color you are Mr Runcie you are a POS!

  14. Joyful says:

    I was watching the replay of the TDEFP meeting tonight. Again, many people were there for Stranahan High School. Runcie came back again with his same list of how he thinks the money needs to be spent. I was so impressed with most of the School Board Members who let him know his administration did not provide the information which had been requested. At the end of the meeting, the leading ladies, as they like to call themselves, stood up to Runcie and his administrators and told him to take his plan and go home. The ladies approved the items which were necessary such as asbestos abatement but said no to spending the rest of the money without having the information they requested. It was exciting to see the board send him home almost crying. Thanks ladies.

  15. George ortiz says:

    Buddy, your abbreviations are horrible. supt? Agt? Demos?

  16. Aztecace says:

    I use to sub at the school, doing so was sort of a homecoming for me because it was my high school. I remember seeing the artist conception of what Stranahan would like once it was rebuilt, it use to hang in the hallway in the office, on the way to the principal office, it has been removed a few years ago.
    The heat doesn’t work because when they planned to tear the school down they started with the boiler room, and never got past that, so no heat at least not in the main buildings, not sure about the newer additions.
    It’s a shame about the school it has never been rebuilt while Fort Lauderdale High is on at least its third rebuild that I know of, it use to be in Quonset huts across from The First Baptist Church on Broward where 1 & 2 Financial Plazas are now, then to where it is now, and being rebuilt there, so makes three times, Stranahan has been built once.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Runcie is ruining the school system. The bond referendum was NOT a vote of approval for him. It was a recognition that students need help. The School Board has to learn that soon before he drives the schools further into the toilet.

  18. Agree with Anonymous says:

    I voted “No” because I know firsthand what a liar Runcie is and how incompetent his staff is but those that voted “yes” only did so because they know how badly our schools need repairs. They were also fooled by Runcies expensive campaign tactics and banners that were hanging on the fences of every school. Schools that already had single points of entry were promised money only to receive a letter after the vote, stating that those funds would not be needed and reallocated. Maybe they are used to fly Chief Facilities Officer Messier home to Chicago every weekend. Maybe they could hire a chauffeur to actually drive him to all of the schools he’s never stepped foot in. Staff continues to disrespect the Board and their time by not bringing the information requested to the meetings. No one is fooled by Runcie yet there he still sits on the Dias. The Sentinel quoted him saying, “I’m here to do the positively right thing for our kids and this school district,” he said. “If you point out something we not doing right I’ll absolutely take a look.”
    When? Who believes this? Abby? BCPS employees, students and members of the community surely don’t!

  19. PandaBear says:

    And the beat goes on……and the beat goes on….