Bogdanoff Wins Second Public Safety Endorsement In A Week






Ellyn Bogdanoff has snared her second major public safety endorsement in a week in her quest to win back her state Senate seat.



Ellyn Bogdanoff


The Professional Firefighters/Paramedics of Broward County endorsed her Wednesday, following last week’s endorsement by the Professional Firefighters/Paramedics of Palm Beach County.

The Broward group represents over 750 firefighters and paramedics.

“Ellyn Bogdanoff is a dedicated public servant and a friend to those of us who serve and protect the residents of Broward County,” said Walter Dix, president of the Broward firefighters and paramedics organization.

She also has the endorsement of the Florida State Fraternal Order of Police.

Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale, lost her northeast Broward and Palm Beach County seat in 2012 to state Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Delray Beach. She is currently fighting Sachs for her seat back.


22 Responses to “Bogdanoff Wins Second Public Safety Endorsement In A Week”

  1. Ouch says:

    The wheels on the Sachs/Stern train are getting a little loose.

  2. Oh really says:

    Sun Sentinel /RE-ELECT RICHARDS, FELD TO COUNTY COURT,0,6315122.story

  3. just wondering says:

    so maybe when an elected looses a seat, then has to work to earn it back via the voters, they’ll be a better representative the next time they hold office?
    If so I’ll vote for Ellen.

  4. Rico Petrocelli says:

    Ellyn will be the next State Senator. The momentum is in her favor, the endorsements only show how well she is being received.

    She is well deserving of the position. She hit’s the ground running, and her Tallahassee contacts never left her.

    Ellyn has support from the R’s D’s and Independents because she can accomplish what she starts, locally and in Tally, and she has a track record to prove it too…

    Rico Petrocelli
    Former Councilman
    City of Plantation

  5. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    There is “bad news” when Maria Sachs gets her droopy ass kicked around the block…

    Imagine all the ex-felons on her payroll that will be out of a job.

  6. Bogabdoff is Cruel to Animals says:

    Bogdanoff was behind a stupid and cruel bill to dye animals. She is also anti-woman and getting between a woman and her doctor. We haven’t forgotten that she is just like Sara Palin and Michele Backman

  7. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    I forgot all about the dye bill, a story that involves spray-painting competition little doggies, tie-dyed baby chickens, Nan Rich, and Orange County (Orlando) hookers.

    I’m not about to dive deep into this story, but there was never any complaints from PETA or the Humane Society in the 25 years of “dog-coloring aka creative groomers.”

    This isn’t about animal cruelty, but it’s a tale about politics — a way for Dems to attack EB. The record shows that EB tried to fix this issue, but her attempts were blocked by the Dems.

  8. West Davie Resident says:

    For those living in HOA or Condo communities, Ellen was a go to person in getting needed changes to the association statutes. Hopefully she will win back her Senate seat and pick-up where she left off. Her presence in Tally was missed these past few years.

    While not as conservative overall as I would prefer her to be, she is ideally suited for her district.

  9. Chaz Stevens Wake Up says:

    Wake up Chaz Stevens-Bogdanoff snuck Amendment 303390, “repealing s. 828.161, F.S., relating to the prohibition of artificial dying or coloring of certain animals or fowl” onto HB Bill 1197, which revises certain agriculture codes in the state.

    The strange vote comes days after the Senate voted to abandon more restrictive abortion laws so that they could focus on issues that matter like jobs and cost of living.

    The original ban was to ensure “that we don’t have a lot of adorable ducks, rabbits and chickens that are given away at Easter time and look so cute, and then 2 or 3 or 4 months later nobody wants them,” said Florida Senate Democratic Minority Leader Nan Rich, who tried to block the amendment.

    As it turns out Bogdanoff was looking after the rights of dog groomers competing for Best in Show, saying “What (groomers are) looking for is the opportunity to compete when it comes to parades or for shows.”

  10. sam says:

    Great pic of Ellen, is it from 1998?

  11. Judy says:

    Yes, i’m sure the voters in Broward and Palm Beach are going to be making their decision based on the whether or not Bogdanoff allowed the coloring of some bunnies. Bottom line, Sachs is in bad shape right now, in an off year election with Obama rapidly becoming the worst U.S President in American history. Wouldn’t surprise me if Bogdanoff won by double digits, yes your heard that correctly.

  12. Chaz Stevens, Wide Awake says:

    if you look to 7:26:30, Ellyn Bogdanoff clearly attempted to fix her mistake with the animal dying on SB 1382 (barcode 631700). In the video, you can see Democratic Leader Nan Rich acknowledging that it was an unintended consequence of Bogdanoff’s legislation and thanking her for trying to fix it. As you can also see, Democrat Senator Gibson (see 7:29:14) used a technical parliamentary procedure to block Senator Bogdanoff so shrill partisans like you could attack her at campaign time.

    See… your friends don’t really care about animals, like the record shows that Ellyn Bogdanoff and Nan Rich do. They would rather kill animals and be able to use that for partisan political gain.
    and that sir, is real cruelty.

    PS Eat me.

  13. Maria will win says:

    Maria beat Ellyn, and will do so in this election. The reality is that Ellyn has lost her mojo and does not command the respect of the good ole white boys up North and women in Broward loathe her. Maria is a friend to education, the military, the elderly, and to those in need of mental/substance abuse treatment. Ellyn pushed for the private prisons and that is the ultimate moral and ethical faux pas .

  14. Chaz Stevens, Wide Awake says:

    Maria is a lying sack of shit. And if you vote for you, you’re also a lying sack of shit.

    ‘Cause Stone Cold would have said so.

  15. A vote for Ellyn is for Private Prisons says:

    I would choose Maria any day over someone who tried to bully the other representatives into passing a bill which would have privatized all of our prisons. The greed and level of corruption related to GEO and CCA is unparalleled. You may call Maria a liar but at least she didn’t bow down to those who make profit from other people’s suffering and misery. There is no choice but Maria.

  16. Realtor says:

    Where is Maria living at the moment ?

  17. HAHA says:

    Because mentally ill inmate Darren Rainey did much better in a public prison. In case you forgot he was the guy who was left in a scalding shower by guards for almost two hours at Dade Correctional Institution, not a private prison.

  18. Chaz Stevens, Wide Awake says:

    Ask Maria about “that check”.

  19. GEO Group says:

    At least we can hold Miami Dade Detention Center accountable. The supposed “cost savings” of for-profit prisons can result in inadequate medical care, abuse, and other civil rights violations against the persons incarcerated in these facilities. According to In the Public Interest, a comprehensive resource center on privatization and responsible contracting: “Incarceration for profit has caused many problems, as private companies fail to make decisions in the best interest of the inmates or the communities in which the prisons are located. Private prison companies have employed unqualified guards, resorted to excessive violence and cruelty to control inmates, and provided substandard medical care, resulting in unnecessary deaths. Prison privatization has led to numerous lawsuits and litigation, fines, and increased need for federal oversight, at great cost to taxpayers, communities, inmates and their families.”

  20. frank white says:

    How is Miami Dade detention center being held accountable? Have the officers lost their job?
    I would love nothing more than to be wrong, so enlighten us how the state can hold a public facility accountable. At least if it was a GEO prison the state could revoke their charter and make some real changes. Now that’s real accountability!

  21. frank white says:

    P.s. The same could be said about public prisons. The state is under a court order to improve inmate medical care. Like was said before, the guy who was scolded wasn’t helped by a public prison. Lets face it, public or private, prison isn’t a place you want to be.

  22. StoppNow says:

    What about the lack of action on the Pill mills? And, the continued lack of action? FL is still losing @9 lives a day due to PHYSICIANS.