Bogdanoff Resurfaces As Tally Lobbyist





Former state Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale, is returning to Tallahassee.

She won’t be a state Senator.  She lost that chance in the November election.



525740_123340111179303_289806909_nEllyn Bogdanoff


Like so many former legislators, Bogdanoff will return to Tallahassee as a lobbyist. Bogdanoff registered as a lobbyist last month, according to the

She already has some heavyweight clients as you can see below. Those clients will keep her part of the Tallahassee scene and pay her much more than she would have earned as a state Senator.

Remaining as a player in Tallahassee was probably as important to Bogdanoff as the money, who is a lawyer married to a dentist. She has told me many times she enjoys the legislative process.

She held the North Broward-Palm Beach Counties Senate seat 2010-2012 before losing it to state Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Somewhere in Palm Beach County. In a comeback bid last year, Bogdanoff lost to Sachs again.

Bogdanoff was a Florida House member from 2004-2010.

Read the rest of Bogdanoff’s story in the here.

Here is her lobbyist registration:

Ellyn Bogdanoff

Mailing Address:

908 S Andrews Ave

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Phone Number:

(954) 767-9850


Broward Principals and Administrative Assistants

(954) 767-9850

Industry Code: 611110 Public Education advocacy-K-12 for School Based Administrators

Effective Date: 1/29/2015

ChildNet, Inc.

(954) 767-9850

Industry Code: 624110 Child welfare services

Effective Date: 1/16/2015


(954) 767-9850

Industry Code: 236210 Addition, alteration and renovation, general contractors, industrial building (except warehouses)

Effective Date: 1/20/2015

Florida Association for Child Care Management

(954) 767-9850

Industry Code: 862199

Effective Date: 1/10/2015

Florida Association of Local Housing Finance Authorities

(954) 767-9850

Industry Code: 813920 professional association

Effective Date: 1/15/2015

Florida East Coast Industries, Inc

(954) 767-9850

Industry Code: 237210 Preparing and subdividing land for sale

Effective Date: 1/15/2015

Henderson Behavioral Health

(954) 767-9850

Industry Code: 623220 Mental health facilities, residential

Effective Date: 1/30/2015


(954) 767-9850

Industry Code: 624110 Community centers (except recreational only), youth

Effective Date: 1/14/2015

Peoples Gas System, Inc

(954) 767-9850

Industry Code: 221210 Distribution of natural gas

Effective Date: 1/16/2015

Tampa Electric Company

(954) 767-9850

Industry Code: 221112 Electric power generation, fossil fuel (e.g., coal, oil, gas)

Effective Date: 1/16/2015

TECO Energy, Inc

(954) 767-9850

Industry Code: 551112 Public utility holding companies

Effective Date: 1/16/2015

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