Bogdanoff Headed For Iraq!!!

No, not state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff.  You should be so lucky Chris Chiari!

It’s Dr. Steven Bogdanoff, D.M.D. he’s the state rep’s dentist husband who is off to Iraq next month.

Bogdanoff has been a member of the Florida National Guard’s Florida Medical Detachment since March 2007.

He has been awaiting his orders to Iraq since then.

Bogdanoff told me earlier this year that he wants to make a contribution to the troops and that the Army needs experienced dentists. So on October 20 he is “boots on ground in Iraq for at least 90 days.

That means Doc Bogdanoff will miss the end of his wife’s campaign against challenger Chris Chiari. 

The Doc has a blog which will highlight his stay in Iraq.  

He was been in private practice in Plantation for over 25

2 Responses to “Bogdanoff Headed For Iraq!!!”

  1. broward voter says:

    Leaving Ellen here to enjoy herself without the burden of having to lie!

  2. Susan Farver says:

    Hi Dr. Bog,
    I was quite surprised when I received your letter as one of your patients, that you were off to Iraq. I want you to know how proud we are of you for your service. I hope you can keep your head down and get home safely. I am quite sure your fellow recruits will be smiling with happy teeth now that you are there.
    Love from south Florida.
    Susan Farver