Bob Norman Smeared, But Not By Me


Bob Norman in the New Times today touched upon something I’ve been sitting on for months.

Sometime late in the summer, then-lawyer Scott Rothstein approached me as I was leaving Bova’s Restaurant after having lunch.

Rothstein asked if I was still suing Norman, adding he had “dynamite evidence that could help me.

The scamster continued to talk.

He claimed to have pictures of Norman and Sunrise Commissioner Sheila Alu “together.  Together is the word Rothstein used and it was clear what he meant.

I have my well-publicized differences with Norman.  I have been in court with him for over two years on issues I’m not going to discuss here.

No matter how upset I am with Norman, there are places I won’t go.

I never followed up with Rothstein, never called him back for an appointment to see “the evidence and brushed him off when he brought the subject up again with me another time at Bova’s.

And I believe Norman’s post today on this issue, which is here.

I have a unique view of Norman’s personal life: 

I was a close colleague of his wife Brittany Wallman for years and we talked all the time. I saw no evidence that they had anything but a good marriage. When you spend more than 40 hours-a-week with somebody, I would have noticed something.

Norman’s got his problems, as we all do. But don’t bother posting anonymous comments on trashing Norman’s personal life because they will be deleted.

I’ll fight my battles with him in a proper forum circuit court.

14 Responses to “Bob Norman Smeared, But Not By Me”

  1. Slander says:

    Wow. Rothstein played hard ball.

  2. dk says:

    i hope you 2 can settle your differences soon without court. good luck to both of you! that article was nice.

  3. Inconsistent says:

    I don’t really care what the story is with the Norman marriage. My issue goes to the heart of the dynamic Buddy brings up.

    If this was any other public figure, the press would be all over it.

    But because it involves a fellow journalist, who also happens to be a public figure, suddenly we have morals about keeping things private and discrete.

    Sorry, I don’t buy the logic. Not if it’s selectively enforced.

  4. mike says:

    I too hope that you may settle your differences with Bob Norman.

    Way to be a good citizen here; nice job.

  5. Class Act says:

    You’re a class act Buddy, unlike certain others in the media.

  6. Miss Marple says:

    Inconsistent: I think Buddy just didn’t believe Rothstein especially in light of his own relationship with Brittany Wallman. I’m not sure anyone would have publicized it without more proof. I don’t think it was because it involved a fellow journalist.
    Glad that Buddy took the high road here.

  7. What Would Norman Do? says:

    If Bob Norman was offered compromising pictures of you, what would he do? I’m sure we know the answer.

  8. Hey Miss Marple says:

    Comments much seedier than these, from sources more suspect than those, would have absolutely made it into the Pulp or Browardbeat blogs. So your explanation is hardly sufficient.

    What I’m saying is either you are a high roader or you’re not. Let’s not take the high road when it comes to the Normans and take another road when it comes to others. One set of rules please.

  9. Miss Marple says:

    Hey Miss Marple: You’re absolutely right about the comments that would have made it to the Daily Pulp or BrowardBeat. I meant the bloggers themselves, like Buddy.
    All bets are off when it comes to the commenters.

  10. Chaz Stevens says:

    Hug it out fellas. Hug it out.

  11. Dirt Bags says:

    I don’t know why you are upset with each other since both of you are such dirt bags. You can both go to Hell.

  12. Chaz Stevens says:

    Just occurred to me while watching Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    The Bob Norman Smear would make an awesome name for a bagel sammie.

  13. Tommy Cooper says:

    “Bob Norman in the New Times today touched upon something I’ve been sitting on for months.”

    For a minute I thought you were going to say – “my ass”

    FROM BUDDY: Good one.

  14. Fool says:

    Norman is not worth the effort made to type your story or read it. His stories are about 50% truthful and 50% his imagination and bias.
    You really should cover up what you know about him. Write it and let the people decide!

    FROM BUDDY: I guess you mean “you should NOT cover up what you know about him.”
    Because the rest of your e-mail doesn’t make sense otherwise.